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  1. Hi, It seems like there are 2 types of people in the world. People that got all 10 treasure demons before the end of their first playthrough, and those who went the full playthrough without finding a single one (except the scripted one)... unfortunately, I am the latter. I'm posting because it seems difficult to get a proper answer on what actually works and what doesnt, so any help will be very very much appreciated. I am on my merciless playthrough, I have encountered the scripted demon (taking me to a total of 2), and I progressed to the point where you can go back to the first jail. I have my treasure demon skill maxed out, and I am using the spotlights to keep my security level above 80. Now, I keep walking around, but no treasure demons are spawning! It's maddening. With my security level high, should I be killing enemies, or just keep walking around? Do I need to progress the story further for them to appear in the first Jail? Am I just supremely unlucky? Any help is much appreciated, I have spent FAR too much time on this. Cheers
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  3. Congrats mate. Get mine last Sunday too. Begs the question... should you have just done this for #100? haha
  4. Hi mate. I can confirm that you CAN boost between ps4 and ps5.
  5. Yes, you can. You can delete your club up to 5 times.
  6. Hey all, Just a heads up, I am currently at 4 wins. If anyone else is at 4 wins and wants to draw the 5th game so we both get the trophy, please hit me up!
  7. Hey all, Looking for some tips to keep my timer high, I am pressing the bumpers as fast as I can (and tried holding the controller in a range of different ways), I cant seem to press the buttons fast enough, and its honestly starting to hurt my hands from trying so hard. Is there any tips that I am missing out on? Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated... Many Thanks Cam Feel free to message me on PSN @TheFamilyRuin
  8. Hi guys, I have done LOADS of cleanup on my account while in lockdown, and I have found myself with a near perfect account (the main exception is god of war, which I'm only playing with the missus). I will be done with Red Dead Redemption 2 in the next couple of days, and I need a idea for a FUN platinum. Please feel free to drop your favourite platinum you have ever done, below. Not the one you're most proud of, not the hardest, not the easiest, but the one you enjoyed the most. I will select a few I like the look of, and put it to a poll, later.
  9. errr..... yeah, all 3 of them got remastered about 4 years ago. you can by all 3 for dirt cheap nowadays!
  10. Hi guys, It seems like the issue that most people are having trouble knowing what their attributes need to be to get the trophy (they are not identical to the ones on the trophy guide). The trophy actually doesn't depend on the individual attributes, it depends entirely on the overall. The best way to track how far away you are from completing a position is to remove all skills from the skill tree. With no skills in the skill tree, check the overall for that position. Once the overall says "80", that position is done and you can move on to the next one. This is universal no matter your players height or weight, and the trophy will pop as soon as all 3 positions hit "80 Overall" Hope this helps
  11. Hi guys, could people please post their finished attributes for each position here? Im not sure if i have finished my attacker? Based on the picture in the trophy guide, i have 1 less passing, but i have 1 more defending. I havnt seen the message that i have maxed out this position, but i havent earnt anything in about 20 matches now. Please advise, thanks.
  12. I have tried this, im not sure if there is any science to it, but it definitely feels like its going quicker. Maybe not much quicker, but definitely *Feels* quicker
  13. Hi all. Does difficulty change how much progression you get at the end of a match? I have been playing on World Class, but can i swap to amateur to get matches done quicker, or will that slow development? Thanks
  14. Hi, i just ran all the way across the map to all 5 thirsty harlequin locations. none of them spawned. Not 1!! is there any handy trick to prompt them to spawn? Thanks in advance
  15. We have our first achiever for the trophy. so it absolutely IS obtainable. Now we just wait to see how its done