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  1. Which games do you find way harder than Necrodancer?
  2. I found that once you learn how to deal with the enemies you can eventually beat them with almost 100% success (except for the glitchy ones - the soldier with sword and shield comes to mind). Looking at the video - nice work but you need to block more and roll less . For the black knight you can easily block every swing he makes and have time to hit him in-between. I played this on Steam years ago before I even had a PS4, here's gif from then of the relentless Gold Knight. They are the main obstacle on the road to 107 kills:
  3. I'd say it's an 7-8/10 or so with Necrodancer being a 10/10. It might seem impossible at first once you get past the first 5 levels/50 kills but it's far from it. It just takes practice. If I can do it most people should be able to. The Gold Knights are a bit tricky, especially when you go up against 6 or 8 of them in a row on a single level. They hit really fast towards the end of the run. You definitely need a bit of luck in getting the right enemies. It's also quite buggy and sometimes certain enemies skip frames and you get hit even if you don't deserve to. In the end I knew the game so well I found it more frustrating than hard as I had a lot of runs where I died with 90-106 kills, often due to bugs. It's one of those games that occasionally makes you want to throw your controller into the wall. I love the game though. It has that old school Amiga vibe.
  4. I'm thinking about jumping in as well this weekend, glad to see that there are so many boosting sessions running still.
  5. Sounds good, I’ll trade a spot in Doryani for Vinktars. I just want to secure a Perandus before I run the Doryanis in case I have to trade portals there as well. I’ve offered up to 2 ex for the Perandus on the market so far without luck and currently there are none for sale.
  6. Anyone interested in doing maps and stuff? I have Doryanis Machinarium and all the Soulstones including Chayula in Standard league. Looking for Perandus, Vinktar and Grandmasters.
  7. I asked on the official forum and got this reply: "The descriptions aren't updated, but they're unlocked using the new conditions as PC has. We'll look at addressing this in future." I haven't had time to look at how the PC achievements changed but according to this GGG reply everything should be obtainable.
  8. Classic Paradox Interactive... I thought the Mayors edition would have everything.
  9. Can’t believe this exists! I used to play this on the Amiga 500. Never finished it back then but I remember playing the first 30 minutes or so countless of times. Definitely buying this and I hope they remaster more games from this era!
  10. Loving this game! Seems about the same difficulty in general as A Bastards Tale but the platinum should be way easier since doesn’t have anything as brutal as the 107-kill infinite mode trophy. Someone on PSN already have it after just a couple of days. I’m only at boss nr 6 yet but having a ton of fun. Bit hard but satisfying.
  11. Yeah, that's awesome. Just tried it and earned Insane in the Brain and 64-bit Armies. I'll probably join up for the MP trophies.
  12. The platinum is now at 0.1%. Must be internal testing, right? The patch might be real close.
  13. Good news, this is supposed to be fixed in 3.6.2b this week. https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2480069
  14. Locomancer and No Stone Unturned must be broken, right? I mean, otherwise someone would have them by now... or is there some randomness involved that they added in the last couple of years? EDIT: No Stone Unturned is confirmed not broken, Locomancer is broken but will be fixed in the next patch!
  15. Looks surprisingly easy, should be doable in <100 hours if you've played the game a bunch before. You will basically have to do most things the game have to offer. No PVP, that's nice. 6-linking is not too bad nowadays, it's not like when the game first was released. No HC or SSF which is fair I guess. I’d love to see it as a personal challenge but I guess those game modes shouldn’t be forced upon anyone. Clearing the Atlas could be tricky... I don't think I ever managed to do Hall of Grandmasters on PC. All should be doable with 1 character. You won't have to make a summoner just for the 60 minions trophy, you can simply respec another class once you're finished with the other trophies and have a ton of currency. I hope the stuff about lvl 90 in 1-3 hours isn't true, that they changed the xp rate for console. That would be really bad for the games longevity. EDIT: The xp rate seems to be the same as in the PC/XBOX version, to me at least. This is going to be a lot of fun either way! Too bad the MTX don't transfer over. EDIT: I don't really know about <100 hours anymore... the poor trading system really ramps up the difficulty. Probably going to be quite a bit above 100 hours for most people!