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  1. Just wondering what this abbreviation is on people's trophy lists? I was told Australia but wanna make sure. Thanks
  2. From what i recall it is cumulative. However it is still buggy. I have 10+caps and no trophy has popped yet. Also the same wuth death from above. Almost 10 AA bombed and again no trophy
  3. Ah by the sounds of then it has been changed. Best get my stuff upgraded then. Thanks for the info man
  4. Been a while since i played this. But for the life of me i can only seen to spawn fighter planes. No bombers?? I heard the latest update messed the gameup so could that be the issue?
  5. Loved fallout since playing it on PC god knows how many years ago. Im 31 now so ill let you do the math #alzheimer's. Loved fallout 3 and new Vegas then they hit us with 4 and wow what a beautiful game then this was advertised and my reaction was one of those where its like the kid at Christmas getting the present he had wanted for so long. Gotta say I love it, bit boring running solo and some of the quest lines ect would be more fun running with a group or even 1 more player but it is a great immersive game if given the chance. Played pretty much all of it solo upto now but I am looking for more people to play the game with (feel free to add me) All the positive notes aside the only issues I have is with the loss of the stats tracking and unlinking your account to completley wipe all progress (games like this i tend to create different builds to a degree till i find one that works for mainly the game start but one that can always be altered further in game) i know the challenges cover a large percentage but it was a great little 'go to without the hassle. My only other issue is with the damn bugs relating to trophies and such. I do want to plat the game but am concerned as to whether bethesda have pulled their fingers out and worked at removing some of the bugs (currently 50+ challenges completes but still missing the trophy) I know all games have bugs and annoying little things but I feel that if they held back a few more weeks or even a few month they could of put a game our there that even the haters would love.
  6. Big fat party animal is giving me problems. Can't thibk of any other solution to get it than restarting for the 6th time
  7. Ok so i started fresh. Completely new installation but still it isn't popping. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong?
  8. Ok so i completed all districts and unlocked the Hartman 7.62. Prior to this I unlocked the Party Animal outfit by completing stones unturned. Party Animal outfit is worn and M60 is my go to boom boom now. I killed way over 50 enemies...probably close to 100 (I did 2 favours for Casandra towards .45 in my hand and used nothing but the M60 for the final mission, i also got into a combat state with 2 large groups of cops) The trophy hasn't popped yet. Has anyone else had issues with this and know of a workaround. It's my last DLC trophy. I do still need a kill all run so will attempt it on that run if needed. Also the 50 kills were gained in 1 life. So many dead police and goons. I'm going to attempt uninstalling and reinstalling both the base game and the dlc to see if that works. I'll post here if it works or not
  9. Six inch by time I've pushed the damn handle up there. Finally got it done...never again
  10. Act 2...Act damn buggy and that helicopter....I hate that f&%£ing thing so much. If i have to see ratman one more time I will take his club and stick it up his damn ass. Rsge over
  11. I had issues last night too but a good way i worked around it was when the helicopters would arrive I would run back to the pool building and 4 out of 5 times that would trigger the door to open
  12. Just got it and the plat too
  13. A tip for everyone. Write on this thread that you are struggling. I've spent 3 days farming Black Diablos for the large gold. Wrote in the thread and within 5 Investigations I finally got it
  14. I'm on day 3 of farming. Just when i think it is big enough
  15. Great guide but damn my RNG is awful. 3 large Black Diablos 1 after the other. 3 ascending large silver crowns. Last crown for plat as so far it eludes me