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  1. I seem to always return to the different Fifa's... they are quite addictive, even if they are sometimes rage inducing. How is the SW battlefront 2 platinum? Is it a challenge?
  2. Ah I see, I didn't return the tickets, I guess that's why I didn't get the chance to see him haha.
  3. I pmed you!
  4. Yes Have you ever broken a bone?
  5. Hey man! I'm actually interested in learning Spanish, so we could help each other out. Your English seems quite good so I don't know how useful I would be, but we can still try!
  6. #80, Detroit: Become Human Pretty good game, and free this month!
  7. Why don't you just answer the question?
  8. Ghost Recon Future Soldier, looks like a tough platinum!
  9. Nice! The video you shared is not available though (idk if its just me)
  10. Definitely, you have a higher trophy level than me so the wedding is on!
  11. Furi, seems like a tough but fun game to plat.
  12. The post-credit scene suggested that there would be a sequel, hopefully they will make it
  13. Ah that actually makes sense. Now I went back to the scene with the childhood photos, it does seem like the young girl in the picture might not be Alice.
  14. This is the last trophy I need... are there any details on the rate of the gifts in game? I found conflicting things while searching on Google (4 a week, 15 a week, every 1-2 hours). The daily gifts seem to be useable but sometimes I get a gift and I cannot find it in the trade inn screen. I got all the other trophies two weeks ago, and this last one kind of feels like a pointless grind. Is there any better way of getting the skins?