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  1. Horizon zero dawn could be a cool game to play and it is free right now! I would also advise games like dark souls and sekiro, but I am not sure if you'd be into the genre!
  2. I see.. is it worth playing the game without any DLCs before buying them then? It looks like Rise & Fall and Gathering Storm change so many mechanics...
  3. I bought the base game as it is on discount right now. However, the vast amount of DLCs for this game confuses me. There are two season passes (New frontier pass and expansion bundle). Then there are some free DLCs (Nubia, Khmer and Indonesia) and some other civilization packs from (€5 - €9)... What is the cheapest way to get access to the DLCs for the trophies?
  4. Sent you one too just now, also couldn't put the message. Thanks for doing this man!
  5. I seem to always return to the different Fifa's... they are quite addictive, even if they are sometimes rage inducing. How is the SW battlefront 2 platinum? Is it a challenge?
  6. Ah I see, I didn't return the tickets, I guess that's why I didn't get the chance to see him haha.
  7. I pmed you!
  8. Yes Have you ever broken a bone?
  9. Hey man! I'm actually interested in learning Spanish, so we could help each other out. Your English seems quite good so I don't know how useful I would be, but we can still try!
  10. #80, Detroit: Become Human Pretty good game, and free this month!
  11. Why don't you just answer the question?
  12. Ghost Recon Future Soldier, looks like a tough platinum!
  13. Nice! The video you shared is not available though (idk if its just me)
  14. Definitely, you have a higher trophy level than me so the wedding is on!
  15. Furi, seems like a tough but fun game to plat.