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  1. Thank you! Sine you confirm square I press it nothing. Press 10 nothing. I mad press and hold square anger. He pick up. I try next collectible, he pick up. You have push and hold square. That annoying.
  2. Hi. I play Rime. So I read guide. Guide says climb cliff: ***spoilers*** Find shell ***end*** I did. I jump on it, I yell. I spin. I pushed all buttons. Even touch pad. I did screenshot button too. Maybe my controller. I tried 3 controllers. I searched yahoo, google, and bing. I have been at shell for 35 minutes. I see butterflies. Butterflies dont tell me. This is digital. No manual. I watched 13 vids youtube, none say how pick up. Plz help.
  3. Buy used copy. WB make no money from used. You get game, no support them. Win win.
  4. WorldOfFinalFantasy - Does get harder? It feel like introduction to rpg. I LVL 20 and I have no use phoenix yet. I want struggle.

    1. Alternatewarning


      I won't say it ever gets HARD, but it does get harder.  I, personally, didn't have any real issues until the post-game dungeons.

    2. DocJackson-


      Not much, it's quite an easy game especially with the right mirages.

    3. MehmmyCakes


      Thanks input. That sad, it only drawback for me. 

  5. @Shadiochao Congrats. You big trophy streak. You like psn celebrity. 

  6. Happy Mom Day! May all mom know great they are. Except bad moms kill or abuse kids, no wish you day. @Dr_Mayus wish mom of you happy day too.

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    2. Dr_Mayus


      Wait, why did I get singled out :o


      Also my mom took off to spend the Holiday with my sister and her kids :( I never see my mom on Mother's Day (although I see her lots through out the rest of the year

    3. MehmmyCakes


      @Dr_Mayus You I like. Manitoba is like least known in Canada. I 27 and you only person I know Manitoba. Manitoba is Twilight Zone of Canada. Mascot of Manitoba you are.


      @Honor_Hand Gamer Moms are future.

    4. Dr_Mayus


      Well Go, Jets, Go then :)

  7. When make account, account has id #. Save files have id #. If save file # match account # it back-up. So when use alt, alt has different #. So save # from other account wont match # on new acc so it import. Sad even if your save from other account, mod no see # of saves and account. So they no verify, its sad but you hide game.
  8. Back up ok. Back up mean cloud or usb of account. If use other account means import. Import is a no no. Most import need resign.
  9. Active I try. People here so nice! *twirls in circle*
  10. Na I always use the text Color similar to my current Avatars.

    ANd so now you have a Follower more ;)

    1. MehmmyCakes


      Ohhhh thanks much friend! I like reason. Jealous you! I want play Witch Hundred too!

  11. I play WoFF. The jokes they funny, I laugh. You laugh too? 

  12. I been great time here. I like purple text you use. You use always?
  13. Need help. I play World of Final Fantasy. My char when talk says honk. He say honk lots. Am I miss joke? What is honk?

    1. DamagingRob


      It's just a silly way for the character to curse, but not actually say a curse word. 

  14. Thank you. Such words nice. Make me warm, thanks. I like too. I use original. We fans. I like turn, turns give time to plan. Not rely on reflex. If I make smile, you make smile. My day now good. So far fun. Nice people. Good Toogie. Nice meet you too. We all friends. Gamers great people.
  15. So far true. You nice too. Hopefully I make friends lots. Someday we be like "oh you like pocket full fish" and laugh. Itll be a Roster thing.