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  1. Hell yes thank you for the tip.
  2. Maybe this will help someone (The Gilt, The Craft and the Lie): If you are like me and failed to have the blacksmith "crafted" (converted) in the Wheel of Pain instantly like in the video (probably because I didn't have the crafting multiplier set to 0, but even changing that didn't help in my case), here's a workaround. Just spawn the same blacksmith again, but this time, check the box below the list that says "Spawn as converted thrall item". This skips the whole part after you put the blacksmith into the wheel of pain (which is still necessary to do for the other trophy), so now just use the spawned item at the Blacksmith's Bench and craft the mace.
  3. I was ingame and it bugged out, out of five challenges it only closed 4 of them. Other issues as well. My take is the servers are just wonky and fail to register stuff sometimes. I'm gonna keep trying.
  4. Would be great to have a backlog list on the site. Right now, when I want to check the trophy list of a game I own but haven't played, I need to go through the search function. It's not a big inconvenience, but having a backlog, potentially with its own neat functions and statistics, would be far better. I'm also currently using a simple Excel sheet (wayyyy simpler than the one posted on the first page) to keep track of PS games I own, so that I can quickly navigate any sales going on, and sometimes to decide what I could potentially play next. Would be nice to be able to do all that here, too!
  5. Oh no, it was a daily. That's what I get for not checking out the forums often enough.
  6. So, just in case someone gets a similar issue in the future and won't be able to find any clues like me, but happens to stumble upon this thread: I just had to get some new trophies. Started a game I never played before, got some trophies real quick and after an update all my trophies are there. Not quite sure how exactly this works. I thought maybe PSNP requests just trophies earned since the last time it updated the profile, which would make sense. Why download the whole list every time, right? Then again, if that was the case, I wouldn't get the old trophies back. Maybe it also checks the level and redownloads the whole list if that doesn't match. Or maybe my previous attempts were just a bit too early and I could've just waited a bit longer. Anyway, nice to see that such errors are self-repairable and no manual action is required.
  7. The standalone DLC Left Behind for Last of Us, which I bought right after buying my second hand PS3. My next purchase included Last of Us GOTY, which of course has all of the DLC in it. I wish the PSN Store was better designed, so that seeing related items would be easier than it is. Still, this was all bought discounted, I don't care about the lost money. It's just that it's an item on my Download list that's not good for anything.
  8. I'm not really worried about being flagged, since the trophies are timestamped on Sony's side. However, the updating is now enabled and it still won't update my trophies anyway. That is a bit strange, I'll admit :-)
  9. Probably the reason why I got my PSNP purged. After attempting to update it, there was a message which just said "starting" for a few seconds which I found weird, since it usually just goes straight to being "in queue". Then it said that my profile is probably private, which it isn't. Guess the API returned an empty json or something, and now my trophies are gone in here. Well, should be alright once PSN is up again.