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  1. I'm following the wonderful guide here on PSNProfiles, but I missed the 200 essences available aganinst NO EYES: have I missed the trophies related to them or is there another way to collect them?
  2. OK, I got it, thanks for the tips!
  3. I guess this should be an easy trophy, but I can't get it. I made a scene with 20 or even more elements from other dreamers and I published the scene, but the trophy didn't pop. Can you confirm that the elements must be from 20 different creators (that's what I did) and that the scene must be saved and published?
  4. Please help me. I followed the video and I arrived in the final part with Sophia, but I don't seem to find the same dialog choices of the video. I have 70 intimidation, could this be the problem? Or is there any specific choice to be made before, on Byzantyum, that I accidentally missed?
  5. Thank you guys!
  6. Please help me, I know there isn't any bugged trophy in this game and I'm sure I'm missing something. I discovered The Collector in the Central Region, I completed a couple orders for him and I have currently slightly less than two stars with him. The problem is that I completed 4 orders with LoL rank and delivered some lost cargo, but the stars aren't moving up anymore. Not even a little bit, they're totally blocked. What do you suggest?
  7. I am beachild, which means "Be a child!" (a way of life more than a username), so I chose the smiling baby as avatar. Simple!
  8. Did anyobody else experience this (spoilers!)? I am playing the mission where you have to find and destroy three beasts nests (sorry if the translation is bad, I'm playing the Italian version) after finding two missing natives are dead. I destroyed the first one in the cave, then went out and died. I respawn from the latest save just after this nest was destroyed, but it doesn't show as destroyed anymore and I can't interact with it!. I destroyed the other two nests, but I still miss this one. Am I making any errors? Do you have any solution apart from restarting from a previous save? Thanks.
  9. That's amazing, thanks for the explanation. What mostly amazes me is that you played like 12 hours per day, which lets me think that I'll never take this Platinum...
  10. I'm sorry I can't help you, but maybe you can help me. I found the toilet and gave it to the curator, but where can I find the two other objects? Thanks.
  11. Can you help me finding the crop circle, the graveyard and the phone booth?
  12. Psycho-Pass Mandatory Happiness. Spent hours skipping dialogues whilst following a guide, then didn't even plat it because there was some tips missing and I didn't want to waste any more time.
  13. Thank you so much, I was thinking of contacting you since you got the Platinum but I couldn't figure out how to make it here on PSNP. Good news anyway, that means I can play free-minded!
  14. Hello to everyone, I'm having a lot of fun with these two games and it seems that the road to the Platinum is quite long, but not hard. But I was wondering if there any missable trophies, and I think in particular about the one asking to complete all 400 quests in Unmasked. If I fail one mission and/or die, will I still be able to unlock the trophy even if I don't reset the level? Thanks in advance.