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  1. There's a pretty good guide on YouTube, though it was fun to just play the game blind and enjoy the story. I was able to pop most of the trophies through my own exploration; after you beat the game, you can still load your last autosave and clean up a few miscellaneous trophies. Thanks for listing these. The part with the T-shirt cannon and ice chest were easily missable for me. Acing the Ryerson Shuffle was definitely the hardest trophy in the game and took many attempts and trial and error. While you have to get at least 90% gold, the key for me was in matching the hand flairs after particular moves. I didn't realize these counted until I finally tried this and got the trophy.
  2. It took me a lot of researching different sites/threads to finally find solutions for the bugs. Before I inevitably forget all of them, I'll compile what worked for me here for you or anyone else starting this in 2019 and beyond (big thanks to the people on playstationtrophies forum for all their advice). You have three save slots, so make sure you make a save after each successful projector repair (rotate through all three slots in case you need to roll back to an earlier point). In order to restore projectors, you need to solve three puzzles and the problem is with one of them not registering (you'll know if it's successful if you hear a musical chime you'll become familiar with). If you do all three puzzles and the projector is only 2/3 restored (the projector is complete, but lying on the ground), you're screwed. You need to revert to a save from before you started the puzzle and try something different (do it in a different order, or try the steps more slowly). For the coffee cup puzzle in the Industrial section, this is the exact order which worked for me (place the coffee cup last): For the Bible/candle puzzle in the Mining area, it was pure luck. I used the Bible from the area and one I picked up and stored from the first area (Harbor) and randomly placed them on different podiums while lighting/blowing out candles until it finally worked. I almost cried when I heard that familiar chime because it took so much trial and error to finally get it. Here are some threads I consulted to help me try new things: For the church projector in Pinwheel Village, I tried every combination but couldn't make it work. I had to delete the application and play the disc version without patches (1.00). I'm guessing this might be glitched indefinitely on version 1.05. Here are the actions required in the right order to solve it: Also, this might be a helpful nugget for some people. In most of the guides I looked at, they said after you enter the last door/portal in the hub, that was the point of no return for the game. However, if you complete the game after that (a 10-minute linear path after you get the platinum), then after the end credits, "continue" your game and play through the epilogue (and another end credits roll). After that, "continue" again and you'll be in free roam mode where you can visit any part of the map to clean up projectors, plaques or any photos you may have missed (I ended up missing two photos and thought I was screwed until I realized you can clean this up post-game). However, if any of the projector puzzles glitched for you during your playthrough, they will still be glitched post-game, so don't even start them if you plan on saving them all for later. (In order to finish the story, all you have to do is collect all 32 red ribbons -- 8 in each section -- which is actually the easiest part of the game.) Edit: One more thing. A lot of guides mentioned that fast-travel (clicking on the map in the hub) would break the game for them. I only did it a couple of times, but it never messed up/slowed down the game for me. That was actually the only part I didn't have a problem with.
  3. I just played it and had the worst time of my life. I ran into all three projector bugs (coffee cup, miner vigil, church bells) that have been reported as early as 2015. The workarounds and reloading probably added 4-5 hours to my playtime. It wasn't fun. Thankfully I was playing the disc version, because I had to revert back to 1.00 in order to get the church bell projector to work. If you played it and didn't have any troubles, count yourself lucky.
  4. According to this new article, some new challenges and Hard mode has been added to the game today. Apparently there is a new trophy for completing it on hard mode, too (though it hasn't shown up on psnprofiles yet). https://blog.us.playstation.com/2019/09/17/blood-truth-gets-skeet-challenges-hard-mode-today/ I platted the game back when it first came out, but I don't really feel like going back, deleting stuff to make room on my PS4, relearning all the moves and playing through the game again just for one new trophy. Then again, I'm going to hate sitting at 99% or whatever it is as a result of this new update. I fucking hate difficulty-based trophies the most, they're so lazy, uninspired and boring (along with speed-running and no-death runs). Edit: The new trophies are up now. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/9091-blood-truth#DLC-1 There's one for the skeet-shooting challenge and one for hard mode. Guess I'll be coming back to it eventually.
  5. Some lucky sonuvabitch already finished the game days ago. Looks like the collectibles trophy is the only one they haven't gotten yet. At least that tells us there aren't any bugged trophies (I assume). Game looks fun. From the makers of The Invisible Hours and The Sexy Brutale, so you know they're already well-versed with the time loop mechanic. Also, if I'm not mistaken, this is only available for PSVR.
  6. If you both know what you're doing and speed through it (and don't have any connection problems), it shouldn't take more than 3 hours.
  7. I just wasted another day on this shit because apparently I hate myself. I noticed someone recently managed to unlock all trophies (91%) except for Changing Rooms so I figured something must have gotten fixed and I could at least finally finish the story. I deleted all my save and application data and restarted from the beginning (for the third time). Well, wasting another 3-4 hours, I got stuck at an even earlier point than before. It keeps telling me I need to go visit the Memory Bank before I can go to sleep, but I've already unlocked all available memories (and this is before "hidden" Memory 13, which unlocks later). I have 9 available memories and there is absolutely no way to proceed so I'm fucked all over again. At the very least, I managed to unlock Snappy Dresser, so that one isn't glitched. I was much more careful during this run and made sure I had enough money before buying things in bulk (to address the fact that you sometimes can't buy items later). That gave me the comic book I was missing which in turn landed me the last bowtie (and trophy). Still have yet to unlock Scene 9, Scene 10, Bright Spark and Unspun. Another stupid bug happened where the Atrium was stuck in repair at 99% for days but never finished, which would have invalidated Changing Rooms anyway (the only trophy that is still at 0.0%). TL;DR: This game is still FUCKED two weeks after release, and three patches later. The devs and publisher haven't made much of an effort to communicate with me. Last I heard from Jamin, "The PS4 patch should be landing shortly which addresses a host of problems and trophy unlock issues - I believe this has been addressed in the patch." No concrete date of course -- and it will require my fourth playthrough from scratch. The novelty has already worn way off and I'm pissed that I actually spent money on this pile of bugs. --- EDIT: Just did my fourth and fifth playthrough because now I'm PISSED. Bright Spark unlocked for me this time, despite not doing so on my first two playthroughs. This time on my fourth, I got stuck in EXACTLY the same place as the first two times. I loaded a save file from a couple hours earlier and played through again and this time I miraculously got to unlock Scene 9 at the Dream Theater. But then, lo and fuckin' behold, the same thing happened; I can't click or walk anywhere anymore and the game is effectively broken. I tried reloading my save and trying again and nothing...still stuck from before scene 9. And now I can't seem to unlock memories 10-12 anymore. I fucking hate this game so much. This is what it's come to. To those who managed to unlock Scene 10 and finish the game: what is the key? What am I doing wrong here? --- EDIT 2: After trying to “fix” the game by saving and quitting/force-quitting and restarting the app, Unspun randomly popped up on the menu screen after the 5th or 6th time. I must have had at least 108% cortex power by that time. I’m still stuck between scene 8 and 9; I’ve tried three more times from a backup save but I can’t recreate my earlier success. I’m now convinced I’ve played this game more than any of the testers. At this point, it feels like my brain is recovering from massive trauma. It’s been an absolutely miserable experience.
  8. I was afraid of that. This game has so many issues, I doubt one patch would knock them all out. Steam users have been reporting a lot of the same bugs (and then some) and have received steady updates, but it's still not fixed yet for them. I was thinking about reinstalling the game and starting a fresh new save (in case some glitches got "grandfathered" in), but it's probably best to wait for patch notes that include "major gameplay fixes." Out of the 19 players on PSNProfiles who currently own the game, it appears only two people have unlocked scene 10 (and likely beat the game). Since this is a story-based narrative, I expect you would have to do it all in one go (and is very much attainable, as long as trophies unlock as they're supposed to). Here are some updated analytics on the trophies that glitched for me: 2 people have unlocked BRIGHT SPARK (Complete all R&D Projects) 2 people have unlocked UNSPUN (100% Cortex Restoration) 1 person has unlocked SNAPPY DRESSER (Complete your Wardrobe) [I never found the last bowtie, so maybe this isn't a glitch] 0 people (and the key to the platinum) have unlocked CHANGING ROOMS (Renovate all Rooms and Departments) Hopefully some of those players can elaborate on the conditions met to unlock those, or if they just got lucky.
  9. Thanks for the info. Version 1.06 -- same patch notes as before. I probably won't get to it until later this weekend, but maybe some else can be the guinea pig? I was waiting for confirmation from the dev to see if my particular issues have been sorted yet.
  10. Go for the one that isn't the head.
  11. This probably isn't very practical, but when I was doing my head/heart runs, I sat about 2-3 feet away from my TV so I wouldn't miss anything. I got them each on my first try. Also, I don't know if this works, but in accessibility options, I think there is a way to turn off "QTE timeout" or something like that? It doesn't always work for some of the split-second decisions, but I did find that it adds a couple of extra seconds to react, which might help.
  12. It did that for me too, but I still unlocked the trophy. I don't think those results are very accurate.
  13. You don't need to make a backup save (I never did). All you have to do is complete the game, then reload the chapter (pick new save each time) and repeat (load your completed game) each time you fail. It happens right at the beginning of the chapter, so it shouldn't take too long to get back there. I don't know if it's just me, but I never had any problem with the heartbeat scenes. Maybe because I was too tense in the moment and paranoid of failing and getting caught (that extra adrenaline boost). Then again, this is far from the hardest QTE game I've ever played (I plat'd Indigo Prophecy, which has the worst QTEs ever).
  14. Yup, that's Will Poulter. Looks like they can only afford one big "name" per episode. (Shawn Ashmore was the only person I recognized from this episode, too.)
  15. Restoring power is not required. You can just trigger the rebreather scene and it will skip it altogether.
  16. I liked the twist too, it was unexpected and my understanding of what happened changed the course of my subsequent playthroughs. Instead of movies like Ghost Ship or Triangle, it ended up being more like Jacob's Ladder on a boat. Speaking of which, did anybody think there was going to be a time travel element in it at one point? There is a section where Julia keeps saying "we've been here before" (even though we clearly haven't) which made me think something was amiss. And then that chapter "Echoes" where Brad keeps wandering down the same hallway made me think he was caught in some sort of time loop (kind of like P.T.). And that scene with Fliss in the red ballroom really made me think of The Shining. There's a lot of directions the game could have gone, but I don't mind this interpretation much (even though it makes the game less scary). I hope they take all future installments in a new direction too, kind of like American Horror Story. Really looking forward to Little Hope and the return of the curator.
  17. I played the demo for 428 and it was pretty interesting, although going back and forth and altering timelines got really confusing quickly. I can only imagine how complicated the full game must be, but I'll check it out next time it's discounted. I just noticed there is a new PS4 visual novel game (a remake of an old one) with live-action elements called Root Letter: Last Answer that released this week. Not sure if it contains any FMV sequences or just still images, but adding it to the thread for posterity. On PSNProfiles, it's stylized as "√Letter: Last Answer" https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/9303-letter-last-answer
  18. I've always been in control of Alex each time. I think it's only in Shared Story/Curator's Mode that you can see the other point of view. Just make sure Alex sends Brad down the hole and Alex stays in the control room (with either Julia or Fliss, it plays out the same either way). Also, I don't know if it matters, but I think turning on the generator guarantees you end up in that scene with the kitchen/elevator, otherwise you might get stuck in the other chapter with the cargo hold where Olson causes the flood and gets crushed by the falling door (or maybe that just depends if Alex goes down the hole; all of my playthroughs are blending together, sorry).
  19. Just wanted to clarify, Brad has to be with Fliss to get this collectible (they have to recognize each other during Ritual) because it's behind a door that only two people can open.
  20. You can do it in solo mode theatrical cut. Before approaching Olson's body (a cutscene starts), it will be directly to your left after you enter the kitchen.
  21. Thanks for the info about the Curator's Cut. I'm glad all collectibles are obtainable that way. Do you know if any of the relationship-specific trophies can also be unlocked during that playthrough? I was so upset with myself about losing that one character last night that I decided to go back to that chapter and redo half the game and ended up getting the everyone survives trophy (which unlocks way at the end of the credits, right before the Little Hope teaser; I got scared for a minute that it might have glitched on me). Now that everyone's alive, I should be able to reload a specific chapter (the radio) and knock out the everyone dies trophy too. I haven't even started on collectibles yet, and I still need to do separate head/heart runs since my first playthrough was blind. I'll do a Movie Night with myself (I assume that also works with Curator's Cut?) and see what's left to clean up via chapter select before enlisting someone for Shared Story. Also, I noticed one brave person managed to power through the glitched trophies and unlock the platinum. I guess it helps when you've had the game over a week to try things out. Hopefully some of the updates fixed those glitches for good (I still haven't looked into all the requirements yet).
  22. Just finished my first playthrough, too. 1 dead, 3 alive, 1...I'm not sure? I was so distraught when I messed up one QTE and lost a character. 😢 That glimpse at Little Hope was such a tease. I wonder how they're going to tie the anthology together. Will the curator be present for each installment? These multiplayer trophies are going to be a pain, but I enjoyed my solo playthrough for what it's worth. I love these types of atmospheric interactive movies.
  23. Yeah, I just tried again too. As of version 1.05, it's still not fixed (stuck in the exact same place as before). Interestingly, a few people have been able to unlock scene 9. I can't even get past when Part Four: Clarity starts (directly after scene 8). I've now hit all the requirements for three of the achievements listed above and still haven't unlocked their respective trophies. My cortex is way past the expiration, too. For Snappy Dresser, has anyone been able to locate the last bowtie? (I'm assuming it comes as part of natural story progression, but I haven't got there yet...) I've been in contact with support, so they're aware of everything. I'll keep this thread updated if there is any news.
  24. Nope, and Restless Spirit doesn’t have any either.
  25. No problem, glad you finally got it figured out. I'm sure all of this will help the next person who stumbles upon it. I do want to point out I did mention this specific location earlier.