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  1. Nope, and Restless Spirit doesn’t have any either.
  2. No problem, glad you finally got it figured out. I'm sure all of this will help the next person who stumbles upon it. I do want to point out I did mention this specific location earlier.
  3. I've always wondered about this. Did she get punched in the stomach or suffer an accident or something? Maybe something that got cut early out of the game? While we're at it, how come when Hannah or Lucien delivers the oleander humidifier thing, and you choose to bin it, you still wind up face up in a field? Who or what put me out there and for what purpose (what is that string tied to a branch and why is there a petal between her toe?)? I friggin' binned it!!
  4. Wow, this looks awesome! Can't believe I never heard of it. Damn, I missed it when it was on sale a couple months back.
  5. I'm determined to see if we can figure this out for you, @TerminusCross. Just curious, when you looked through the hole in Greene's apartment, did you let the scene play out all the way through both times? There is an option to exit early, but I didn't do that (the scene where you watch Blake lasts a long time). Then again, I don't know if watching the entire scene is required for the trophy. For example, I never watched the entire scene when you arrive at Delphi House and spy on Ballard/Chief (through the right hall door) because I pushed open the squeaky door and got caught, but I still unlocked the trophy. I'm wondering if maybe there's something Velvet and I overlooked that we didn't realize counted towards it. I was lucky with this because I got it on my 5th playthrough.
  6. At this point, I’m not sure what you’ve tried or haven’t. I can tell you that I didn’t need to look at the surveillance cameras besides getting the Epsilon slide trophy. There weren’t any additional ones with Kirstie; if you don’t block the closet door, she’ll just do it herself and it continues on as normal. In the scene where you watch Hannah with the basket of flowers, you did that correctly. (If you do nothing in that scene and just wait, she’ll just focus on the fox in the foreground; I tried that too, so I don’t know if it counted as anything.) When spying on Greene through the keyhole, I used both options of locking/unlocking the door and then just staring at her (waiting for time to run out). I don’t know if any of those counted either, but I was desperate at the time too. Sorry I can’t be any additional help on this. Every day that passes since I played it and I keep forgetting more details. All my playthroughs have blended together in my mind as one long supermovie.
  7. Here's Velvet's video at the moment where you spy on Blake/Ballard. Maybe it's possible you already saw the scene and didn't realize it, because I don't think it's missable under certain conditions. (In the video, they chose the same options you would do for kissing Blake, but because Erica didn't cooperate/help enough, he didn't go for the bait. So maybe those are the correct conditions. *shrug*) The spy trophy definitely accumulates over playthroughs because I think I only saw one or two in the last playthrough when I finally unlocked the trophy.
  8. I did two blind playthroughs before even looking up any trophies. I just did opposite actions each time and unlocked two of the endings and miscellaneous trophies (plus some fox sighting, orchid collecting, etc. which add up across playthroughs). I focused the rest of my four playthroughs on cleaning up specific trophies (even if I didn't know exactly how to unlock them, just reading other people's experiences in the thread and getting a general idea). I still ended up getting the plat in the minimum number of playthroughs (6). I'd say just enjoy the game for what it is before looking up any guides; you'll still have plenty of time left to explore other options. When you first enter the neighbor's apartment, choose to go towards the back wall. There will be a photograph covering up a hole that looks into your apartment. Look through the hole to see some movement behind there. Blake will come up behind you and you can "warn" him that there's someone in your apartment. Once he goes to investigate, you can look through the hole again and watch him. One of the trophies for backstabbing Blake involves kissing him when he comforts you after chief dies (I believe the correct options to get this are "Reproach" then "I think I'm going crazy," but only if you're on good terms with him in your playthrough). After kissing him (and lying to him about Greene), he will leave and then get into an argument with Ballard (who tells him not to fraternize with the patients), which you can spy on.
  9. Yeah, after lowering the gun, he will put his arms around you and then it will give you one final choice. If you accept, he squeezes you tightly. If you reject, he injects you with the tranquilizer. Maybe this option only appears if you've killed no one else? As far as the spy trophy, the trickiest ones to find (I'm not sure if they're all required) are the ones underground. After you pass the red room (where you can discover Hannah's body or find the sigil slide on the monitor), there is a doorway on your right with flashing lights where you have the opportunity to watch someone take the exam. Then if you go through the next passage and click on the table, you can watch Ballard entering the secret door in the back. On a separate playthrough, you have to click the far left passage both times (don't go to the red room) in order to see a conversation with Blake and Lucien. Then there are other ones I'm less sure of, like watching Greene from the other side of the door and saying nothing (you can unlock or secure and just stand there), or watching Hannah pick flowers when you choose to reject taking the test (instead of looking at the fox, she is off the far right corner). Then there are the ones when Ballard and Chief are talking (the door to the right when following the kids down the hall), looking through the hole behind the picture in the neighbor's apartment (warn Blake, then look through the hole a second time), an opportunity to watch Tobi searching around in Hannah's room while on Kirstie's BFF path, and then after rejecting/lying to Blake, you can listen to him arguing with Ballard down the hall. Those are all the ones I can remember off the top of my head.
  10. Yeah, the trophy video I posted earlier didn't list the sun visor document either (which looks exactly like the same book of codes/numbers you discover in the drawer after chief inspector is murdered). I only listed it because someone else mentioned it earlier in the thread, but I think you've confirmed it's not required. I'm not entirely sure, but for the Lucien "Happy Family" trophy, I think you just have to accept him at the end. I don't know if it's confirmed that killing anyone will void this for you. You get prisoner by rejecting him at the end, so as long as the option to accept him is available, I think he will forgive you nonetheless.
  11. That's funny because I did neither of those things either (I listed my detailed method a few messages earlier). I'm pretty sure you have to get the mother's file from the back office, but maybe there are multiple methods. Also, in case anyone is doing analytics or anything, you do NOT need to kill anyone for the Prisoner trophy. I got Innocent and Prisoner on my very first playthrough (just reject Lucien in the final option).
  12. I guess it's up to interpretation depending on what path you take. Having approached it from all perspectives, here is my take on it:
  13. You get three opportunities to shoot Ballard when confronting her in the lab with Tobi. Instead of picking any of the dialogue options, just choose the gun instead (it will highlight when you hover over it). You can do the same thing with Lucien in the end and shoot him early without exhausting all of the dialogue.
  14. The game keeps track of all endings, so you can't backup and reload. Another user in this thread got messed up keeping track of everything when they tried this too. I had problems with these, too. For We Need to Talk, I got it on the same playthrough where I got S Ranking (going to the office and stealing the file) and Keeping the Peace (comforting Kirstie, his daughter, by telling her to "Get help" when she starts freaking out over the bloody piano). Not sure if either of those had anything to do with it, but I was finally able to get the chief to spill the tea after telling Lucien and Blake "You're lying" when they show you Greene's deceased photos. For Fall Out Girl, this is what I did specifically. Walked on the carpet, confronted Tobi, stayed quiet when Hannah talked to me, didn't stop Kirstie from freaking out or Tobi from getting tranquilized. When choosing which girl to hang out with, I chose Tobi but was very distant with her and didn't drink the alcohol. Then I chose to leave, went back to my room and challenged Hannah, refused the perfume and binned it. When Hannah is dying and tells you about the box with flower petals, refuse to hand it over to Tobi and slap her (Impulsive trophy). Later on, when confronting Ballard, I chose to shoot her (click on the gun instead of any of the text options), acted guilty when Kirstie caught me red-handed, then killed Tobi by administering the wrong drug (oleander or lidocaine) and chose guilty when Kirstie confronted me. I think that guarantees you'll walk out with no friends, so after that you can choose the burn everything ending or putting on the mask at the end (I also got No Survivors on this playthrough). Also, I just want to say for the record that both actresses are beautiful (the original one looks a little like Cate Blanchett, the new one looks like Emilia Clarke), but how do we go about getting an updated banner/trophy cards for this game?
  15. I managed to get the plat on my 6th playthrough. Really enjoyed the game, now I can sleep well. If you take the phone call at Delphi House and go into the back office, then take the key from the right desk drawer, turn off the radio and grab the file from the locked room. There will be a timed event where you can escape from the window (required for S Ranking trophy). Alternatively, you can get the same fox sighting just by simply exiting the front door after receiving the call.
  16. So I read through this entire thread (twice) and played through the game 5 times. I've managed to get almost all trophies and unlocked "Thank You" on my fifth playthrough. My 5 endings were Prisoner (reject Lucien), Into the Moonlight (burn Delphi House), The Butterfly (wear the mask), Happy Family (trust Lucien) and choosing to reject the mask at the end. I still haven't unlocked the Not Alone trophy, so that doesn't seem to be a required ending for Thank You. Also, I somehow unlocked Botanist on my fifth playthrough even though I didn't collect any extra petal that I noticed. I have three trophies left, the aforementioned Not Alone (I guess you befriend the girls and choose to burn the house?), Subliminal (I think you unlock this in the same place you discover Hannah's body) and Paperwork. I feel like I've tried nearly every option so I don't want to waste another playthrough until I know which document(s) I'm missing. I found the two in Blake's car (glove compartment and sun visor), are there any other hard-to-find ones you can think of? I feel like there were a few options in the Kirsten BFF route that I may not have explored yet, but I just want to make sure if someone has compiled a list first. Thanks. Edit: Ah, I found a video on YouTube. I'll review it and see if I can confirm what I'm missing. Edit 2: I hate video guides, so here's a text list of all missable documents: -3 documents in the back side office after answering the phone when you first arrive at Delphi House (letter in typewriter, notepad in top left drawer and mother's file after you get the key) -on Hannah's BFF route, choose to get the matches, the confidential file on top -on Hannah's BFF route (separate playthrough), choose to get the matches, the newspaper clipping in the left drawer -follow Blake into the neighbor apartment, go into bathroom (on the left), choose to examine the body (NOT the head), there is a shred of paper in his shirt pocket -after Erica's nosebleed episode, go downstairs (don't look out window), get drawing from Chief Inspector's hand, plus notebook in drawer -trust Blake, get notepad from glove compartment in car -trust Blake (separate playthrough), get notebook from sun visor in car Turns out I am definitely missing the one from the body in the neighbor's apartment. Should be able to nab the platinum by sunup.
  17. I got tons of retries when going for this, so don't worry about that. Basically, I devoted an entire playthrough to just focusing on lobby traps and the required story elements and ignoring everything else. The hardest part is when you have to juggle time-sensitive scenes with a quick lobby trap (depending on the length of the clip, I would have to determine whether to trap before or after the required story trap). It's easy to miss 1 or 2 when you're focusing on not dying. A great example of one that gave me a lot of trouble was in Act 3 where you have to quickly trap Eddie on the conveyor belt at the same time someone steps into the lobby. I wrote some sloppy notes for myself while doing this, which I'll try to transcribe here. I might have trouble deciphering a word or two, but hopefully it helps someone. In Act 1, I counted 2 lobby traps. In Act 2, I counted 16 lobby traps. In Act 3, I didn't count because it was so rapidfire (it's relatively short though, so I just kept my eye razor focused on the lobby; I found the Mega layout with modern notifications worked best). Now I'll break it down by acts. Act 1 1) This is the one column trap when Elizabeth is letting in the goons through the front door. 2) This one happens around the same time you have to save Brutus from getting shot. Act 2 1) 2) When the goons run after the two characters in the elevator, there's a quick prompt to column trap them (easy to miss this one). 3) This happens immediately after Eddie visits Alex's room. 4) 5) This happens during the scene where the guy attacks the band member with a knife. 6) This happens right before the first mummy scene. 7) 8) This happens before the second mummy scene (you have to be very quick here). 9) This happens before the intruder steps into the basement to shut off the controls. 10) This happens while Lyle and Alex are talking in Alex's room. 11) This happens after you obtain the chair trap from Lyle. 12) Do this right before you get the phone trap in storage. 13) After capturing Eddie on the conveyor. 14) After trapping Eddie with the phone trap. 15) This happens during the last scene where Alex is in her room. 16) Around the same time you have to save Alex in her room. Act 3 1) The required one where you stop Eddie with the column trap ??? (I stopped taking notes here, but I remember there was one simultaneous scene in the lobby while you have to trap Eddie on the conveyor belt which requires strict timing) I can't remember whether the Ultimate Edition trophy popped as soon as the final scenes in Act 3 start playing, or after the credits on the ranking scene. After that, go into Bonus Features and you'll nab the last trophy (Incoming Fax) and platinum. By the way, in case anyone is wondering about the outtake that's mentioned in the fax ("the game's only easter egg"), you have to get less than 15 escapes by the end of Act 2, but you don't actually get to see it until you complete the rest of the game (after the credits). Since I was already a "master ninja" at this game, I decided to go for one last playthrough, so I'll save you the trouble if you're curious: