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  1. I just played the game for the first time today (version 1.01) and had no problem unlocking any of the trophies, although some did appear to be on a delay. It was an enjoyable, straightforward playthrough for me; I was able to pop all trophies naturally just by trying all the options. I'm still playing even though I have the platinum, since I've only viewed 59/62 scenes. For anyone just picking up the game, I recommend switching to the original Russian audio since the dubbed version is pretty bad. Initial playthroughs last somewhere between 25-45 minutes, additional runs shouldn't take longer than 10 minutes (since you can skip viewed scenes). 


    I've had so many issues with buggy trophies, I can't even keep count. The worst one for me was the FMV-hybrid game Headspun, which I bought day 1 and continues to be unplayable two years later (I was finally able to platinum it out of sheer tenacity, but at upwards of 6 hours per failed attempt, I don't recommend it). That game was released by Wales Interactive, which seems to have a history of buggy trophies in their initial rollout. As far as I can tell, their latest FMV game, Bloodshore, is still at 0% because of a broken trophy. At least this publisher (Rhino Tales) seems to have addressed the issue. (Thanks to all of you who "playtested" it for them.)


  2. On 6/13/2020 at 2:39 AM, Soraking1991 said:

    I’m not sure why but save-scumming is not working for me... either that or I’m failing in some way I’m unaware you can fail 1f615.png


    I tried it twice and it didn't unlock for me. I didn't fail or die anywhere and I didn't even make a sound in level 3. The only thing I can think of is that when I exit the game, it registers it as a "death," or else they changed the requirements with the latest update. Really freaking annoyed and disappointed I wasted so much time on this. It's going to be another incomplete game on my profile just like Pixel Ripped 1989. 


    Edit: I tried it a third time, deleting my save so I could start a new game and only quitting/saving immediately after the save icon appears. Had a nearly perfect run and only had to reload once. It still didn't pop for me. I played through the epilogue at the end just in case, but nothing. Doesn't seem like it's possible to quit the game and still earn this trophy. 



  3. On 9/7/2021 at 9:37 PM, Eispan said:

    Gamer Girl from Wales Interactive Ltd. got cancelled... now that's a missing piece for the W.I. set. Twitter and YouTube reviews killed the game apparently.


    I was looking forward to that one. Fuck the cancel culture mob.


    Not sure how many people still check this thread, but I've added a few more to the list: Five Dates, Telling Lies, Dark Nights with Po and Munro, Death Come True, Night Book and Ground Zero: Texas (Remastered). Deathtrap Dungeon: The Golden Room is still forthcoming.


    Edit: Bloodshore was also just announced.



  4. I haven't seen many people talking about this game, and in all honesty, I probably would have missed out on it if it wasn't on sale recently. These types of interactive movies should be familiar to those who enjoy Wales Interactive's brand of FMV games, as this is actually a spin-off of characters from The Shapeshifting Detective, and there is an indirect connection to The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker (though you don't need to play either to enjoy this one). I'd describe it as an episodic mystery thriller with elements of horror and sci-fi, similar to The X-Files with a dash of Twin Peaks weirdness thrown in. I have a huge crush on Ellis Munro (Leah Cunard), though I've found it's easy to fall in love with these FMV actresses (and I've played a ton). It's also one of the few games where I felt I earned the platinum too early, and I kept replaying episodes long afterwards just to try different options and unlock new scenes. Really hoping they make more of these, so I'm just trying to get the word out.


  5. I know this is an old thread, but just thought I'd clear a few things up for anyone else wondering about the details.

    In order to get all four endings, you just need to repeat the last three chapters (starting from the point you choose between Sam's analytical or social mind). Then you either have to save or allow Anna to die each time (the following scenes change depending on the previous choice). After I finished the game the first time, I copied my save into a separate slot (under Options) and restarted the Nightfall chapter from there, just to be safe. There's no need for cloud/USB saves. 


    The 60% social/analytical trophies are a bit of misnomer. There are 7 major decisions that factor into this, and when I played the first time, I had 3 blue (analytical) choices and 4 yellow (social). I restarted the game from the last blue choice I made and selected yellow instead, but it still wasn't enough to earn me the trophy. It was only when I went back to the point where I made my second blue decision and made the opposite choice, then played through the rest of the game in order to get the 60% social (unlocks at end credits). For the 60% analytical, I had to backtrack to the second major decision point (Downtown Basswood chapter) and choose all blue from there. So while you don't have to complete another full playthrough (you can skip the first few chapters), you're still playing through a majority of the game again, which should only take about 4 hours. But make sure to stick with 6 out of 7 of either analytical or social choices if you want to avoid additional partial playthroughs.


    As for the game itself, I thought it was a solid effort. A lot of the choices didn't seem to affect much of the narrative (besides the last couple of chapters), and it didn't have the same emotional impact as the Life is Strange games, but I thought the Mind Palace sequences were well done and the visuals were pretty unique. However, there's something about it that feels simple and bare-bones, like they could have done more with the idea if they weren't limited by size and scope (likely scaled back by the budget). It's definitely worth a look though, especially if you enjoy interactive dramas.



  6. Having finally earned the platinum across four playthroughs, I now have a completely different interpretation of events which lends more credence to the reincarnation theory. The very last trophy I earned was for the collectibles, and the final secret is automatically given to you at the end. When looking at the description of the Crude Doll, it states:



    A doll made by someone with limited means that crudely resembles a poppet.

    The materials of the crude poppet could be found in a prison cell.

    Anthony spent a short time in prison after the fire.


    When you start the game at the bus crash, the first collectible you find is a book on witchcraft that depicts the creation of the poppet. It seems clear to me that Anthony became obsessed with this idea (possibly in jail, while wracked with guilt) and crafted the poppet which allows him to look back in time and "manipulate" events in 1692 (whether this is all in his head or not, to atone for his guilt, is up to interpretation).


    There are three main endings to the game, which also depict how at peace Anthony is with his decisions.

    Worst ending: If you condemn Mary, she is burned at the stake and all your characters (split personalities, emotions, what have you) die.

    Neutral ending: If you burn the poppet, the entire building burns down, mirroring the events of 1972. I believe this is the "canon" ending because this ties into the idea of reincarnation (doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past).

    Good ending: If you accuse Carver, you absolve Mary and free her of her sins. This is what Anthony wishes he had done in his 1972 timeline (by paying more attention to Megan). Again, I think this is Anthony imagining the best case scenario and attempting to forgive himself for what happened in the fire. (As it fades out, you hear him say, "But I didn't save you...")


    The Ferryman/Farriman connection is definitely there (the Curator also mentions it at one point), but I still believe this is Anthony dealing with his multiple personality disorder and attempting to "correct" the past by saving everyone in his mind. Or else, if you buy into the supernatural theory (via the collectibles in the game), then he definitely crafted the poppet and tapped into the past, but was still unable to change anything. Despite whichever ending you receive, it still doesn't bring any of his family back; it's more about coming to terms with his inner demons and gaining closure.


  7. I just finished my first playthrough, so I haven't thought about it too much yet. My first thought at the ending was the movie "Identity." Since there are specific personality traits you have to unlock in order to save everyone at the end, it makes sense that this is all inside of his head and you have to inhabit every character to make them work together. It also finally makes sense for once in a Supermassive game why it keeps switching characters so frequently and interchangeably (since we are the true puppet master). But this "Ferryman" explanation gives an even deeper significance and makes it more interesting without disregarding any of the "imaginary" plot points. I like that both theories can exist at the same time, and I look forward to delving deeper in my replays. Decent story, but these trophy requirements are going to be a pain in the ass...


  8. This was one of the most conflicting game experiences I ever had. I spent the game either convincing myself that this was one of the best or worst games I ever played. It was a rollercoaster ride, and even when I thought it was through, there were still a couple hours of gameplay left.


    Having just completed the story, I'm still collecting my thoughts. There are great, memorable moments that stick out in my mind. I really liked the Last of Us: Left Behind expansion because it focuses more on character and story (a la Life is Strange), and for me, that's where this game shined. Everyone remembers the giraffe scene from the first game, and I got that same feeling while exploring the dinosaur museum (especially all the playing around with the fedora). It reminded me of the great bond between Ellie and Joel, and made me feel great sadness that these were only distant memories now.


    A lot of people made breakthroughs about Joel and Ellie being the "villains," and that's where the game didn't land for me. I never got into the Abby sections, nor her forced relationship with Lev and Yara. It felt like filler material and I kept waiting for these sequences to end, but they never did, and then I realized what the game was trying to do. It's a unique thing to play both sides of the story, but I just couldn't get over that initial scene of Abby bashing Joel's skull in. It reminded me a lot of Negan's introduction from The Walking Dead (which is another character they are trying to reluctantly reform). Whether it was "justified" or not, I still wasn't pleased to abruptly switch as her for half the game. By the time I got to the confrontation in the theater, I really didn't want to fight Ellie. I purposely died the first time to try and avoid it. And then it switched to the scene at the farm and I felt massively disappointed because I thought the story was suddenly over.


    I guess the brilliance of this is all the subverted expectations. I played the last few chapters not knowing where the game was heading or how much time I had left. I felt bad about Ellie leaving her perfect life with Dina because she's tortured and obsessed with the idea of revenge. And then to get all the way to the harrowing end of the line and come to the same conclusion -- that violence isn't the answer -- almost felt repetitive at this point. By the time she ends up back at the farm, alone and missing fingers, I was emotionally drained. I guess the game was successful in this regard, because of all the discussion and thought it's provoked in its wake. I don't think it's a perfect game, but it's narratively compelling and technically very well-made. However, it's not something I look forward to playing again just to clean up the trophies.


  9. I don't see many people talking about it, but I really enjoyed the game and it's traditional pixelated style. It's a rare example of point-and-click done right on PS4, with all the buttons mapped out accordingly. There is also a shooter element in the game (although you can skip these sequences by changing difficulty to "easy," which doesn't affect trophies). I played it blind, but all the trophies are tied to the story, so there aren't any missables to worry about (aside from "Full Download" at the beginning of Chapter 7, which is really hard to miss). I'd rate difficulty a 2-3 with an average 6-hour playtime (much less if you're using a guide). 


  10. As of the date of this posting, there is no platinum guide on PS4. However, there is an excellent walkthrough on Neoseeker, which also details how to get all the achievements in chronological order (as well as as a collectible guide with pictures).


    If you want to play the game as blindly as possible (which I recommend), here is what you need to keep in mind:


    There is one game-spanning trophy (Boundary Confrontation) which requires you to hit 4 invisible barriers (they will comment on each when you reach them). The first 3 are in the first 3 areas of the game and the 4th is at the end.


    1: In the beginning section (Peru), when you reach the end of the level, try to walk off the ledge as Dan.
    2: In the second stage (London), once Dan unlocks the ability to carry Ben, continue slightly to the right until you hear an explosion behind you, then try to backtrack.
    3: At the beginning of the third level, Ben and Dan will get separated. Switch to Dan (the platforming guy) and you'll need to make a huge leap back up the wall to the left. Use the dash ability (hold L2) and time the double-jump down the incline accordingly. It'll likely take you a few attempts, but it's a skill you'll need to hone for the rest of the game.
    4: Near the end of the game, it mirrors the very first one.


    There is also a collectible trophy (Autodidactism) to read all Luxomails. These are found in the hub section (the titular "Lair") which you'll return to as you progress through the story. You'll need to wait until you unlock the Teleport ability before going for these because they are only accessible using Dan's platforming skills, but Ben is the only one who can "use" and collect them. (You can track them in the top left of the screen underneath Dan's points score.) You'll return to this section after every other level in order to unlock new areas, so don't worry about being locked out of any of them; you can always backtrack later.


    Luckily, there is a chapter select, so the rest of the trophies are not missable during a single playthrough. Keep in mind there is only one autosave, so reloading an earlier chapter will overwrite your current progress. I recommend playing through the game completely before doing any clean up.


    You may have noticed that each of the trophy icons resembles a piece of a map, which leads to a larger puzzle. You can see these assembled on the in-game Trophies screen. Once you've filled out the rest of the map, there is one trophy left (Chronophobia) which can only be gotten after collecting all the Luxomails and reloading chapter 19 (make sure you collect most of them prior to chapter 19, otherwise your progress won't be saved). More details here.


    The hardest trophies are Healthy Competition (which requires you to outrun a train in the background while playing as Dan) and Acute Stress Response (beat the "Anger" level without dying). For Healthy Competition, there is a beneficial glitch to get this trophy easy. When you reach one of the checkpoints before the train, exit to the main menu. When you continue again, the train will disappear and you'll be able to unlock the trophy at the end of the level (this took me several attempts because it wouldn't save at the checkpoints, but it did eventually work). Credit here


    All in all, I recommend this game to those who enjoy retro '90s comedy point-and-click adventures, but with a platforming twist. The game is very satirical and self-referential, often breaking the fourth wall or trolling the player. It also opens with one of the best gags I've seen in a game; I won't spoil it, but there is an achievement attached to it on PC/XB1 that isn't present on PS4 (so you can ignore Technochronos Syndrome in the Neoseeker guide above). You might also want to play Ben There, Dan That! and Time Gentlemen, Please! (bundled for $5 on Steam and GOG) first to familiarize yourself with the characters/game developers. In addition, Lair of the Clockwork God contains a short visual novel prequel called "Devil's Kiss" which is required for a simple trophy and the solution to a puzzle (the game will hint to you exactly when to play). I would probably rate the difficulty a 3-4 and the time to platinum the game is about 6-8 hours with a guide.


  11. On 12/22/2019 at 8:23 AM, Im_Not_Banksy said:

    I'm stuck in a loop where I can't sleep cos It tells me to go talk to Arnold, even when I go talk to him, view all the memories, I still can't sleep cos It says I haven't spoken to him yet.


    Sometimes quitting and relaunching will correct bugs like that. It's usually preferable to close the application without hitting "save and quit" and just continue from whatever the last checkpoint was. Hope that's the worst of the bugs you encounter! I noticed the game is on sale this week so I'm curious if new users will still have the same issues outlined in this thread.


  12. 14 hours ago, RedDevil757 said:

    FYI you can stack them. I had two 10% codes. Enter one and it'll show a tick and tell you it's 10% now instead of clicking to confirm it. Go to the text box and enter your second code. Should say the same. Confirm it and you'll notice on the next screen you now have 20% discount. Unusual that you can stack discount codes!


    So what you're saying is...if you were lucky enough to get all three discount codes, you could combine them all for a mighty 60% off your entire cart?


    God, it feels great to be a loser!


  13. I mentioned Windy Convergence to them, but of course I never got a reply. 😕 They are probably sick of me from all the issues I had with Headspun (which still hasn't been fixed). I'd say that the more people who complain to them about a particular issue, the better chance we'll get of them actually addressing it.


  14. That screen is definitely glitched. I'm assuming you were unable to back out or anything? When that happened to me, I force-quit out the game and continued from my last autosave. Since you're still at the beginning of the game, have you tried starting a new game to see if that error persists?


    There aren't too many people playing this right now, so I'd encourage you to report this directly to Wales Interactive via their contact form. They're usually pretty good about responding quickly. I'm not sure how else to get around this particular bug, sorry.


  15. I've played through the game twice and didn't have the error you mentioned. Although my game did lock up a couple times and quitting/restarting from the last checkpoint seemed to sort it out.


    However, it does appear that at least one trophy is glitched: Windy Convergence (it still shows up as 0.0% on PSN's stats). Here is a video on how to obtain it in the Steam version:



    My problem is that after I click on the link and get the hidden phone number, I am unable to complete the call without getting a "signal error" throughout the game. I'm not sure if there's a small window whereby you're allowed to enter it, or if there are any other requirements I'm missing. The Xbox achievements site has reported the same thing, so I'm thinking it's definitely glitched at this time.



  16. On 11/29/2019 at 0:03 PM, turniplord said:

    The game isn’t long, takes about 2-3 hours to go from beginning to end. Not sure why I’ve not encountered any trophy breaking bugs since the new updates. I did get the trophy for completing the game on 1.07 though, .08 and .09 have released since then so ‘maybe’ that’s an issue? I’ll replay it on another profile if I have time, see what trophies it unlocks


    I've played it a number of times and it feels closer to 4-5 hours given the fact that you can't skip through FMV sequences and you have to click through tons of dialogue. Also I've found that the more you try to rush through the game, the more it seems to break on you (especially if you do things before you're "supposed" to). Anyway, if you're able to play through it again on another profile, that would be really helpful in determining if the latest patch messed up any other trophies. Maybe we can also take an informal poll here of what region/console people are playing this on to determine if that has anything to do with it. For example, I'm in the NA region and playing on a standard PS4 slim and I've never been able to get past Part Four without glitching ("Release" is the only trophy I have left). 


    I encourage anyone who is still having problems -- whether it be unlocking trophies or actually finishing the game -- use this contact form to directly inform Wales Interactive of any bugs. I have basically been the only one complaining to them nonstop and it's obvious that one person alone cannot make a difference. There is strength in numbers (I'm sure when the game eventually goes on sale, there will be a larger player base behind it). I have already been told that they are unable to replicate my issues on their end and that is apparently why they haven't been addressed in any patches yet. Maybe when they realize how many of us are still having the same problems, they'll be more keen to actually fix it.



  17. It's crazy how many workarounds we've had to find just to make this game halfway functional. I've now played the game from start to finish 3 times (and partially about 15 times). The first time I finished it, I had 100.1% cortex before going through the final door. The trophy didn't pop. The second time I went straight to the end without picking up the last memories and only had about 87% cortex. Still no difference. The third time, I made sure to thoroughly finish every task, pick up all the memories, ties, and finish all the construction and R&D. I also never used save/quit and instead force-quit the game whenever I got stuck (or used fast travel to move somewhere else). That didn't work either. Of course, each playthrough I still had to use the tablet glitch (although, what if you need to look at your tablet for informational purposes, why would that be considered a glitch?). My game must be really broken after all these attempts, especially considering how many people have unlocked Release prior to the latest patches. 


    I don't know what to do anymore at this point. A user on the publisher's discord mentioned that you have to do an entire playthrough in one sitting without ever quitting, but that's definitely not possible with all the glitches present in Part 4. I don't know if there's any way to avoid those glitches (force-quitting the game wouldn't fix these issues for me). I made a backup save from right at the end of Part 3 (pre-glitch) that I've been continuing from and trying different things. All the times I've used the tablet glitch (at least in 1.08/1.09), I've at least been able to view all the ending FMV sequences. It just feels extremely unsatisfying with that last trophy not popping.



  18. Congrats on the plat. 


    I wish someone had mentioned that glitch once during the three months I've been bitching about this game. At the very least, I could have finished the story. Anyway, I tried playing the end scenes again with version 1.09 and again, nothing unlocked (I'm guessing they only fixed the menu). I would have to risk another playthrough (my 10th at this point?) to see if I can actually make it to the end without glitches. But considering the only way I was able to finish it was by using that particular glitch (hitting it only once didn't work for me, I had to keep doing it over and over), it seems unlikely I will get it. "Release" is the only trophy I have left, and I don't understand why glitching to the end (but still viewing the last scene) would invalidate it. I'm really beyond pissed right now.


    EDIT: I just gave it one more shot. As usual, the game stopped working at Part 4. turniplord was right, all you have to do is tap tablet once, then close it and the hotspot will work (if you're going offscreen, give it a couple seconds). I'm not sure why it wasn't working this way on 1.08. This game is fucking with my mind. Anyway, since fast travel was working, I used that glitch method sparingly in order to get to the last couple of locations. I made sure I had over 100% cortex and every single task was done. I watched all the FMV sequences patiently, but nothing popped. It's impossible to get to part 4 and not have that hotspot glitch happen to me. I don't know how else to get around it. I feel lost.

    EDIT 2: I give up. Fuck this game and fuck my stupid worthless life.




  19. Patch 1.08 purports to fix the trophy issues, but I'm still having the same problems concerning finishing the game. As soon as Part 4 starts, the game goes to shit and I can't do anything. I haven't started over from scratch yet (I had a backup save prior to Part 3), so if you're jumping back into this, save yourself some time and start a new game. Good luck to the first person who gets the platinum.


    EDIT: I started a new game and now I'm having a new issue: the Cortex Tablet (where you view all your tasks and use fast travel) is broken. I don't know if the game is still playable in this state. Can anyone else confirm this for me?


    EDIT 2: Holy shit, I'm about to have an aneurysm. So I just completed another full playthrough of the game with the broken tablet (no fast travel, so it took longer). Again, I got stuck in the same area outside Ted's room at the beginning of Part 4. I messed around on that screen for hours until I accidentally discovered an exploit to get to other screens. It's so fucking stupid, but this worked for me. Basically line yourself up with whichever hotspot location you want to go (make sure the icon shows up). Hit touchpad to bring up the tablet, then hit X, then immediately hit touchpad and X again to go through the door. I had to do this for the remainder of the game because it wouldn't work otherwise. For areas where I would walk offscreen without changing screens, I would keep hitting touchpad, X, touchpad, X, touchpad, X, touchpad, until the screen finally went black and transported me to a new location. This worked everywhere except when entering Ted's room or going to the right of that hallway (you have to go down the elevator and all the way around). To get back into Ted's room for story progression, I had to save/quit, then continue, and it would start me up in Ted's room and resume the story.


    Using this method, I finally beat the fucking game. And guess what? The last trophy (Release) didn't pop for me. It unlocked for other people, pre-patch 1.08, so I don't know if this latest patch messed it up, or my life is just shit.


    At what point is "Release" supposed to unlock? Before or after the credits? Are there any other requirements besides beating the game?



  20. I love how aggressive they are in their trophy descriptions. 



    Be Kind Rewind
    Hey, you watched a tape in the entertainment room. Was that clue clear enough for you? HUH!? All you little trophy hunters out there! God forbid you try and figure something out on your own!


    For those who have played, how much new content is there and how long does it take?



  21. I saw it twice on opening night, so yeah, put me down as a fan. Basically my life without the vengeful aspect. Joaquin Phoenix really channels the pain well. The bleakness rings true to life.


    I'm glad it's breaking opening records this month. I love when R-rated comic book movies do well at the box office. Joker, Logan, Deadpool...they all try something different and are some of the best examples of the genre. It shows that people want more of this kind of thing, despite what the moral outrage police (a very vocal minority) say.


  22. If the option to retry the minigame isn’t there, you have to repeat the scene over to try again (and again). I’m not sure if there’s a way to backtrack to that point after you’ve skipped over that scene or finished the day. It took me about 20 attempts to pass it and get the trophy. 


    Edit: When you meet Ned and Sarah in the street and the prompt comes up to mention the Ryerson Shuffle, just say nothing and then choose to go back to the cafe later. I think at a certain point, the option to revisit Ned at the cafe is taken away completely, but that happens late in the game.