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  1. I miss 3 star in the last two maps in hostile mode "hostiles on the range" and "nukehouse" are there good places to go? I saw on YouTube there are no useful guides even glitches that can help. thank you
  2. In my game only 3 line up outside near the machine there is always only one that shoots me, the two black suits of the video never align neither if the shots nor if you use flashbang I will be at 400 attempts more or less stop game shit
  3. Ho un problema con il trofeo globetrotter senza pop-up, ho giocato 2 partite con 2 personaggi diversi in modalità cooperativa, nessun trofeo, il mio amico ha preso tutto il trofeo al primo tentativo, nel primo gioco il trofeo di higlands explorer era anche glitch, questo l'ho preso durante la seconda partita, ora per iniziare da solo con un nuovo personaggio dovrei eliminare tutti i vecchi salvataggi? quindi iniziare da zero?
  4. I have a problem for the globetrotter trophy no pop-up, I played 2 games with 2 different characters in co-op, no trophy, my friend took all trophy everything on the first attempt, in the first game the higlands explorer trophy was also glitched, this I took during the second game, now to start alone with a new character should I delete all the old bailouts? so start from scratch?
  5. you solved for the globetrotter trophy I have the same problem played 2 games with 2 different characters in co-op, no trophy, in the first game it was also a glitch higlands explorer. should I start alone with a new character should I delete all old saves? so start from scratch?
  6. solved it glitched at 20 moonlight weapons i got 50 moonlight weapons and the trophy unlocked then buggy trophy only one heroes resolved its a bug trophy when you play in coop
  7. yes I did them all at level 5 I only needed the 20 weapons clear moon made but no popup after checking them one by one I was playing in the game of a friend of mine but I think this does not count anything should count the challenges equally
  8. I did all the level challenges even the unknown ones, almost all completed or lvl 5 in fact they are hard level 9000, but no trophy. Has anyone had the same thing? I finished the story with all the characters but it annoys me to take on the challenges with another character. do you have any ideas ??
  9. You need only practice This video help for rapid Cr
  10. For more rapid trophy