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  1. This video shows how to enter invincibility to get all trophies in one fast speedrun. Without this method the game becomes very difficult. If you have any doubts write below the video or in this post. Happy hunting everyone !!!
  2. For all trophy hunters another easy platinum for only 0.99 € EU / $1 USA Alien Destroyer If you have any doubts, ask questions. Happy hunting everyone !!!
  3. Hello everyone! I just created a trophy guide to try and explain some of the finer trophies in this game, such as the boss fights, the "two of each" trophy and farming related trophies, hopefully someone will find it useful! Tutorial and advice on the water and petrol distiller. If you have any doubts ask on request I will do any tutorial you want. Guides in ITA-ENG. Good luck to all! Here are all the links to the related trophies and tutorials:
  4. Who watch this video?
  5. ALL EASY GUIDE TROPHY: SPIRITUAL GUIDE - LOST PROPERTY Deathly Smorgasbord Trophy Master Dan-At-Arms Trophy Iron Health (for a dead man) Trophy If It Slithers, I Slays Trophy Stop Hitting Yourself Trophy Witches’ Familiar Trophy Colonel Fortesque’s Special Recipe Trophy The Answer Is Chicken Trophy Dizzy Decimator Trophy Zip Zap Imp Splat Trophy Almost A Hero trophy Falling Rocks Trophy Iron Rod Trophy The walls can't stop me Trophy Being crazy is not a fault trophy SINGLE CAPHTERS WALKTROUGH 100% 1 - Dan's Crypt - The Graveyard 2 - Cemetery Hill 3 - The Hilltop Mausoleum 4 - Return to the Graveyard 5 - The Cave of the Ants 6 - Scarecrow Fields 7 - The gorge of the Pumpkins 8 - The Pumpkin Serpent 9 - The Sleeping Village 10 - Asylum Grounds 11 - Inside the Asylum 12 - The enchanted land 13 - The Swamp of the Living Dead 14 - The Lake 15 - The Crystal Caves 16 - The Gallows Gauntlet 17 - The Ruins 18 - The Ghost Ship 19 - The Vestibule 20 - The Time Machine 21 - Zarok's Lair + Final
  6. I did not understand anything Watch in the first few minutes of this video everything about the immortal trophy is explained in perfect mode:
  7. you have to find the most favorable scenario for your style of play and then always restart from checkpoint until you succeed it also says it in the video watch.
  8. Hi guys I was playing this beautiful game I thought about making small support videos to earn the most complex trophies of codmw2. LINKS ARE CLICKABLE I hope you like the videos. We accept other requests and all constructive criticisms to improve the quality of the videos (use adobe premiere pro). Thanks to everyone's collaboration. ALL 45 INTEL LOCATION THE STUDENT SURPASSES THE MASTER SILENT SKIES TROPHY THE REAL GUN GAME TROPHY DO NOT PUSH THIS BUTTON GHOST TROPHY BIRD HUNTER TROPHY ANGEL SAVIOR TROPHY COLONEL SANDERSON TROPHY HEADBANGER TROPHY CLAY-MORE TROPHY DESPERADO TROPHY LOOK MA TWO HANDS TROPHY PARACOGNITIVE PARANOIA TROPHY KNOCK KNOCK TROPHY HOT POTATO TROPHY CLOWN IN TRAINING TROPHY IMMORTAL FULL CAMPAIGN NO COMMENTARY
  9. if you still have problems try to watch these too i got the popup after died with the timer
  10. AFGAMER360 Youtube complete guide, or other guide