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  1. I've played the VITA version too, and had 0 issue. I used the 100% walkthrough posted on TrueTrophies. Hope it helps. Good luck.
  2. Excuse me for the late reply buddy, but lately I was very busy. Anyway I'm sorry I can't be of any help, but if I was in you, I will probably do at least this last try, before to delete the game and start it from scratch. In the episode 3-3 The revolt, don't remember exactly where, there is that section, in that big "hangar room" where you have to make your way to the bottom, using some elevator and fighting many enemies. Actually that part have many checkpoint, but you can actually skip a couple of them jumping down instead of following the normal way. I will try redoing, from that mission till the end of the game being very careful to kill every enemies and proceding slowly from a checkpoint to another using the road is supposed you use. Maybe if you miss a checkpoint the game don't count that section complete for the trophy, but I will not hope too much in this solution, cause this have should screw up more your Ultimate Bad Ass trophy then the Dark Void one. Good luck if you'll ever find in you the will to touch again this game.
  3. For all those who will still face this same problem, recently I completed Sine Mora for the second time, but in its VITA version. This time, unlike the first one, it happened to me to have the "Primary fire only run" at 100%, but the goal of cutting down the bosses using only the primary fire stuck at 69%. Another 3 runs followed, using only the primary fire to defeat the bosses, but nothing. I was convinced that the last bosses were the bugged, but I was wrong. During the fourth run, after beating Melkor, the indicator went up to 84% and it was there that I understood. Until that time, during the final phase of the battle, I had always concentrated on destroying only the weak point, completely ignored the turrets on the rotating section. At that point, in the same run, as soon as I reached Papa Carlo, during the first three phases of the battle, when shooting at the various sections of his mechanical arm, instead of proceeding as I have always done, that is concentrating only on the round sections, the joints, I also destroyed the turrets and in doing so the percentage rose to 92%. So I thought that the bosses have some percentage of destruction to reach before they actually count for the goal, but while I wasn't entirely sure of this thought, I was sure that the last boss I missed was Domus too, because in the second phase of the battle, the one where the turrets fire projectiles, instead of rays, I had always limited myself to fly through them going straight to the nucleus to move forward. Forgive me for my english, just wanted to share my experience hoping it could be of help for someone.
  4. Hi everyone, some time ago I read online, that some versions of Space Hulk have buggy trophies. I was completing all the games I had in my PS3 and VITA catalog, to finally close with the past. I didn't check yet if the Space Hulk I have, the ones free on the PLUS time ago, was the cross-buy version or not, because maybe I could also play it on the PS4, but I must admit that for this kind of games I prefer to use VITA. Thank you.
  5. In the 2nd picture you've posted, look to the right most yellow square, then one above it and five to the left. Sorry for my english.
  6. A few days ago I experienced the same problem. After completing the game, the trophies related to its completion and the one to have succeeded at the maximum difficulty level, didn't unlock. I read around on forums, that other users, after being the victim of the same problem, realized only in the end that even some of the trophies that could be unlocked on completion of the individual chapters, were also still blocked. In these cases, replaying the aforementioned chapter is often enough to solve the whole thing. Personally that was not my case, but I wrote it just for general knowledge. My game is the disk version, EU BLES00723, with the latest update and the DLC installed, played directly to the maximum difficulty, and without ever using the "Replay Chapters", without ever even skipping cutscene. After the problem occurred, I tried redoing the final mission, nothing. Replay some chapter at random, nothing. Reinitiated the game from scratch and completed an entire episode in a single session, nothing. Finally, after reading online that the most problematic chapter for many other users had been the penultimate, I decided to replay both, that and the final clash and by grace received this worked, unlocking both trophies. Excuse my english and my talkative, I just wanted to try to offer a picture as complete as possible of the problem. I hope it will work for others too, before having to resign themself to repeating the whole game all over again.
  7. Hi, Davidov, if you still need help and if I remember right, that secret exit is located AFTER the checkpoint, you will reach two cannons and to the right of the second there is a small ledge you can reach by jumping on the cannon balls. From there it's pretty easy to understand where to go, you must jump on some "bouncing flipper ball thing" and you've done. Hope it helps and sorry for my english.
  8. Because I would have to get back from the save, to the final relative to that run. In all my games, the only trophy I know of out of place is in Asura's Wrath. "Look Ma, No Eyes!" you get finishing the game with the Blind Master Gauge equipped and in addition to the trophy unlock another gauge that serves for "The Whole Nine" (get all the gauges), and in my case it was also the last one needed to unlock it. Not having synchronized the trophies the same day and having formatted the PS3 soon after due to problems, When I resumed playing I did not give weight to the fact I had unlocked again "The Whole Nine" having in fact all the Gauges, then I had to repeat a Act with the Blind Master Gauge equipped to unlock the other trophy again. I was called a cheater because of Gun Smoke in the Capcom Arcade Cabinet, because I had taken those trophies in an impeccable way, and eventually they stopped it only when I published the strategy used by the Wingate family. The same happened for Cloudberry Kingdom despite the video of the release. Honestly I do not mind being out of the rankings because of your tolerance 0, in fact I do not even intend to hide Asura's Wrath, in case you decide so. I can understand your policy, it's just that as happened in the past I do not want to be considered what I am not. Thank you all and sorry if I wrote something wrong.
  9. ForgiveForget Silent Hill 2 HD Hello everyone, I'm new to the site, in the sense that even if I use it for a long time, I registered only now because I did not see myself in the leaderboards anymore. The thing does not interest me too much, but it annoys me the reason. I received this flag for Silent Hill 2:<br /> <br /> Reason given by reporter: (Order Earned) The trophy "Playing on the edge" it's unlocked in the results screen instantly after the ending trophy (Dog ending in this case), 5,6 or maximum 7 seconds after. 39 seconds means that he already has a save slot with different results on his console and he load up this to unlock that trophy. It's impossible to have that slot without already unlock that trophy, so he must have downloaded it from internet<br /> <br /> Unfortunately I have no proof of its legitimacy and the fact that it happened years ago does not help me. In any case it is not the first time that I have completed the requirements for more trophies together and one took more time to appear. Maybe I'm wrong, in the sense that to me they seemed more because when they are challenging trophies even those 5 seconds seem an eternity, but I think I'm almost sure of what I say. When I made Silent Hill 2 I was in bed because of a back problem and I played practically relentlessly, I knew the game perfectly because I had recently played it at a friend's house. I remember that even then another guy told me that I had hacked the trophies because between the final "Leave" and that "In Water", according to his calculations there were less than three hours and so I would have to also unlock "Warp Speed". The thing then resolved by sending him a photo where he could see that only for a few seconds I had missed him. I explained that I had not reloaded the last save and tried to be a little faster, just because I had other playthroughs ahead and then other possibilities.<br /> Without going further, in my favor the only thing I can say is that in Silent Hill 2 the save is not free. You can do it only in the vicinity of the red sheets, so if as he says after unlocking the final "Dog", I had immediately loaded another slot where they were made less than 2 saves, before you can unlock "Playing on the edge" would be spent much more than 39 seconds.