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  1. Do I? Yeah... I seem to have an odd knack of having things I shouldn't.
  2. But I mean, this can be solved by giving players the option of opening or closing the room.
  3. I honestly don't mind there being a lot but they added so many endings that odds are anyone going for it will end up hating the game by the time they get there. If I recall correctly there are 56 endings, resulting in at least 56 cycles under various conditions, plus getting black belt with every character, plus S rank in a few modes and more. Even if you are a bit more conservative and just say you need to do 60 runs (which is really only 60~ hours), that is a lot of the same just for some trophies.
  4. Never played it but it is a party puzzle game. The trick wasn't so much doing it, as knowing when to harvest and when not to.
  5. For what it is worth, I played it at E3 and found it fun.
  6. Why? It's extremely straightforward save the one detail about two and one being in the same place. You defeat Delver, defeat the General and that changes the world. When you wake up in the place following the General fight you should see a randomly placed chest that will initiate the first echo fight. On one of the times you explore the world you should notice the chest is back and fight it again, defeating the second and first forms. The third is in a really obvious part of town and something you'll likely encounter through normal play and even has a quest associated with it.
  7. Everywhere besides the flying base.
  8. Embargo lifts tomorrow.
  9. You get the ending choice after beating the last boss. You can get it from Hawke if you did that quest. If not, he is in the camp by AID Command. Just find an enemy doing nothing and walk up to them. It's something like get really close, lock on, wait for it to turn red, do one attack and then finish with another.
  10. Like DK said, it isn't required. It's possible others are not required too, like it doesn't include consumables, I just know when I got the trophy I wrote the guide with what information I had. Since the community for this game was so small and it's way too hard to figure some things out (you can only obtain a drone again if you start a new file) I just estimated some of them and made such to include the most important ones. Most people will probably get to the end without JAG-1000 ‘Carnivore’ Shotgun, VULC-88 ‘Panthera’ Rotary Gun and/or SPARK Engineer’s Turret if they didn't use a guide. Well, kind of. You can correct any problems in NG + whatever you need if you want. A new cycle is not that hard. Once I had someone tell me the trick to get the Carnivore shotgun I had a save immediately after Little Johnny on NG+ and I was able to rush from that med station to a SPARK for the turret and then went to the hotel, go through the garden and activate everything, kill the boss and obtain the module, kill the other boss, go to the command post, go through that for the hook, go back to the start, save and made a copy, followed by going back to see the boss and earn the last module I needed (this was on a save before I had those things) and got the platinum in like an hour and a half. Mind you, I skipped practically every fight, literally ignored everything I could and all that but still, you can ignore most things, just kill some enemies for weapons and get enough scrap to upgrade your weapon and probably beat the game in four to five hours.
  11. I believe you can hit it anyway with one of the mods, though you do know you can just buy the head, right? After the fight it appears for sale in the doctor's shop in the camp.
  12. Can't even get my name listed, though admittedly I didn't publish it under my name.
  13. Yes. The story is not an Echo, but the actual boss. The final echo should be in the same space as the second echo fight, just this time it's against the first one. Or, it's whatever area is to the right of where the experiment guy is located in the underground.
  14. I wanted to make a video but it's kind of confusing and made an article explaining it. Anyway, I got it when I fought it with the Gaia spear, broke the spear arm, picked up the broken arm and then killed it. No other way or weapon unlocked it.