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  1. It's Master Prospector from SteamWorld Dig. At 0.85%, it's my only trophy that less than one percent of people have. It's surprising, because it wasn't a particularly hard trophy and it was a lot of fun as well.
  2. While your mileage may vary, for most people I'm confident in saying this won't be true at all. The mechanics of MGS1 are so simple that they've barely aged since it was released, and MGS2 isn't much more complex. The only major obstacle for a newcomer would be the fixed camera angles, and even then MGS1's guards are so shortsighted and it's so easy to shoot them in the head in MGS2's first-person view that it barely matters. The stealth in these two games is far more streamlined and fast-paced than their successors, so for the most part you don't need much skill or even patience to get through them easily. Getting through them well is another matter, but for a beginner they're every accessible. One of my favourite things about Metal Gear Solid is that every game is different enough from the others to be entirely worthwhile in its own right. Not to mention MGS2 has one of the most ambitious stories ever told in a video game, so I wouldn't even dream of recommending a new player skips it outright. It has to be experienced to be appreciated, as does every other game in the series. If at all possible, play every game in the main Metal Gear Solid series. 1, 2, 3 and 4 at the very least are all classics.
  3. I've been using this site for long enough to think this is a worthwhile investment. Here's to as many more years of PSNProfiles as possible.