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  1. Your trophy database on your ps4 could be corrupted. I've had this happen and you need to delete your user on your ps4 to clear all of the trophy data stored on the hd, and create a new user. If your trophy list starts trying to sync but is unable to complete, this is likely the case..
  2. I had the same issue and was able to get it in chapter select. For some reason it didn't count for me for the one that happens right after the battle in the bookstore. You might want to try that one again.
  3. At that price it is likely just selling a free platinum.
  4. The iron mode trophy was tricky to trigger and it took me 5 attempts iirc. I just kept starting a new game on iron mode, then tried quitting out to menu at different times to see if the epilogue was in the chapters and selected it. If you get the timing right it will not have wiped the chapters from the chapter select menu from the previous play through. I watched the epilogue 5 times I think and it decided to unlock on the last. I had already played ranger hardcore legit so it was just for the iron mode trophy.
  5. Sounds like hacked trophies that are hidden except for friends only.
  6. Aww, why take the fun out of it?
  7. Some amazing deals here. I'll definitely be getting Dmc 5, Spiderman goty, and re2 at 15 each.
  8. Tiny temple has nothing to do with luck if that's the name. Sewer speedway on the other hand does need a bit for the shortcut.
  9. European version is not censored. Only German.
  10. Pretty sure the definitive answer is silent hill 2
  11. I did a fresh reinstall after it happened to me and it worked fine. It would be horrible for a trophy to not pop in gunsmoke...
  12. Had no trouble myself. Just keep trying and hope the large group on the third floor all get taken out in one explosion.
  13. I just managed to get the iron mode trophy to pop using the digital version fully patched, and I'm sure you can use it to exploit hardcore mode as well if anyone likes. The main difference is that with the digital version you will still require 2 playthroughs I believe in order to affect the outcome for the ending trophies. However, I also popped the ending trophy after quitting out on the last level on ranger hardcore and selecting the finale. I think once you make the decisions in the large chapters it is enough to skip to the end I'm assuming.
  14. I'm on the last level on my ranger hardcore playthrough and the game decided made all of its saves at the end of the boat ride but I dont have enough air to make it through. Does anyone know if it is possible to keep replaying from this level through chapter select to get the trophy still? Edit: lol so I went to chapter select and watched the epilogue instead and it popped the plat. So I guess an exploit works on the patched version still to an extent.
  15. It happens and it will correct itself. Don't worry