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  1. Boosting is done for games that's player base is practically dead and servers are still up. Cheating is acting in a way to get an advantage you are not able to attain yourself. Pretty damn clear cut.
  2. I like the most challenging part. It's fun to tackle, and know you got the platinum in the bag afterwards.
  3. I suppose you may be right but yes it does feel longer if so. I got the wins well before 200 total races, but you also need to take into account polls. Also servers being down may be a factor in making it feel longer. I also think I was only level 39 after all online and single player trophies. Regardless, it's a damn long game. 😂
  4. Trackmania turbo. Hard game. Great game. There's no way to track time in gt sport but I'm pretty sure it takes a good 300 hrs at least unless a better method to boost xp has been found since I did it. Solid choices here.
  5. Jak 2 5 years 5 months. I didn't trophy hunt until 2017.
  6. Absolver. Seems interesting.
  7. Trackmania Turbo 😀
  8. I agree with this. Share play for someone doing something for another should not be allowed, and share play sessions if available should only be for couch co op purposes. It's very simple to be honest.
  9. Asking for someone else to get a trophy for you would result in the same feeling as hacking the trophy. It's utterly ridiculous why anyone would want someone to do this for them. Maybe these people have low self-esteem and feel better about themselves in a false way for some reason if someone else does something for them on their profile. It baffles me why anyone would shame themselves this way.
  10. You forget the greatness of starwhal my friend. 😀
  11. Exactly like I said. It doesn't matter. Oof, you're really picking at straws here for what reason I have no clue. So I'm done here that's for sure.
  12. Your questions are completely irrelevant to what you quoted of me. You asked why would it matter if it were made easier when I mentioned nothing about difficulty level of anything. Now you bring up a meaningless thing not mattering which is obvious. What the heck are you trying to say exactly, you're all over the place.
  13. I fail to see how this relates to what you quoted of me.
  14. Man you sure got it out for me out of all the people that smeared you about this topic lol.
  15. You're right. I didn't know that.