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  1. RE code veronica
  2. I just recently completed this cabinet and gunsmoke is by far the hardest game. The Indian chief on level 6 is also probably the hardest part, although I had more trouble with the final boss because I was unable to get the cheese method to work on it. Keep at it, and if you manage to beat level 6 you should have no trouble finishing the game. My only advice is to try to hit the boss immediately after he lands, as it seems that us the only time it registers damage on him.
  3. I think I'll go with Crash team racing. Devil may cry is probably another that's close. Played these both recently so they come to mind.
  4. Catherine. Always have wanted to try that game.
  5. I really don't think it matters anymore with the flood of rata stacks in the past 3 months, along with other easy quick platinums adding Asian stacks like powgi and sometimes you games. You have to be a bit delusional to think that they matter anymore. It's almost as if there are now two types of easy platinums, ones that "count", and then the rata stacks which honestly have become a joke.
  6. I've been waiting months for wipeout omega collection to go on sale. Picked it up immediately.
  7. Marvel vs. Capcom 2
  8. Sure. Dingodile is speed class as well so it's the same. Have at it! 😀
  9. Arcade legend Clear a game without using continues Capcom arcade cabinet
  10. I finished Trackmania turbo the day before my birthday. It was a nice way to start celebrating.
  11. This game wasn't just ruined by the trophies, it is actually "necessary" to complete over and over doing the same thing far too many times to see it's true outcome. I agree 100% with the OP btw.
  12. I recently started this cabinet and all trophies seemed to be popping fine. However, I started savage bees and played through two and a half times and neither trophies popped. Has anyone else had trouble with this, and if so did anyone possibly find a workaround?
  13. I don't think you need to press x more than once. At least I never did. It just comes down to the timing of pressing x right before the green light. It may take a little bit of practice, but after enough time trial attempts you should have no problem nailing it.
  14. While in the air press brake while turning. I recommend speed characters like Penta for all of these except tiny temple. For that track it is easier to maintain usf with an acceleration or all around character.
  15. Romero would be proud