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  1. Grand theft auto 4
  2. I agree with this, left behind felt extremely unnecessary after the main game
  3. Demons souls, all ratchet and clank games, all mgs games
  4. No that's the ps1 trilogy
  5. Last of us remastered and Dying light come to mind.
  6. I'm stunned that no one has mention little adventure on the prairie
  7. Crash bandicoot 2, then do 1 and 3
  8. Wolfenstein the old blood
  9. I swear, who the check thought of removing fast travel and icons on map after activating all towers??? It absolutely breaks this game. You can't even see yourself on the map also. This is absurd. Edit: turns out it is a glitch in the dlc. If anyone else has this problem, closing the game and restarting worked for me until it's patched.
  10. God of war, I lost my trophy progress with a busted ps3
  11. Kitty got wet. Ow!
  12. Spy chameleon platinum