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  1. Metal gear solid 4
  2. What do u mean when u say leave your system on?
  3. Could u be a little more specific perhaps? I've played Rayman origins but never tried legends. Would it be like completing the first world in origins or it is a different online thing?
  4. What is necessary to do for the trophy?
  5. I've been having problems as well. On threads I can't change to the nest page unless I've been there already before
  6. I'm kinda curious about this as well
  7. Hobgoblin
  8. Ac syndicate because I'm playing it right now and it is a boring slog of a platinum.
  9. Aha! Cool. Glad I could help.
  10. I never knew when I played the game either, but I read after that it has something to do with being levels that you can get more points to upgrade your character on or something. So it might make the game easier to play some of them to buff up your character.
  11. Thanks for the giveaway. Solid snake
  12. My first system was the nes. Thanks for the giveaway!
  13. I'm pretty close to the platinum right now and I'm pretty sure my last trophy will be the one for 10 escort. What a slog of a platinum this game is...
  14. I forget the race but do the oval race 15 laps in arcade endlessly with an underpowered car and finish with a clean race. It will take a long time though, like I said at least 50 hours
  15. Yes. The game is skill dependent though. For me personally I won the required number of polls and races before 200 completed and you need 322 total anyway. Even after that it takes at least 50 hours the fastest way to get to level 50.