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  1. Brilliant dispute. I'd be surprised if this isn't lifted by the time you read this message.
  2. Yeah it's a lot harder. Driveclub isnt anywhere close tbh.
  3. I didn't assert my preference of genres at all. The quality of the two games is incomparable.
  4. This game is ok but total shit compared to Dirt rally. Don't let the differences deter you from trying one of the best racers out there. It is drastically different though. Also for #2 the plat should be pretty easy, just not a total breeze like Dirt 5. The dlc on the other hand is a far different story.
  5. Yeah I'm aware. In terms of calculating rarity I think you've come up with a pretty spot on representation. The people who deserve to be high up are right there where I think they should be, and see no problems with this being implemented whatsoever.
  6. I like the look of this and really hope it gets implemented. However, I do see where @DrBloodmoney is coming from. Both this and the current leaderboard would be pretty easily exploited in short time, either by playing tons of ratalaika shovelware, or focusing on easy quick ultra rare games( boosting ancient ps3 games, garbage that was given free on plus etc.) Heck one could even climb both very rapidly if they could tolerate playing these type of games a lot. However the average trophy hunter would be left in the dust on both leaderboards if just playing typical games regardless of the amount of effort given or the rate of which they are completing them. It would be nice if there were some way to measure this effort as well somehow. This rarity leaderboard would be a great addition to the site, but it isn't the solution to the ezpz problem that many are looking for.
  7. Need for speed 2015 Prestige dlc. Really was a nice kick in the balls for completionists.
  8. Damn. That's some very time consuming dlc for such few trophies.
  9. It a dlc trophy yea? I think u need to be equipped with 4 dlc weapons.
  10. @BrandedBerserk aka @NaseemJohn @lilpain97 @KaKrackle
  11. Yup. Can't even access my download list.
  12. Happened to me as well among just about everything else glitching. Redo a couple events and it should pop.
  13. This whole game is a mess. The miscellaneous trophies all seem to pop eventually if you meet the requirements a few times. But for the progress related stuff I highly recommend backing up your save beforehand, otherwise you might end up stuck needing to redo 15 hours or so like I'm currently doing.
  14. I've been dealing with glitches the whole way through but they have popped after doing the requirements a couple times. But now my level 17 racer trophy didn't pop. This is seriously annoying.
  15. Yep having a lot of problems with it so far. Trophies are glitching and the game kicks me when trying to start it half the time.