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  1. Psn has been screwed up for awhile for me now. I'm assuming it's because the large amount of activity due to the virus. I wouldn't be surprised if it's same for everybody.
  2. Reed was total shit. The screen shake effect was completely unnecessary and pretty infuriating as @Nitro mentioned.
  3. Lovers in a dangerous spacetime. 3/10 8 hrs. I don't think there are any less than that.
  4. Thanks, I really appreciate it! Top roach was truly stressful and by far the most difficult thing in the game. After doing that, the few hours spent on pipe phobia felt like nothing and I actually found it really fun. Now that you've got it outta the way you'll have your 100% in no time. 😀
  5. I thought it would be a real pain but I actually got it really quickly after not getting very far in it on any prior attempts. I may have gotten a bit lucky but I had more trouble with the first afterburner challenge. However the goal line technology challenge really got on my nerves. That was the worst by far for me of the gimmicky things.
  6. I have the 3 hardest left. Top roach, pipe phobia and be one with the bike. I think I will work on top roach first, but I actually think doing the speedruns made me a bit worse at the game haha.
  7. I finally got it what a pain in the ass. The trick for me on the first jump was to lean back coming out of the pipe moreso than I had been which made just the slight amount of difference necessary. Once I was making that a little bit more consistent it didn't take very long because the time is far more lenient than seismic activity for example. Between that and the billboard obstacle this track is just terrible to speedrun imo. @det_gittes you'll get it soon no doubt.
  8. This is my last track to pass for the redlynx to the sword trophy of course, and for the life of me I cannot figure out a consistent way to clear the gap after coming out of the pipe for the first skip. Is this somewhat random based on the trajectory of your bike coming out of the pipe or am I missing something entirely? Every other skip was easy enough to figure out a consistent way pretty quickly, but for this I get the necessary distance maybe 5% of the time. Any advice would be much appreciated because it's starting to feel kind of pointless starting over waiting for a lucky run.
  9. Yeah I found that to be a pain in the ass as well. It seemed very random for me or I just sucked I dunno. Are you using the speedrun strat or trying to fight it out? I tried fighting through it for quite a long time but ended up getting tired of it and just relied on getting lucky running through it as fast as possible. So if you haven't tried that I'd recommend giving it a shot. You do need a bit of luck that way but at least runs end quicker if you die lol.
  10. 40 hours is really pushing it. It's much closer to 25 or 30 even if it's your first time playing.
  11. Can anyone confirm whether rings are counted or not when you select retry from the results screen? I'm assuming they do but I'm almost done with all challenges without earning the 50k trophy so I'm a bit worried, and haven't seen any information about this. Maybe it's just a bad grind.
  12. Pretty much every vr game is easy. They're made for immersion more than for challenge typically. Theres only a handful I can think of that are known to be hard at all.
  13. Run underneath the floor and fight it out down there. In the far area where it leads out, the enemies will funnel into the entrance underneath for you to take out. Everything will walk right into your line of fire except for maybe a couple of heavies. Then you can go out the back under the floor and pick them off very easily at the left side of the room taking cover behind a car wheel iirc.