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  1. Damn. That's some very time consuming dlc for such few trophies.
  2. It a dlc trophy yea? I think u need to be equipped with 4 dlc weapons.
  3. @BrandedBerserk aka @NaseemJohn @lilpain97 @KaKrackle
  4. Yup. Can't even access my download list.
  5. Happened to me as well among just about everything else glitching. Redo a couple events and it should pop.
  6. This whole game is a mess. The miscellaneous trophies all seem to pop eventually if you meet the requirements a few times. But for the progress related stuff I highly recommend backing up your save beforehand, otherwise you might end up stuck needing to redo 15 hours or so like I'm currently doing.
  7. I've been dealing with glitches the whole way through but they have popped after doing the requirements a couple times. But now my level 17 racer trophy didn't pop. This is seriously annoying.
  8. Yep having a lot of problems with it so far. Trophies are glitching and the game kicks me when trying to start it half the time.
  9. The Dragon stars campaign seems to be bugged. I'm unable to finish the 4th event because it crashes every time I cross the finish line. Tried playing offline to see if it would help but nah. Bummer
  10. Is this bugged or something? I've spent longer trying to get the cops to spawn than the entire rest of the game. What an awful experience this game has been. Edit: in case anyone else runs into this, it is indeed bugged. When you raise your notoriety too high it bugs out and will show 0$ for your bounty and the cost for police protection will be indefinite. If this happens you've been hit with the glitch and have to start a new game from what I can tell. Because of this I strongly suggest getting the vicious trophy before the Pablo one.
  11. Gold plated in Need for speed 2015 and mein leben in Wolefenstein 2 come to mind.
  12. Valid point, but doesn't make it cool to try to belittle others for playing this if they choose to do so. And literally the only people who would play this game are most likely members on this site.
  13. Imagine posting shit like this on a trophy website...
  14. Taco master (49%) Pain in the ass!