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  1. Agreed. I cant believe how overblown the difficulty of this game is being talked about. There's one or two mildly tricky races, and most are fairly easy.
  2. How about the trackmania turbo recent achievers where one account is listed with 3 different names. That an issue just with the psn name change somewhat recently?
  3. Trackmania Turbo
  4. Definitely gran turismo 5. I wish it were obtainable still.
  5. Yo guys, pro tip! Stop bickering and save yourself an hour. You could pop 10 ratastacks and fly up the leaderboard!
  6. Metal slug master
  7. Lmfao this is great. Truth be told though, all the ratalaika stacks are ruining things. Nobody wants to play shit that bad so many times and as frequent as they pump em out just to remain competitive with others who will put up with it. Despite being trophy hunters, most of us are first and foremost gamers and love playing. As abundant as they release the stacks though, it is hard to balance playing for enjoyment as well as leaderboard position.
  8. My biggest mistake is easily selling a copy of mega man for the game gear I had for 20 bucks years ago. I had no idea it was super rare and worth a ton.
  9. Trials rising gold edition at 20. I may have to bite
  10. Little big planet
  11. Gravity rush 2
  12. It's a ratalaika game. They are separate