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  1. I just completed the omega collection and wipeout hd back to back, and I'm surprised that I hear so many people say the ai was nerfed because it felt exactly the same to me. Of the two I'd actually say the omega collection is the harder game due to the 2048 zone events.
  2. It likely means they have already been flagged.
  3. I can confirm the NA version cheat code works for ps4 by switching language. Ps3 is the only one to worry about.
  4. It doesn't require vr, there's actually a separate stack for a vr version that's far easier. As for the difficulty, it's definitely not easy but not as hard as you might think either. The game is just damn wonky and can be pretty irritating when going for some of the trophies. Edit: Thanks a lot to the op. This guide was very helpful when I did the plat a few months ago.
  5. So everything working fine with this game now?
  6. Try to build up your extra lives as much as possible of course in the early stages especially. When you get to the areas where the game stops and guys are shooting you try to avoid damage at all costs. You don't need to kill them all and the game will proceed after a certain amount of time, so don't get too reckless trying to kill them all. Other than that there's not much more I can think of. It's not easy, and gets quite tense near the end. Thankfully the last two sections or so have hardly any enemies, so really once you get down to about 5 you are nearly done.
  7. Hardest part done. Good luck with son son.
  8. Well that's disappointing.
  9. I agree with you completely about both these enemy types. For the shielded guys I just relied solely on the gauntlet for the most part. The mages are annoying as hell, as they are way overpowered. Try to avoid them as much as possible and if you need to fight just run in fast and wreck them with two handed attacks before they can do too much damage.
  10. You'll want to have three alt accounts ideally. This is for the badges requiring you to finish in first, second, third, and fourth in online events. You can create custom events and easy earn these very easily this way.
  11. I recommend this one: It has a good walkthrough for the sequel as well.
  12. Angus1343 Monster Energy Supercross All of these trophies were earned using the quit race method described in the trophy guide on this website and were done legitimately. I earned the mileage trophies after because I was not actually racing while using the quit method. This is a well known exploit that again is covered in the trophy guide here on this website. <br /> Please lift this flag
  13. It's tedious doing 3 playthroughs but the game isn't very hard at all.
  14. I was flagged for earning all of the prestige and sx credits trophies before riding 50 miles and this was done by using the quit race exploit. The custom track trophy was done with this exploit as well. I created a championship with 30 custom race tracks and quit on each race. Then afterwards completed one race for all three trophies to pop.
  15. The game itself is fantastic, but the dlcs are extremely short so only worth it on a good sale for easy trophies and if you want 100% imo
  16. Bully, The warriors, and the gta trilogy are on ps4.
  17. You can use a yellow orb then reload I'm pretty sure. There is also a hard reset for the game by holding all of the L and R buttons at the same time iirc.
  18. Your trophy database on your ps4 could be corrupted. I've had this happen and you need to delete your user on your ps4 to clear all of the trophy data stored on the hd, and create a new user. If your trophy list starts trying to sync but is unable to complete, this is likely the case..
  19. I had the same issue and was able to get it in chapter select. For some reason it didn't count for me for the one that happens right after the battle in the bookstore. You might want to try that one again.
  20. At that price it is likely just selling a free platinum.
  21. The iron mode trophy was tricky to trigger and it took me 5 attempts iirc. I just kept starting a new game on iron mode, then tried quitting out to menu at different times to see if the epilogue was in the chapters and selected it. If you get the timing right it will not have wiped the chapters from the chapter select menu from the previous play through. I watched the epilogue 5 times I think and it decided to unlock on the last. I had already played ranger hardcore legit so it was just for the iron mode trophy.
  22. Sounds like hacked trophies that are hidden except for friends only.
  23. Aww, why take the fun out of it?
  24. Some amazing deals here. I'll definitely be getting Dmc 5, Spiderman goty, and re2 at 15 each.