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  1. I really like the game, it reminds me of both the order 1886 and murdered Soul suspect Both critically underwhelming games that I really enjoyed
  2. I found this morning a way to get as much co as you like. I'm playing towards the not even once trophy and got the the 'Jimmy The Spark' fight I killed him but was killed off one of his minions, respawned and got 600xp, I repeated the process and have 12,000xp sitting now. I thought this would be handy for people who want to unlock more while not killing people. Here's a few minutes of me doing it. Sorry if this is allready well known
  3. I managed to get 4 friends into playing this and they are all on the verge of quitting out over these network errors. I've lost gear crates to them as well. Also sometimes your left sitting in a lobby while everyone else is in the race.
  4. Battlefield 4, but I got FIFA 14, need for speed rivals and Killzone Shadow fall both at the same time.