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  2. In some games on the right side there is this information showing that it is part of a "collection" of the same franchise and how many trophies all games add up. But it only has the image, and I'd think it would be great if it had a link in it, where it redirected to a page showing all the games in that franchise, something more detailed. I know I know, there is the search field that appears in the games, but it often gets disorganized. I will give an example that is with the God of War franchise. Several games with similar names appearing in the middle. I just wanted to see the list of the 10 platinuns of GOW. Infamous is an example where the search works and gets only the 5 games. The page that I am suggesting of franchises would basically be like this, nothing too complicated. I used google translate, so sorry for some mistake.
  3. Red Dead Redemption 1, 100%.
  4. i took 4 hours to get 30.
  5. Someone now?
  6. Crazy-TrainZ28 (FORUM PLAYSTATION TROPHIES . ORG ) "So here's what you do to get your 2 playthroughs, Hardcore & Insanity trophies the EASY way.1. Make a save after you reach Saren the first time in the Citidel, before you go down to the final fight.2. Complete the game.3. Reload the save you made in step 1.4. Change the difficulty to Hardcore/Insanity and save over your save from step 1. (remember to SAVE your settings before you exit the settings screen)5. Start a new career and import your character that you just beat the game with.6. Change the difficulty to Hardcore/Insanity while on the Normandy. (remember to save your settings before you exit the settings screen) 7. When you are on Eden Prime make another separate save.8. Reload your previous save from step 4 and beat the game." Really works?