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  1. TB? What's that?
  2. Earn a trophy for the list to pop up on your profile, my dude
  3. Anyone have any idea how to obtain a border? Have none unlocked...
  4. Yeah, guess it was delayed to the 14th, just checked it
  5. This is NA and it's today I believe
  6. I am trying to get this last trophy after 7 years of sitting back haunting me, I need this platinum before the year ends!! Online challenges that is!!
  7. So if anyone finds out if Titanic VR has trophies, I might snag it. If not, then it's a no for me
  8. Any help with the one hit wonder trophy? Who should I use for that, basically all I know it just spamming one attack and this game is very bare bones...
  9. Yeah, it's just so irritating that I can't get this trophy and it's purely luck based really. Been going for it for months
  10. So I've had this game since the day it launched. I have every single trophy, except the one for the 30 collectibles. I can't read a lick of Japanese in all honesty, so I translate everything. But I have 5 collectibles left, for 5 of the cats and the last month have had their favorite items down and only those to get them to come more so they can give me the last 5 collectibles... But for months now I haven't received any... Where do I go from here? I want this plat...
  11. Technical Wizard Land 6 different aerial tricks and 6 different grinds in a combo with using only one Manual or Nose Manual trick
  12. Exactly, took the words out of my mind
  13. I just saw that one as well, like you said they're probably just on on the servers at all just yet, which is super annoying...
  14. So I noticed this game on the European PlayStation store, and have not found trophies for it anywhere online. I did find it's also on Nintendo Switch, but that's it. Want to find out if I should buy it or not. Trophies are the deciding factor for me lol
  15. Can a video of demon joes location be posted up? Haven't found him yet