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  1. Because like the majority of everyone on all trophy sites, just play games for trophies. Most games only ever sell because they have trophies...
  2. Just completed the first chapter and no trophy popped at all. Only a few trophies at 0.7% earned, the rest are at 0%....
  3. I wish someone would actually answer this that'd be amazing if they did though. Make the trophies far easier
  4. I am wondering the same thing, I really wish someone knew if they did.
  5. Still need 1 more fucking cat man.... Why me....
  6. There's definitely more than one per game, I know as I have personally had two equipped myself
  7. Took me about 45 hours of gameplay, first 10 was just figuring out how to be good. By the time my 100% hit had close to 40 wins.
  8. Yes, and they're just rereleasing it lol
  9. I just want to know what song people are using for this trophy. I'm currently playing The Voice of Germany, and only have managed 79,000 and the with barely missing anything during that song....
  10. So I just started playing this game today and am finding it quite ridiculous how many spelling errors I've seen already in the dialogues. The last one I saw was in Chapter 4, where the word "Just" was spelled "Jlust". How does one not proof read a visual novel?
  11. Lol, that's kinda funny. Can't believe people actually just hack trophies. The fuck is the point lol
  12. Kinda doubt it as the game isn't even released yet, if you ever see percents on the before games come out. It's us game testers who are required to earn things as part of our job. Unfortunately some companies, like this game's, have ass QA
  13. It's most likely a game tester at the game's company and they synced it to the PlayStation servers
  14. Looks like a very easy list and basically just killing every boss in game for this plat
  15. If anyone could just send me a friend request to boost this trophy, I definitely need it, and will help you out as well!