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  1. I don't understand how they cheated it that badly either, literal got the plat almost 2 weeks before most the other trophies. How can a save file screw up the timestamps so bad?
  2. Is that the same thing as a mule? Because I've seen one of those just hanging around Emerald Ranch a few times when I've been over there, unless it was a donkey but I can't remember. It was one or the other.
  3. There are a lot more missions in the Herr Strauss line so that might be part of it, otherwise it seems like some of the medal-less missions don't really appear anywhere.
  4. Besides a good amount of luck and memorizing which movie scenes produce the monsters the fastest it's all about keeping an eye on all the small monitors in the corner and making sure you spam any active ones (any kind of movement) or those with danger music. If you keep checking those and now which order the vampires will come in, those you have like a second to catch as apposed to ones that take a few seconds to reach the trap, it is easy. I had a lot of trouble for awhile then I had like a 68 streak and could have kept going. Just spamming as fast as you can will only help if you know the right order.
  5. If it is the same as the legendary bull alligator, which I think it is, you can't find it until you complete a related story mission in chapter 4 (you'll know the one). Just like you can't find the legendary panther until you reach rank 9 or 10 of the hunter challenge.
  6. Well, in the past I just smash open a window on a quite side of the house but yea smashing down the back door if you can get past the deadbolt is an option. If you have the tools the quitter the better though.
  7. Boo! You let this nightmare go on but won't let me have fun? Point is this has gone on long enough and should be closed before it melts down into a toxic mess... although it is fairly toxic already.
  8. Yeah I looked into it more finally and found someone else had a similar issue. Not sure why but I'll have to try deleting the cookies and what not, should work.
  9. That's the one I've been using but its been down for like 2 weeks now.
  10. In my old age I've only been able to keep up on a few manga still but the site I've been using the last few years appears to be down for good (Onemanga or something to that effect). Point being its been two weeks and there is no way to get into the site, just says there's some issue with it. Was wondering if anyone knew of another place where I can keep up on One Piece... maybe Berserk and if I can download the One Piece anime more the better.
  11. So I understand the only way to get the last ten recipes is from the 10 NPCs you help during the game after they randomly come to LDC some 50 or so times but does anyone have a list of what NPCs give which recipe? I think the only NPC one I have is Poncho who gave me a steak recipe. Poncho-Steak Rosetta-Cream Cake Huey-Lasagna Celis-Tom Yam Kung
  12. Yeah I already got the plat and can confirm you have to use 100 different objects. Just touching and what not on everything should get all 4 trophies about half way through the game.
  13. Yeah its the new big phishing scheme. I got one or two myself but figured right away it had to be a scam because the email was just a long list of jargon, not to mention a number of other odd signs... that and I haven't had an apple ID for years and nothing with any useable info to purchase anything. Clearly Apple lost a lot of personal info recently.
  14. They continue to target it simply because it is an easy target, whether to gain popularity/fame, political motivation or to deflect from some other incident. Every time there is a school shooting or a 'good kid suddenly goes bad' certain outlets look for any excuse except the system that failed the kid. Video games are just an easy target because you can draw any kind of conclusion between violence in one to violence in the other no matter how artificial. They never consider or ignore the multitude of other possible factors such as a history of violence, mental illness, bullying or other school issues, poor parenting and so on. It always has to be someone else's fault. That's why it comes and goes in waves, video games will never die and people can only be irate for so long before losing interest and moving on to the next thing. Typically it only picks up again after some incident occurs like the hot coffee fiasco, the Columbine tragedy the short lived game that came after it and the most recent with Trump although that got dropped quickly.