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  1. That's fair and logical, he deserves to be banned. It's just to bad there is no way better to deal with name changes. Honestly been gone for awhile and never heard how that worked out but it looks like a fix wasn't found.
  2. By definition that just proves that it was technically unfair, someone slapped him with a couple random flags because they were to lazy to look for real flags to get their own way. Applying a flag that has nothing to do with the game seems to violate the entire point of the system, that would suggest anyone could flag any game for any reason which undermines the entire point, dumb or not is besides the point. Of course if he changed his name in order to avoid punishment in the first place that is another issue entirely that came up when they announced that people could change their user names. If he was banned before then he should stay banned of course but that should have been figured out already. Frankly I don't care either way how this goes and the guy is obviously a cheater but people should be able expect consistency in rules and how things are regulated.
  3. Been searching after completing the lucky strike bowling alley like 20 times with no luck, where does he appear?
  4. Was looking for some info on conga master, where did you find the character just before the aliens on the list? Has like pointy ears and a halo. 

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    2. Willreaper41


      That's what I thought but I've been doing the bowling alley like 20 times and have yet to find anything.EUdu11AWoAIRuXG?format=jpg&name=large

    3. AvengedEvil


      Maybe there's a hidden reauirement to make him appear, but this I don't know. At one time he just appeared for me. 🤷‍♂️

    4. Willreaper41


      I have only seen him one time but I can't figure out what the trick is, it can't be hard if everyone gets it by accident though.

  5. Was hoping you could help me with a question on conga master. Who/where is the character with pointy ears and like a halo just before the list of aliens?

    1. cinthia_mendes


      Sorry man, I really don't remember but here goes a tip: the devs from Conga Master Go are very active on twitter and they will aswer any question you have! they helped me to find the last guy I was missing.

      Also there are some guides that can help you like this one: https://***/trophy-guides/ps4-guides/conga-master-go/

      Good Luck!

  6. Damn I was just wondering from a technical perspective if it was even possible but that sounds sweet. If they could add like N64, gameboy and dreamcast I would be set. Sounds like they could as well and I love that it can save entire games, imagine that would need a big memory card though. Gonna need a hell of a lot of over time pay though.
  7. What I mean is years ago I found a console that could play most cartridge based games, all sega and Nintendo ones NA and JP anyway. Didn't have the money for it at the time, wish I could find it again now but I understand it ran into some legal trouble. Is there any possibility of a similar deal for classic disc based systems like Sega CD, Saturn, dreamcast, PS1 and so on? I have a bunch of old school games NA and JP but not the time or money to get all the different region consoles I would need. I understand there are certain limits or requirements on the software and reader but I'm not very savvy on the tech side.
  8. I just noticed the amazon page mentions DLC costumes with preorder, is this referring to the swimsuits already on the disc or am I missing something?
  9. I miss Kiryu...
  10. Unless they disabled that function before allowing people to take them, because of the free bit, I guess I'm not sure what to say. We went online and had psn and xbox store because we had to check online features. It wasn't the same as normal though, we had kind of a special system for devkits, that's why I don't think personal accounts would even work on builds.
  11. I worked with xbox, ps3, wii and wii u devkits and they can get online in order to test online play and functionality, like I said they were capable of pulling anything from the store for free, that's why they are kept in house only. It isn't the same as normal though and I couldn't imagine sony or naughty dog allowing anyone to use their personal accounts on a devkit, I don't think it would even work.
  12. They let you take test builds outside the work place? I used to work in the industry as well and they were extremely protective of test builds and in all my time there I never heard of builds working on a non devkit system. Since devkits can get basically anything off the store for free they never let them out of the department.
  13. Si. This guy doesn't know and doesn't seem to speak English, so Portuguese if you want to ask something.
  14. Sometimes you gotta do what ya gotta do, that's how I passed an entire highschool English class and got a bunch of manga in the process. Course that is not nearly enough and I wouldn't really trust people I don't know like that, although you would be the one with his information. Like one guy who kept pestering me to get me the CTR plat, it's like fuck off, I'm not giving anyone my info, I did all the time trials on PS1 and may do them again.
  15. I did not cheat in this game, including I am behind platinum on PS4, I do not know why they made this report against me, but the trophy of 1 million Lums conquered in 2018, unlike many players who play Rayman and many other games with impossible records to be Made in the challenges, 25km playing is impossible to do and most of them do even more, my trophies in the challenges were the most in time challenge