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  1. So I only have 4 grindy trophies left for touching, looking, and so on objects 100 times. Everything I find says you can do this 100 times on the same object but I've looked at a few objects a couple hundred times now and nothing. Is it supposed to be 100 different objects/people instead?
  2. So the big news should come to a shock to everyone but it seems the developer Telltale games has shut down (for the most part). It is not clear why this is, no news suggested they were struggling so it is difficult to tell at this time what prompted the closure. For all you wondering, yes the currently running The Walking Dead Final Season has also been canceled and will end after part two which will be released in a few days. The only game still being worked on is the Minecraft Story game (supposedly for contract reasons). So anyone hoping for any of the planned projects in the future, all dead.
  3. I want to play this but I'm still annoyed I could never plat the first game. That random tower crap kicked my ass... Also 10 to 1 odds the new girl is an angel, kind of a human/angel/devil dynamic.
  4. Didn't that game never even make it out of beta before it was canceled all together a few months back?
  5. Don't know the game myself but I'm nearly positive Sony requires some kind of trophy list for all games that come out now.
  6. I've always wondered about this PS Now thing but could never bring myself to do it, mostly because I already have way to much crap backlogged. Do the games come with trophies and all that? Like the PS2 games? Or even the games that did have trophies, like Fallout New Vegas, would it come with a new trophy list or would it be the same as the PS3 version?
  7. At least you got some warning ahead of time at least. I stopped shopping at gamestop because they pulled this a few times, like the last Batman game had some LE with a model batmobile or something. Day of release I got an email telling me they canceled that edition all together and I would have to find a different copy.
  8. Was able to finish up DR2:OTR for team Candyman (which I hear one of the Key and Peele guys is remaking). On another spooky note I just read a news report about a 300 meter long spider web in part of Greece. Is it wrong to want to lay down a tactical nuke in part of Greece?
  9. I'll have to work that day and will miss most of it but seriously, how does a person get over 100 trophies in a single day? The only thing I can imagine is blazing through a bunch of shit or easy games in a coke fueled rage.
  10. Does anyone know what the future PS games are going to be? I swear they had more on the table during their E3 deal but they only seem to have Switch stuff for the next month. I'm still kind of hoping Rabi Ribi and Narcisu come out soon. I shouldn't complain though, that was a lot of games to get in one summer.
  11. Need to add a couple. 8- Dead Rising 2 Off the Record 10- Assassins Creed Liberation
  12. La-Mulana, heard that was a bitch to do.
  13. The Order 1886: I have no idea what I expected it to be but that was not it, maybe more than what, 2 werewolves in the entire thing. Honest to god I plat the entire game almost in the first day after dental surgery and high off my ass. I didn't even know what I was doing and still crushed it.
  14. I find I'm not great at the casino games and have trouble getting casino coins, mostly for the ton of love hotel keys I need. Is there a better way to grind them then just transferring monocoins or spamming the slot machine? I don't much like grinding if I can help it but that's all the post game mini-games feel like to me.