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  1. You learn it through the training dummy? I only tried that thing once because I assume you weren't supposed to be able to defeat them the way they kept healing. Never got anything on this ether tide but guess ill check again soon.
  2. Wait does this game have a secret ending in NG+?
  3. So I'm just about done with the game and the guide I'm making but I still have no idea what this ether tide thing is or how to do it? Beat the game fairly easy so it can't be that vital and I thought it had to do with getting a 15 or higher multiplier but that hasn't worked either. Not sure what I'm missing.
  4. So I am having some considerable trouble getting S rank on very hard and expert and I'm hoping to finish without reaching lvl 100. I'm not having much luck with strategies I've found online but I've seen some people mention some broken combos that were near unstoppable before they were patched out? I'm trying to find some info on those since I have a physical copy and can still use them. Or is it this black coffin thing because I can't get that to hardly work, enemies instantly go around the wall and it takes like 3 times to work.
  5. Hmmm maybe, depends how cheap I guess, Only really interested in Hiei and maybe a couple others.
  6. No, but anyone think there is any possibility they may give them for free? I mean theyre taking them down and basically throwing them out anyways, not like they can lose any more at this point. Only ones getting screwed are those who actually paid for them, which doesn't seem like many considering how the game is folding already.
  7. I can't seem to get that spamming thing or black coffin to work, spamming just doesn't do enough and enemies instantly go around the wall and disrupt my black coffin and vegeta as a backup can only fire so often.
  8. Cool then I got all 6 last night and don't have to worry about the shutdown screwing me out of a plat... If I can ever bring myself to finish this game...
  9. I don't remember how many online trophies it had but I hated this game so much and need to grind them out as quickly as possible.
  10. The order 1886, not only did I beat it but I got the plat almost in a single afternoon while still high as f after a heavy duty dental surgery. Not only did it fail to meet any of the hype and promised bits like werewolves and such it was just easy and dumb as hell.
  11. Either it's very old, very shit, or both.
  12. It's old and glitched as hell so it's never getting fixed
  13. I almost forgot about this game, I preordered it on Amazon like years ago now...
  14. shit I got lucky boosting with some guys but all the hours put in I think Ive seen the green house like 3 times. Took almost 7 to see the pool alone...
  15. Well I wasn't going to join but I think I'll do #1. Back years ago when Borat came out around thanksgiving/christmas my grandma took me to see it since no one else wanted to, even though she hates that kind of thing. It was fine but at the naked fight scene I thought she was about to fall over she was laughing so hard at how crazy and absurd it was. I don't think I've ever seen here lose her shit like that before or after. What was better is that when we got home grandpa asked how it was and grandma just said it was a dumb comedy because I think she was embarrassed how hard she laughed. I've just been thinking about this a lot lately because she finally passed recently after her long fight with various illness.