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  1. That wasn't a glitch, a hacker did that to everyone. It also means the flag won't be lifted so you'll just have to hide the game.
  2. 4? What the hell happened to 3? Also, what does it mean by new and fantastic world. We've been under the sea and in the sky, where else can we go?
  3. Oof, might as well close this one already.
  4. It's really not that hard of a game and there are plenty of other sites that provide info for more tricky spots like where all the spirits are. All you really have to know is make sure to collect every chalice as you go to cut down on replay and get much better weapons. If you need a visual guide I have most of my platinum run on my YT.
  5. How about a petition for something that actually matters, like for Sony to stop pointlessly censoring games and driving them all to the Switch.
  6. Well if you get motion sickness at all you should probably pass, I tried Skyrim VR and made it to the first town before the splitty headache became to much and I can only assume Borderlands would be as bad.
  7. Just make sure you do all missions on both sides up to the the final decision point because there is some great loot on both sides. Like the chinese stealth suit.
  8. I've done both sides, had to start a new character for one side, and it really isn't that hard. Most the missions scale to you so it really shouldn't be much harder than normal. If you have a slightly higher friend its a cake walk. The last mission on either side is another matter, they can very hard especially if your build is weak to robots. Even my lvl 300+ guy had a little trouble with all the robots.
  9. This is why I stopped trophy hunting, at least in any kind of competitive fashion. I just don't have the money or desire to buy and play the same game multiple times just for easy plats just to keep up with the pace. Other people can do what they want but to me it just feels ridiculous. Yea I have plats for the same game (usually rereleases on newer systems) but that was because I enjoyed the game. Ratalaika has some good games and some I'd like to play but games like this destroyed the trophy system.
  10. Sony's odd ramp up on censorship of Japanese titles is concerning and really ruins it, basically got a switch because so many games kept going to them just to avoid it. What is odd to me is that there doesn't seem to be any real cause for it. It's not like there are any big groups out there demanding it. I also can't believe nintendo allowed bare boobs and such on a game let alone a western title. Strange times.
  11. This says it all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50xsEb0FKa0
  12. I'm afraid that might happen a lot with future games, with so many problems it's just easier to avoid them. But at least it isn't censored, probably have to get it.
  13. I'm just going to guess there was an issue with the timestamps for the games.
  14. Interesting but I am concerned about Sony meddling with the game. Wasn't the upcoming senran kagura pulled from the PS4 because they wanted to edit so much or some issue with sony and the creators? So who knows what they did to this.
  15. That's fair and logical, he deserves to be banned. It's just to bad there is no way better to deal with name changes. Honestly been gone for awhile and never heard how that worked out but it looks like a fix wasn't found.