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  1. That may be the least descriptive dispute thread ever and that's saying something.
  2. 13K?! He must be superhuman to be able to freeze time like that because playing every second wouldn't even get that many.
  3. They make it sound like Devs contact them but I'm sure it goes both ways a bit. But yea, Lost Sea was already on the PS and went through Limited Run Games for the physical. That's why I hate to see the games get shit because some of them are really good, the stacking is the real problem.
  4. Website makes it sound like they just port to other systems with developers that contract to them. Looks like some of the staff may have developer experience as well though.
  5. I always screw up these timezones, does this mean that the competition is over with 7 finalists?
  6. So is this going to stay a Switch exclusive or any possibility of it making it PS4 way?
  7. That may be either the most overwhelming or underwhelming title for a game ever.
  8. Forgot if I already messaged or not, I need a NA version of Awsome Pea, thanks.
  9. As someone who would like to move way up the ranks I have mixed feelings about games like these. On one side it pisses me off when people just speed plat all these piss easy games in every possible format padding the hell out of their lists. Especially when they clearly play certain games like visual novels with the express purpose of ignoring the actual game just to get the trophies. What is the purpose of playing it then if not to experience it, to increase an arbitrary number? Now I despise cash grab games like that Prairie whatever and I am Mayo because charging money for that is ridiculous but some of these games/developers aren't that bad and I would play just to support good small developers. Like Mooseman or Drowning which has cultural relevance or The Count Lucanor and Daggerhood which are actually very good.
  10. Plat in 39 min, can get shadow of the loot box NA? https://www.youtube.com/edit?ar=2&o=U&video_id=B05EV4QhU0A
  11. Well I did Energy Invasion and Drowning. Is it possible to get Awsome Pea?
  12. Ah, forgot about the time difference.
  13. I must have misread it, I thought it was one so I did Energy Invasion. Is there anymore Drowning codes if I bang out another in the morning?
  14. Whoo, finished Shantae just in time.
  15. Well I finished Spyro 2, may even have time to fit in Rocketbirds 2.