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  1. Personally I think they get progressively worse and easier as they progress through the sequels, then again I also 100% Spyro 1 back in the day when there were no tools to help you find missing items or figure out how to do tricky jumps online. That and the flying parts were a nightmare. So I kind of had a lot of it memorized and didn't even realize there was a help tool now. 2 is ok but you can see it falling apart and the weird new characters, but gameplay and story are fine without too much extra baggage. 3 is practically all baggage which is probably why they didn't even bother for people to 100% to complete it which feels like a good sign they phoned it in
  2. I like mastered this game back on the Wii, I had EVERYTHING unlocked. Then I got a copy on ps3 or ps4 can't remember. I can barely play it on any other system now because I am so use to the Wii style, using an actual controller to aim is damn near impossible now. Such a weird problem to have, if it had a plat I'd be pissed
  3. No I know the prequel very well, maybe it was a different region or translation of some sort because I swear it had a better name before.
  4. I pre ordered this ages ago (only thing I've been waiting on longer is the new Digimon game which has been delayed years) and I swear this had a very different name before. Something like 'The poor prince and the something dragon.' Not sure why they changed it if they did. ....Also thoughts on trophies? I feel compelled to ask as the first topic and plan to make a guide.
  5. Can't you upgrade or whatever you call the PS4 version to play on PS5 already?
  6. oof that's tough, it's kind of funny in a cruel and ironic way how some jobs are so desperate and others (the good ones it seems) are impossible to get into. I feel ya, been trying to promote or switch branches so to speak for a couple years since my boss told me I could go ahead and kill myself for all the company cared. Shit got wild and none of the higher ups cared, just buried it because he is on a management fast track.
  7. Marvelous has some weird shit but this looks like my kind of thing and they rarely disappoint me... hope it comes state side.
  8. Older folks here like me may remember Futurama back in the day, well it's coming back... again! With all the major writers and most the voice actors coming back (Bender is holding out for more money or something but it is still possible). It is probably one of my favorite 'adult' animations with some of the smartest writing, especially for a sci-fi, until Rick and Morty. Usually I'm skeptical of reboots and remakes and the like but with everyone coming back I am optimistic. May even need to get hulu, oh yea it's only on hulu I guess.
  9. Did Telltale games come back from the dead?
  10. I have mixed feelings about this, glad to get back to basics but don't really trust Ubisoft especially since they are just selling a dlc for full price basically. Although I am a little curious what kind of dlc for valhalla can be turned into a classic AC game, they don't really have much to do with each other.
  11. I assume much like the 1st game it is bugged as hell. 1st plat was unobtainable too for months if I remember
  12. Hope it's not as bad as the last game, was so glitchy and broken for awhile after release I don't think the plat was even possible for awhile.
  14. I mean everything you said sounds right to me, they have been so hardcore on gta online they probably feel they don't need to do anything else. I mean has there even been any talks about a new big rockstar game in ages now? We should have had a new gta at least coming by now but somehow online is paying the bills still I guess. All this tells me is that I should get to lvl 50 and finish my red dead online trophies soon before something happens.
  15. They finally shutting down the servers for RD1 huh? Kind of surprised it took them this long. EDIT: Wait what is this about?