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  1. Not quite sure how the game functions, played diablo 3 and darksiders 2/3 just wondering about trophy difficulty/missables
  2. After beating the game, doing post game cleanup. Im stuck by a singular collectible i cannot pick up. Encrypted log - Astrium Archive 5; Shyyyo bird. Its when you scan some feathers at the birds resting spot. Nothing comes up, tried restarting. Just a friendly warning to some who might encounter this like i did.
  3. I love you all. It worked amazingly.
  4. In the quest "Old Growth" you are required to collect mold samples, before going onto beat MOLD-1 (A trophy is given). For me, these mold samples CANNOT BE PICKED UP in any form. I've visited all 5 and restarted multiple times. I was so close to another platinum aswell.
  5. AMA

    How do you enter the areas with locked eridian doors in areas such as Ascension bluff?
  6. Multiple times. Sadly no help. Just finished uninstalling and reinstalling no fix.
  7. I'd pay. Wouldn't cost me a thing due to Google survey money.