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  1. I must've done 100 again played so many games over the past few days
  2. YES! I can confirm it has been fixed as I have just got the handyman trophy!! Well done to everyone on this thread that helped get the trophies fixed we did it guys!
  3. No one seems to have unlocked handyman yet hopefully it's fixed
  4. Any news on handyman trophy fix?
  5. Please god let it be fixed
  6. Will handyman ever get fixed it's actually a joke how little the devs care about the trophies 😂😭
  7. Never mind just go to the part of the rooftops on watch mode save then click continue and find him and trophy will pop
  8. Also having the same problem any solution?
  9. Where can I find the cheat codes for the level skip? And do I just have to skip each level and then I get he trophies?
  10. Anyone willing to boost the medic trophy? And how do we go about boosting it?
  11. Anyway to boost when you've already placed in a division? I'm in 6 just outside of 5
  12. Did you guys put rain and overcast conditions or was it luck based ?
  13. Can this be done with 2 controllers?
  14. Are these trophies completely unobtainable?
  15. Finally got the trophy! Using the hive method! Must've done it at least 50 plus times but if it helps I joined 2 people in a story mission and downed myself and it popped