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  1. I read on reddit that if you do a private game and the non host players quit out and rejoin they get there lives back not sure if you'll get trophy that way but could be something to try
  2. I have bought the cross gen edition and begun earning trophies on ps4 can I keep this list when I go on ps5 or will it auto start the ps5 trophy list? I really don't think I can be motivated to plat it twice
  3. That's good for you, now this behaviour is concerning can you politely leave me alone its not good for you. You're better than this. Get some help. With you every step of the way. All the best
  4. This obsessive behaviour is concerning me can I help in any way? Everything okay at home? Always here to talk Who knew someone would get this mad when I wouldn't use his trophy work around 😔
  5. You looked through 348 plats in 2 mins wow I'm impressed proud of you still
  6. Never thought I'd get a fan over my trophies this is cool but also quite concerning kisses to my fans xo
  7. Proud of you
  8. Here if you need me sweetheart
  9. 😂😂😂 that's it for me I've had my fun get nibble after nibble from you. All the best I'm hear if you need tips hunny just message and ask xo
  10. I'll take advice from you when you've got more plats than me chief, and while you're @ it check my fifa stats for plats then keep chatting shit if you want tips on trophy hunting just ask bro xo
  11. Christ almighty, never make a guide for people or anything. WhY HAvEnT YoU dOnE It YeT ITs EaSy MAn 😴😴😴
  12. I said session not match you dumb fuck lord give me strength if you're attempting to help people you're awful
  13. Yeah yeah let me just get 500 goals and assists in one session or 300 rivals or squad battles wins gimme 2 mins
  14. Well I do understand because if you had completed one when you had already done 2 the trophy would've popped. I'm specifically talking about whether it got patched not the work around. No need for the sarcastic bullshit pffffff
  15. If he finished more than 2 confirms trophy is still bugged after patch 🙃🙃