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  1. Yep I opted for the remasters having boosted 2 and 3 on my old account. 2 is bad in that it will take a very long time to achieve the trophies and you need at least 6 people to boost. 3 is torture because it’s more luck based. Finding the last few treasures you need could take days or it could take months. There are also some tough trophies which require 3 people - and you need to be good! Just go with the remasters 😄
  2. This must mean the PS3 version plat will never again be available. The online was pretty quick and easy so that’s a pity.
  3. I love reading people’s memories, feelings and thoughts about the games they played. Especially when it’s so well presented like yours. I’ll be flicking through this on my coffee breaks, keep the plats coming 😄
  4. Good luck pal, don't give up now!!
  5. I can't go back to that account because there's too much stuff on it I have no intention of finishing. OCD!! lol I gaurantee you though, if you get the will power to keep trying Girl Boy and Impossible Boy you WILL get it. There were levels I couldn't do at all to begin with - like XOXO and with practice I got good at them levels and became worse at the easier ones! For the last 2 weeks going for them trophies I could only manage playing an hour a day because my head was melted, but that hour was good enough to help me beat it. When your mind is ready again go and get that plat!! Good luck man...
  6. Personally I found girl boy and impossible boy easier than zombie boy. If you get back to it I reckon you’d have them in a couple of days 😄 seems impossible at first but you get to know the levels really well really fast. I hate ALL MP grinding trophies and keep away from them as much as possible, other than that I’ll grind out pretty much anything... I’m thinking about that poxy drive 1000 miles trophy for the dlc in Mafia II!! Grrrr
  7. Not 100% sure but I’d reckon so. It might take a long time though...
  8. The bricks in the middle are your guide. As soon as you reach the highest brick push away from the conveyer. Then it's just a matter of guiding bandage girl around the saw blades. Practice it for 5 minutes and you should be able to get it 99% of the time then.
  9. I did exactly what you did lol I have a list of games I’ve picked from the site. I try and order them so my milestone trophies will all be plats 😂 and I play on blank accounts so there’s no fear of having incomplete games on my profile 😉
  10. Dont let it get to you so much! Finish it and then be done with it for good. I remember the Golem fight being a big pain... I had one sand tank the first time I got to him and without sand to slow time it’s pretty tough. I reloaded an earlier save and kept all my sand tanks for him and it was so easy. Just keep slowing time and whacking away at him. Though I’m sure you passed that now anyway 😂 The Two Thrones - while my least favourite, is definitely the easiest one. It’s very linear so you won’t get lost and with the new quick kills they added makes it a breeze. Warrior Within is the most frustrating of the trilogy so get through it and then never look back! 😄
  11. I actually really enjoyed the trilogy and preferred warrior within over two thrones. It is a very old game and the voice acting was waaaay out of sync it made me laugh. I’ll agree it is really confusing at first to know where to go, the other two were more linear and easier to follow. I didn’t have trouble with the combat, just look at the combo list in the pause menu. It was a lot more improved than Sands of Time though! Maybe because I played them all during the PS2 era I have a greater appreciation for them? I enjoyed the platforming but 3 playthroughs was definitely overkill!
  12. I’ve had sessions in the past where t-sas has joined and from what I remember he doesn’t speak English. Still he shouldn’t be joining sessions and not showing up. That really irks me! Lol gaming sessions and mp in general is always a head wrecking mess which is why I’ve created a new account where I’ll only play mp that is relatively quick and easy or I can do solo. It would be a great idea if you could block people from joining your sessions - much better than this feedback rubbish that doesn’t result in anything.
  13. While I’m in agreement to have it changed back, I think any new aesthetic will take awhile to get used to. In a few weeks we may prefer this layout? It seems like it was done to save space so maybe it’s necessary to keep the site running smooth...
  14. I’ve played this game many times and just recently completed it again. You definitely can’t get Epic 3 Engineer until you have completed it at least once. You can get better Gear with the dlc to help make it easier but it wouldn’t unlock impossible mode.
  15. Oh well that’s good, at least you got it in the end. There’s nothing worse to wreck your head!