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  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this! I'm about to tackle this game and that will really help.
  2. My advice would be to play from level 1-20 straight through each time. I found it more stressful switching levels because after beating the harder ones I’d mess up on the easy ones anyway. On the harder worlds I could only manage playing for an hour a day or it would stress me out too much, so even just play through the levels once per day. You’ll be amazed how quickly you’ll be getting better with even that amount of time playing. Play something else too to help you relax if it gets too stressful, and most importantly, don’t give up! You can get it....
  3. My advice is not to think about the trophies you're missing out on while trying to go for UR PLATS. Getting that plat (no matter how long it takes) will give you a better feeling of pride than giving up just to keep your collection of trophies growing. I learned this with 'Super Meat Boy'. On my old account I gave up because I thought there were other games I could be completing instead of wasting my time trying to plat this. It took me over 2 months on this account to get that plat and there were weeks I didn't earn any trophies - it was worth it in the end! I'm back earning trophies more regularly now until the next really hard game comes along. Anything can be achieved with enough practice, you just need the will power to not give up...
  4. You should put the reason given for the flag on your post it makes it easier to help. Your list looks okay to me. I rushed to get this completed before the servers closed and you finished the online 2 months before I did. Unless you’ve edited timestamps (which they will know) I’d say this flag will be lifted!
  5. How I got this trophy: In the colluseum where you need Trico to propel you up using the cart there is a barrel on the far side. Go over and stand beside the barrel and have the camera face away from Trico. Do nothing for 5 minutes and then make your way back to Trico. If you see the green lumps on the ground restart the checkpoint. Now, this time, make your way to the barrel again and every few seconds pan the camera around to Trico and he should do it again. EDIT: I tried to see would it work again on my second playthrough and it didn't. I didn't feed him half as many barrels this time so maybe that has something to do with it? Seems like you just need to be lucky with this one! P.S. this is the most irratating game I have ever played!! 😞
  6. With this profile I definetely do lol. As GTA III was the first PS2 game I ever played, I wanted that to be my first plat. The first trophy worked out well too - "First Day On The Job." So I continued with the next 2 PS2 GTA games as milestones. Thought about continuing with GTA IV and GTA V, but too much of a grind until I build up my profile, so I opted for the Dead Space series. Dead Space is my favourite game and I love horror games so I went with The Evil Within next. My next milestone (already slotted in place!) will be Evil Within 2. After that it will be Resident Evil. I'm just hoping the RE3 remake comes out in time 😉
  7. Looks alright to me. I’d say flagged will be removed soon 😄
  8. Congratulations mate!! Girl Boy is a lot easier than Impossible Boy so you have this in the bag 😀
  9. It’s quite possible the player you mention has played this game a lot on a blank or different account, even on pc and was able to achieve the trophies quick because they had so much practice with it. If they did cheat then it’s obvious they will/do cheat other games. They WILL be caught eventually, you only get away with something for so long! I wouldn’t worry too much about it though... 😄
  10. Congratulations mate! It feels really good doesn’t it, not that I want to put myself through that torture again for awhile! I was thinking I’d never get it, could only play an hour a day the last few weeks cos I was getting frustrated. I had encouragement from a guy on this site which helped me not to quit. A really tough game but very rewarding. Enjoy your beers and looking at the trophy pop lol I know I did 😄
  11. You can start the online straight away, but you better buckle up it will be a long ride 😉
  12. Yep I opted for the remasters having boosted 2 and 3 on my old account. 2 is bad in that it will take a very long time to achieve the trophies and you need at least 6 people to boost. 3 is torture because it’s more luck based. Finding the last few treasures you need could take days or it could take months. There are also some tough trophies which require 3 people - and you need to be good! Just go with the remasters 😄
  13. This must mean the PS3 version plat will never again be available. The online was pretty quick and easy so that’s a pity.
  14. I love reading people’s memories, feelings and thoughts about the games they played. Especially when it’s so well presented like yours. I’ll be flicking through this on my coffee breaks, keep the plats coming 😄