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  1. If you buy a second hand PS3 you will get a genuine controller with it. You may not want to do that because it’s more expensive but I bought one for solo boosting mp trophies. Cost about €100 in GameStop. I previously bought them fake ones and they are stiff and hard to use. Not worth any money for them!
  2. One game at a time only. I find if you leave a game to play something else and then come back to it you need to relearn the controls n stuff and it’s more awkward getting back into it. If I leave a game incomplete the chances are it was too hard and I’ll never go back to that game. Exception is MKX - I only left that incomplete because I’m waiting until both the online trophy becomes available and I’ve completed the current game when it does. I missed the last opportunity by a couple of hours when I was finishing Batman 😂
  3. I really like this idea. I think it will motivate people (on this site anyway) to want to go for rarer plats and complete tougher games. Personally I hate profiles that stack games and that play a lot of shit just to climb the leaderboard quicker. That's just my opinion though, don't yell at me! Perhaps it's my OCD 😜
  4. I really like this idea. I misread the question though, is there any way to change my vote?
  5. I couldn't pick multiplayer, although I absolutely hate mp trophies. I try to stay clear of them as much as possible unless they are relatively easy to achieve or you can boost by yourself. Speed runs are my nightmare, they ruin the enjoyment imo.
  6. Oh it's so handy for mp trophies, cuts the time in half - and the hassle! lol I have 2 PS3's and 2 PS4's 😜
  7. The Evil Within absolutely loved this game minus the dlc, though I do love me some horror games! Dead Space for PS3 incase you’re wondering 😉
  8. Yep that’s it now! Any PS3 games with mp are totally dead now... time to make room for the PS5. Hopefully this time they’ll realise we don’t like trophies tied to mp and especially not the huge long grindy ones the PS3 was so fond of. 😜
  9. That was great, cheers! Though I didn't need it for Arcade Flynn trophy, that was one of the first I unlocked... 😂
  10. Cheers James, I watched a trailer and it does look pretty good. I’ll be getting I reckon though I can’t afford many more preorders 😂
  11. I could go days without earning a trophy, that's not the most important thing. I'd prefer to have games completed 100% than making sure I got a trophy before I went to sleep... I went several weeks during Super Meat Boy without earning anything. This must be the reason people play numerous games at one time or abandon games so quickly for something new?! If climbing the leaderboards with hundreds of incomplete games is what you want then go for it, wouldn't be for me though.
  12. After the first 2 or 3 chapters I was bored. I thought this was like a chick flick, everyone cheating on each other and teenage crap! After that I was hooked, what a great game. Really enjoyed my time with this. Disappointed with the lack of trophies though. First trophy not achieved until CH 4 or 5. They could have added story related trophies to bulk it up a bit. That's my only gripe, everyone should experience this game. Telltale could take some tips from Supermassive... oh no they're gone!!
  13. There are always a few towers but only one can be used for teamwork. It’s second tower from the left I think and it will only have one character to beat. Sometimes it’s only available for two people so you need to wait until it’s a three man.
  14. Every game should have this. It should be mandatory! I hate going through thinking "I must have had 200 kills by now?"... and then having to do another 50 😂 Hmmm, maybe my opinion of this game is starting to imrove 🤔
  15. Yep, Missile Boy is your biggest hurdle. It’s a nice downhill ride after that 😄 Good Luck!