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  1. Is it possible to grind xp in private matches with 2 ps4's?
  2. I enjoyed the story and I like the fact that every random encounter is unique but that is about it! I like that they expanded the map with new interesting areas while still keeping the old areas - even if you don't visit them in the story. Fast travel? Is that fast... you still have to ride around for ages anyway so there's not much point in using it. Loading times 😴 The horse slows and nearly comes to a stop when you pass a random encounter - if I want to stop I'll stop you don't need to try and force me to do it. When riding through forest areas and you try to go left past a tree, NO you can't - the game tells you as it pushes you to the right instead. So while you are pushing left and the game is pushing you right you crash into the tree. The amount of times this has happened is infuriating. Now the most annoying part of this game COLLECTIBLES, wtf! I'm pissed off studying animals, catching fish and collecting flowers FUCK OFF! And after collecting all this crap the game makes you do it all again in the challenges - taking the piss or what? I think Rockstar have a bet going to see how many morons will platinum this piece of shit. I've spent days studying animals so I'll continue and finish the rest of the collectibles otherwise it's all been a waste of time. While I loved the story I've really grown to hate this game! Enjoyment: 1/10 Boring: 10/10
  3. I'm really getting burned out with this now, it was the studying and skinning animals that did it. Now I'm going through the challenges and I'm really worn out with this game, still all the dinosaur bones, exotics collectibles to do... AND the 'It's Art' trophy - but the thought of looking for more animals is torture 😤 Why are there so many collectibles in this game? Bloody hell! If you want to play this game to just enjoy the story - IT'S GREAT!! If you're going for the platinum - THINK CAREFULLY... haven't even touched the online yet! So more to look forward to.... This game should have ten platinums 😜
  4. I did the ranked matches at 6am when i finished work and got them no problem with my alt. If you can pick a time that's less busy it should be alright - and the game is region locked so different time zones shouldn't be a problem. Most of the online can be done in private matches so you're good there too and if using an alt it's only you getting points for KOTH etc which makes it much quicker to earn. My Kung Fu is Stronger will be the toughest grind, get some good tv shows to watch while working on it and start leaving two characters idle straight away while sleeping to get the 24 hours play time, switch between you're two consoles so one isn't left running constantly.
  5. Thanks, I thought that but I have a higher percentage of studied animals than I do skinned so I wasn’t sure...
  6. Oh okay, I didn't realise that! With a bit of luck it is just a problem that needs to be fixed...
  7. If an animal is at 100% in compendium just being studied i.e. dogs, do they also have to be skinned?
  8. Guys, the original MK9 on PS3 still has it's servers up. I can't see them shutting down these servers yet - especially not one section of it! It's obviously something that needs to be fixed and should be back working soon....
  9. I can't see them removing one section of the online whilst keeping some active. They'd shut the servers down all together surely. Keep checking, I'm sure it will appear soon...
  10. Incase you've gotten 70 gold medals: I'm pretty sure 'Gold Rush' won't unlock unless you've beaten the story first. I had 70 gold medals with only 'American Venom' left to play. The trophy didn't unlock until I completed the final mission...
  11. Great game! More stressful on Hardcore than tough. When you know you're close to your next save and the adrenalin is pumping! Getting the Devil Horns to beat Zealot after the stress of Hardcore is such a great reward 😃
  12. Don't give up entirely man, just play an hour a day even. Play for one hour per day and then continue your current game. You'll get better believe me...
  13. Speaking of removing completed games from gaming sessions, I’d also like to be able to join a gaming session for a game that’s not yet on my profile. While I was waiting for RDR to install I wanted to join a session but by the time I installed it and earned a trophy so it added the game to my profile the session was full. I find that more annoying than removing completed games tbh
  14. Playing through the first 2 chapters I thought this game was boring but since chapter 3 I’m hooked. The story is extremely long without all the extra stuff. I’ve been looking through the 100% guide and holy shit this is going to wreck my head 😂 I thought the first game was bad but this is way worse. I’ll persevere through it though because my ocd won’t let me start another game until I’ve completed everything I possibly can 😜 Trying to do some challenges and stuff in between story missions to try break the monotony. I reckon each day I’ll do one collectible before I continue the story and it may not burn me out so quick...
  15. I’ve been doing it on replay, saving before each mission. I play the level blind first and then see what the gold requirements are, if I think it’s easy to achieve I’ll replay the level then. It’s much easier with full stats and having more use of dead eye etc... Some levels are really long though and I’m skipping most of them because it’s too boring walking or riding for ages to get to the goal. So far I’ve got quite a few golds under my belt and I reckon I’ll get the trophy before I finish the last mission... hopefully!