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  1. I did exactly what you did lol I have a list of games I’ve picked from the site. I try and order them so my milestone trophies will all be plats 😂 and I play on blank accounts so there’s no fear of having incomplete games on my profile 😉
  2. Dont let it get to you so much! Finish it and then be done with it for good. I remember the Golem fight being a big pain... I had one sand tank the first time I got to him and without sand to slow time it’s pretty tough. I reloaded an earlier save and kept all my sand tanks for him and it was so easy. Just keep slowing time and whacking away at him. Though I’m sure you passed that now anyway 😂 The Two Thrones - while my least favourite, is definitely the easiest one. It’s very linear so you won’t get lost and with the new quick kills they added makes it a breeze. Warrior Within is the most frustrating of the trilogy so get through it and then never look back! 😄
  3. I actually really enjoyed the trilogy and preferred warrior within over two thrones. It is a very old game and the voice acting was waaaay out of sync it made me laugh. I’ll agree it is really confusing at first to know where to go, the other two were more linear and easier to follow. I didn’t have trouble with the combat, just look at the combo list in the pause menu. It was a lot more improved than Sands of Time though! Maybe because I played them all during the PS2 era I have a greater appreciation for them? I enjoyed the platforming but 3 playthroughs was definitely overkill!
  4. I’ve had sessions in the past where t-sas has joined and from what I remember he doesn’t speak English. Still he shouldn’t be joining sessions and not showing up. That really irks me! Lol gaming sessions and mp in general is always a head wrecking mess which is why I’ve created a new account where I’ll only play mp that is relatively quick and easy or I can do solo. It would be a great idea if you could block people from joining your sessions - much better than this feedback rubbish that doesn’t result in anything.
  5. While I’m in agreement to have it changed back, I think any new aesthetic will take awhile to get used to. In a few weeks we may prefer this layout? It seems like it was done to save space so maybe it’s necessary to keep the site running smooth...
  6. I’ve played this game many times and just recently completed it again. You definitely can’t get Epic 3 Engineer until you have completed it at least once. You can get better Gear with the dlc to help make it easier but it wouldn’t unlock impossible mode.
  7. Oh well that’s good, at least you got it in the end. There’s nothing worse to wreck your head!
  8. I didn’t read all the replies so not sure if this is solved but some of the trophies are during missions - like the photos of girlfriends. You can complete the game without doing some of the missions. I remember I missed one and had to download my old save from the cloud and redo a lot of the game again. The one for getting everyone away from the queue at the cinema if I remember correctly?
  9. Yeah it was really hard but it’s like everything, once you’ve played it enough it gets easier. I’ve played it quite a few times and you get to know it really well, where enemies are coming and how to beat them quickly etc. I guess now I forget just how tough it is on your first playthrough. But that difficulty is great to play it on and shouldn’t missed.
  10. One of the best games ever. Fubar is such a great ride don’t miss out on it. A few sections are bad but just use cover and you’ll be fine. It’s not a good idea to give your teammates specific kills on this difficulty as I found it caused more trouble with needing to revive them. They still take down a lot of enemies for you anyway.
  11. I forgot all about the bazooka when I played this level 😂 and trying to get the boxes the hard way! I’m so glad they had a trophy for killing one of the UFO’s and not for a getting a relic. I also never noticed the box in the reflection of the glass I was just lucky with that one 😄
  12. That’s a great tip although I’m already done with it now lol. I just left it running over night so was no big deal. Your criminal rating should be going up yes. You need a criminal rating of 1 million so if it’s not increasing then you have done something wrong. Make sure you shoot 100 bullets before you start the shooting at the packer. I used the truck inside the film studio compound and that worked well if you want to try there instead?
  13. Gawd, I gamed casually for years! Of course the highest difficulty I ever chose was ‘normal’ lol and it didn’t matter whether I completed a game or not. Trophies changed all that! Extremely unfortunate for me my PS3 was stolen in 2008 - before trophies were born. I never bothered replacing it and didn’t game again until 3 years ago. Bored one week I decided to buy a PS4 and the Uncharted Remastered Triogy. I set it up and began playing - on ‘normal’ of course 😉 then I heard this DING and something popped up on screen you have earned a trophy. I wondered what it was so I went to my friend google and asked him. I’ve been addicted ever since. But... these trophies... I discovered - wanted me to play on crushing, wtf! I didn’t even know what it was but it sounded very painful. Okay I’ll try it I suppose. After I finished my first game on the highest difficulty and did all the other things required and I got the platinum trophy I felt really excited and eager to try and get another one. I realised then that I’d been missing out all those years of playing on normal. Playing on higher difficulties was so much more fulfilling and such a great feeling when you finally beat it. If not for trophies I would never have learned that so I’m very grateful. I’m sure without trophies my PS4 would more often than not be gathering dust in a corner somewhere. For better or worse I’m now an addict 😄 Thank You Sony!
  14. Earn another trophy, update your profile and you’ll be back 😄
  15. I doubt it if they will. The Switch seems to be doing really well without it, maybe if it was suffering they’d consider an achievement system. Though never say never! That’s the reason I never got one 😄