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  1. Only on the PS3, PS4 syncs to server straight away!
  2. It's definitely cheated! Such a shame because you have 100% completion rating with a lot of tough games... 😞
  3. I'm happy with this month! I planned to play outlast anyway so saves me buying it. Don't own Nioh, not sure that game is for me but i'll give it a go...
  4. Stuff like this bothers me too 🙁 but who you gonna call?
  5. I’d love ICO remade what a great game!
  6. With the new X-Box due as well they may lunch together and share servers and we can all eat in the same place! God of War 2 is a definite I'd say because there's no doubt that will be a trilogy!
  7. Just replying so I’ll follow this thread I’m on mobile 😉
  8. That just seems really awkward and too much trouble. Might as well just play the whole game on professional, especially since you still have to fight the bosses anyway. I'm halfway through on professional now so I may as well keep going...
  9. I have the digital version and a screen came up saying 'the disc may be dirty please clean the disc', or something like that. Pretty strange for a digital copy 😂 It has only happened once so far but seems like it's not just the physical copies...
  10. Never had any issues sorry man 🙁
  11. It doesn’t need to be 3 in a row just 3 in total! Just stay on that mode and wait for the hostile territory to come up. It can take awhile sometimes so need to be patient.
  12. That's a great idea go ahead and do it 😀
  13. Can't remember who I fought but in the beginning I couldn't get 1 hit and after a few rounds it got easier and I was getting quite a lot. Not sure if the game gets easier each time but it semed to be that way. It definitely wasn't me getting better anyway 😂
  14. Not sure but it only took me like 20 mins 30 at most so do it one go to be safe I reckon.
  15. Anyone want to make a poll out of all the answers and see which games are the most popular?
  16. I honestly thought this was just a problem that would be fixed soon but now looks like I was wrong 😐 pretty bad form not to make people aware if they are fixing it or if it’s gone for good!
  17. Congrats! I haven’t touched my PS4 in days now, I just can’t get my head into grinding this. I’ve put so much effort into this game with the single player grind and now I’m just burned out with it. It’s too boring and time consuming leveling up. Every day I tell myself to start but I just haven’t got the energy left. While it was a great game the amount of crap you have to do has made me really hate it now...
  18. It’s always the hardest or the most grindy trophies they want too... I wouldn’t have the time for that, once is enough ta 😂
  19. This worked great. I stayed in territory A while they were all fighting over territory B and even though in the beginning I got killed twice I still earned MVP. 1 down 2 to go, only trouble is waiting for the mode to come up...
  20. Is it possible to grind xp in private matches with 2 ps4's?
  21. I enjoyed the story and I like the fact that every random encounter is unique but that is about it! I like that they expanded the map with new interesting areas while still keeping the old areas - even if you don't visit them in the story. Fast travel? Is that fast... you still have to ride around for ages anyway so there's not much point in using it. Loading times 😴 The horse slows and nearly comes to a stop when you pass a random encounter - if I want to stop I'll stop you don't need to try and force me to do it. When riding through forest areas and you try to go left past a tree, NO you can't - the game tells you as it pushes you to the right instead. So while you are pushing left and the game is pushing you right you crash into the tree. The amount of times this has happened is infuriating. Now the most annoying part of this game COLLECTIBLES, wtf! I'm pissed off studying animals, catching fish and collecting flowers FUCK OFF! And after collecting all this crap the game makes you do it all again in the challenges - taking the piss or what? I think Rockstar have a bet going to see how many morons will platinum this piece of shit. I've spent days studying animals so I'll continue and finish the rest of the collectibles otherwise it's all been a waste of time. While I loved the story I've really grown to hate this game! Enjoyment: 1/10 Boring: 10/10
  22. I'm really getting burned out with this now, it was the studying and skinning animals that did it. Now I'm going through the challenges and I'm really worn out with this game, still all the dinosaur bones, exotics collectibles to do... AND the 'It's Art' trophy - but the thought of looking for more animals is torture 😤 Why are there so many collectibles in this game? Bloody hell! If you want to play this game to just enjoy the story - IT'S GREAT!! If you're going for the platinum - THINK CAREFULLY... haven't even touched the online yet! So more to look forward to.... This game should have ten platinums 😜
  23. I did the ranked matches at 6am when i finished work and got them no problem with my alt. If you can pick a time that's less busy it should be alright - and the game is region locked so different time zones shouldn't be a problem. Most of the online can be done in private matches so you're good there too and if using an alt it's only you getting points for KOTH etc which makes it much quicker to earn. My Kung Fu is Stronger will be the toughest grind, get some good tv shows to watch while working on it and start leaving two characters idle straight away while sleeping to get the 24 hours play time, switch between you're two consoles so one isn't left running constantly.
  24. Thanks, I thought that but I have a higher percentage of studied animals than I do skinned so I wasn’t sure...
  25. Oh okay, I didn't realise that! With a bit of luck it is just a problem that needs to be fixed...