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  1. I think with the release of TLOU 2 due later this year closing the servers for the first game was a really bad move. I would have liked to platinum this before playing the second game but now I will play neither! What are your thoughts?
  2. Anyone know can the mystery watcher still be found in new game+ if I've completed the story and the rest of the side missions? Am I locked out of Perfect Knight 2 trophy now?
  3. I’ve been practicing this level all day and I’ve been getting extremely frustrated!! The problem (which I didn’t realise) was that the locks were opening slowly and they were closing extremely fast. When I reached halfway through the third corridor they began locking and they had locked just as I reached the top corridor. That is impossible! I looked at some YouTube videos and I noticed that they were reaching the top corridor before the locks even began closing. I realised there’s something amiss here. I checked for an update but there was none. Then I closed the application and started it back up, went straight to level 19 again and this time the locks were opening fast. I reached the top before they start locking and had plenty of time to adjust and make my way across. I have no idea what caused the speed of the locks to reverse but restarting the game fixed it. I just want to make people aware so they don’t suffer the same frustration. Closing the game instead of putting it into sleep mode might be a good idea after each use.
  4. Gawd that looks complicated! Easier just to learn the level... no?
  5. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Sonic Generations - Two games completed. This game was actually harder than I thought it would be... Having to complete the final boss fight without getting hit was really irritating due to the fact that it was so hard to tell whether you had been hit or not. I had to complete the fight each time keeping my fingers crossed that the trophy would unlock. When it didn't unlock I had to go through the credits and then get back to the game which took a few minutes. So glad that is over! For the challenges, after you completed one you had to ring a bell and collect the music note that came out. Being the NOOB that I am at first I thought I had to keep ringing the bell and so I wasted a lot of time and I was getting really frustrated until I figured out I was doing it wrong 😂 Next game is Batman: Arkham City so don't expect another update from me for quite some time!!! 😆
  6. Yeah I gave up on that too. Rank goes up in little dribbles barely seems like you’re making progress. I kinda regret it now cos I would have had it finished but god it’s a pain in the ass 🙄 That’s why we call you MrTrofyHuntr 😉
  7. I know lol I just would rather tlou and tlou 2 on my profile rather than tlou remastered and tlou 2... I know I’m a complete weirdo 🥺🥺🥺🥺😂😂
  8. You’re all focusing too much on my idiosynracy’s 😜 I just think they should have left the servers up another year 🙄
  9. I was just wondering if you think they should have kept the servers active because the release of the second game would generate a lot more sales for the first. I know the PS4 version is still active but I'd rather play the original than the remaster. Yes I'm a complete weirdo... I admit that! 😜 and I do have the PS4 version for free with PSPlus 😉
  10. You need to wait for that mode to come up it's a pain alright! Once in it most players will fight over two sections (i.e. - A and B) so you just hang out in C and defend yourself from attackers. Having spent the most time in a section you will obtain MVP no problem.
  11. Honestly, I reckon starting a new profile will still never reach our expectations. Learn to love the one you've built up. Think of all the grinding and tough trophies you've obtained and work on making it the best you can.
  12. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Alien: Isolation - Great game except for the irratatingly endless loading screens and the fact that it crashed half the time when I tried reloading my save. Still well worth playing though, great horror game! Maybe the PS4 version is better?
  13. I created a new account 2 years ago for exactly the same reasons. Unfortunately this account isn’t ‘perfect’ like I wanted and I’ve considered starting again but I just can’t throw 2 years away, plus the long and tough plats I’ve obtained. Also, if I were to start again I’d be re-playing old games instead of finding new ones to love. Good luck with your new account, hope it becomes what you want! 👍
  14. I'd love a new Dead Space game! Similar in structure to 1 and 2. That could have been an amazing series if they hadn't fucked it up on 3 😑 I'd also like obscure PS1 games remade... with trophies!!! Lol Metal Gear Solid and Assassin's Creed re-released with trophies.
  15. Same... I'll have it preordered most likely 😀
  16. Okay, no problem. It's just that I want all my milestone trophies to be platinums and I didn't add them correctly. It's okay to play the games off the new list too as long as I just update the games from the original list for the competition?
  17. Sorry I need to change my list, this is Final! Alien Isolation Bioshock Call of Duty Classic Darksiders 2 End is Nigh, The Far Cry 2 God of War (PS4) Heavy Rain Infamous Jak II Kingdom Hearts Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust Mad Max Need For Speed: Undercover / Nioh Outlast Prince of Persia Q*Bert Rebooted Resogun Sonic Generations Tomb Raider Unravel Vampyre Worms 2: Armageddon X-Men Yakuza Zombi
  18. You mean you paid someone to get the trophies for you? All of them use saves to unlock your trophies you don't really think they'd spend hours playing legit to earn them for you? Put it down to experience and just hide the game.
  19. Thanks! I’ll change Evolve then. I wanted to play that game too 😂 oh well 😔
  20. Sign me up! Alien Isolation Batman: Arkham City Call of Duty Classic Darksiders 2 Energy Invasion Far Cry 2 God of War (PS4) Heavy Rain Infamous Jak II Kingdom Hearts Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust Mad Max Need For Speed: Undercover Outlast Prince of Persia Q*Bert Rebooted Resogun Sonic Generations The End is Nigh Unravel Vampyre Worms 2: Armageddon X-Men Yakuza Zombi NOTE: I would like to swap NEED FOR SPEED for NIOH in the case of server difficulties/closure. Is that okay? Also, can the games be played in any order?
  21. Not interested in Goat Simulator and I've played Uncharted Remastered... can't win every month! 😉 At least the trophies for Uncharted will become rarer 😆
  22. Only on the PS3, PS4 syncs to server straight away!
  23. It's definitely cheated! Such a shame because you have 100% completion rating with a lot of tough games... 😞
  24. I'm happy with this month! I planned to play outlast anyway so saves me buying it. Don't own Nioh, not sure that game is for me but i'll give it a go...
  25. Stuff like this bothers me too 🙁 but who you gonna call?