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  1. Ni no Kuni II, the DLC is just awful.
  2. Devil May Cry 4, though I plan on trying my best for 5 when I get around to it. Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, though I haven't played the 3 PS1 games yet but I plan on it. Likely will stay XII though. Kingdom Hearts II, though I've only bothered with the trophies for it and Chain of Memories. No clue if Birth by Sleep's Final Mix is more difficult than II's. Drakengard 3 if you include it with NieR, simply because of the final boss. And the easy series Ratchet and Clank 1, simply because it was the most boring of the trilogy. Danganronpa V3, they're all easy, even Ultra Despair Girls, but V3 just had the most tedious grinding. Spyro 2, they weren't difficult at all but I think this was the one with the annoying ending boss.
  3. Gotta wait for October 4th for it to arrive with Code Vein and then it's a sweet 9 day vacation for me. Glad it has a platinum and obviously I haven't read any of the trophies because I don't want any potential spoilers. It's from Ukichoshi, maker of Zero Escape, and a pseudo-visual novel/adventure game so it'll likely be very easy especially if someone ever makes a guide for it.
  4. Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen
  5. Nice how Io's trophy is silver but everyone else is bronze.
  6. If there's a guide out there that'd make getting all the collectibles easy. The only left is the difficulty and rank trophies and based on previous Suda51 games I'd give it a likelihood of being 6-8/10. Haven't played TSA yet. Maybe, like Killer is Dead, there's a super costume that won't decrease rank if anyone can confirm that.
  7. Ratchet Deadlocked
  8. Steins;Gate Elite
  9. Tales of Symphonia
  10. Looking at the physical versions announced for November it says the first game is included on the box art. I can't find any info if it's the same for the digital release. Never played either game so I'd obviously want to wait for the physical if it's exclusive to it.
  11. Batman Arkham Knight
  12. Yeah that happened to me too with Furi and another game I can't recall. It wasn't a problem with my online connectivity because I was constantly jumping between games and all the other games appeared.
  13. Final Fantasy X-2 is my all time most replayed game. Love it to death. Mainly did it a lot on PS2 and a couple of times with the HD rerelease on PS3. Don't even own it on PS4. Besides that I can find myself replaying and enjoying NieR: Automata and Resonance of Fate because the combat in each game is quite enjoyable to me and the stories are always good. Dark Cloud 2 I have played a total of 8 times now, 7 of which were on PS2. Finally had an all medal playthrough this 8th on PS4 and will have the platinum whenever I feel like catching that fish. Devil May Cry 1 and Furi if I feel like replaying certain parts. Both games got me into the action genre. Played DMC1 for the first time on PS4. I played 999 and VLR on 3DS and I loved them both and recently bought the Zero Escape collection. Waiting to make one of the silver trophies my 5000th trophy milestone because it's one of my most favorite fictional characters ever's ending. Besides all that I'm willing to replay, eventually, any old games I really liked that got remasters or releases with trophies. Some being Final Fantasy VIII and IX, .hack//G.U. trilogy, Rogue Galaxy (already started), No More Heroes (that PS3 copy is stupid expensive), and Persona 3 if it ever happens,.