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  1. Marvel's Spider-Man
  2. Looks like you don't even need online which is always a benefit. Will probably pick it up when it's cheaper though.
  3. Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends
  4. A Hat in Time, my understanding is that only PC has the DLC right now and I want to play the DLC but I also want the platinum but I don't want to buy the game twice.
  5. I still need Hotline Miami 2, Crossing Souls, and Titan Souls. Someone has to stop me (maybe) from buying them though
  6. DmC Devil May Cry Definitive Edition Wanna platinum after I do 5 so I can say I platinumed the whole franchise but I'm not looking forward to playing it.
  7. Years I heard how difficult the DMC games were but never played them. Finally, when 5 was announced I said heck with it I wanna play them, I didn't care about getting the platinum. Now I'm sitting here pretty with 1-4 platinumed and 5 looming over my head. I'll play it #eventually but I need a break cause I just got 4 last week. Furi is another one. I didn't find the game until it was getting released for Switch but I knew I wanted to play it. Got it and told myself, "Hey, don't worry about the trophies just enjoy." I wound up enjoying it a lot and wanted to try the hardest difficulty. Then I wound up with the platinum. El Shaddai for the final one. I first played it knowing the genre wasn't for me at the time. I must've died 500+ times through the whole game. I don't remember what struck me to buy it but I did. I finished the campaign on normal mode and shelved it. Like a year later when I played Furi and found out wait a moment I enjoy this genre I went back and had a much easier time and got the platinum. As for games where I don't has the platinums. Jotun comes to mind, though I might be able to now that I'm better at the genre. Super Cloudbuilt, I thought I'd have fun with it but I wasn't and only got 1 trophy so far. Vanquish, I actually played until the fourth chapter first, said this game isn't for me, and shelved it. About two years later I hated it having only about 5% so I did as much as I could. Can't do ghost challenges but I did everything else.
  8. Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate
  9. Was really hoping there would be but I kinda knew there wasn't gonna be one because the first game didn't either.
  10. I've been wanting to try them since I heard they are similar to Paper Mario gameplay wise. Joke's on me, I own a Wii U (never want to touch it again though). The cast should only stay on for about 2 or 3 weeks doctor said since nothing really major happened. What doofus trips on the sidewalk anyways? Can anyone else confirm if Path of Exile can be played with ease one handed?
  11. I just got my right/dominate arm in a cast and it's making a noticeable effect on most games. Right now I just have Darkest Dungeon and a few visual novels I can play where it wouldn't matter. Anymore suggestions? I have PS3, 4, and Vita and hell if you wanna suggest a Nintendo game or something from PS1 or 2 go ahead as well.