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  1. The only reason I learned about this game is the fact the second stack just synced so it's definitely not known well even among the indie fans. There's also zero guides from what I could tell with a quick Google search. Oh well, I'll leave it on the back burner until a sale for it rolls along and then consider based on its state then.
  2. Are the trophies broken or is it just a long grind and/or bad game? It looks like the type of game I'd enjoy but I'm wary about it due to low trophy earned percentage and only 17 owners.
  3. Oh no! The soccer moms are judging us again! Everyone, to the underground bunkers where they can't hurt us!
  4. The initial reveal trailer from 2019 stated it was going to be on PS4 and XBox One. Sony could've bought the IP or it may be a timed exclusive. I highly doubt it's still going to be on PS4 though.
  5. Easy platinums I have loads like JRPGs which are just grinds, VNs, and smaller but fun indie games. "Dirty" I have around 10-20 but I only play the ones I find interesting and typically only buy them on sale. I still play the harder games and haven't stacked any games yet but I've been thinking about it for some trophy milestones.
  6. The PS3 version for both regions has dlc + trophies but they have been delisted. The PS4 version has the DLC on the disc.
  7. Might get it on sale so I can use one of the pun trophies as a milestone. I would probably pick Peak Purrformance for it.
  8. Just might buy it for Wolverine. He's about the only superhero I like.
  9. Elder Scrolls 6: Skyrim 2
  10. They missed the opportunity to name it BJ the ball so we could all make very funny sex jokes.
  11. If it has over 100 upgrades then like true roguelike fashion there'll be numerous combinations out there that will make any task piss easy. The only thing to do is find them.
  12. I'm so confused. If you're monitor doesn't produce sound and you don't want it to produce sound then what's the problem? Your monitor might also have a headphone jack input but I doubt many office jobs would appreciate their employees wearing headphones or even gaming.
  13. You have to play on normal or higher because the game will lock you into a bronze rank on easy. Alternatively, you're just really slow.
  14. I've never played a GTA game before besides 15 on one of them BSing around at a friend's place. If the collection is true I might pick it up at bargain bin price for three platinums. I've been slowly trying new games outside of my comfort zone.
  15. Are you going for anything not on the trophy list? I'll be trying to master every pin, 100% the Noisepedia, and see how many bosses I can beat at level 1 as well. I just beat the game today so I might take a break because the past 4 days I've locked myself away just playing this. Thanks for the guide btw.