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  1. Rhythm games are supposed to be made for their replayability but with so few songs and how easy the games are I can't imagine many people playing these for long. Though, there certainly are people who have gotten at least 50 hours from each game I'm betting. Also, I'm sure no one is primarily playing a rhythm game for it's plot.
  2. I solved this by first playing games from genres I never thought I'd try and then just playing games without trophies. It's been over a year and I haven't felt better about gaming since I've stopped caring about trophies as much. I only recently got back into trophy hunting and it's been a blast so far.
  3. I'll just guess my favorite anime which is Black★Rock Shooter.
  4. I literally can't wait except I am waiting for a sale because I can't afford $75 right now. I even have VII, VIII, and IX lined up afterwards. Already plated the PS2 and 3 ones besides LR. I might do some side games after IX if I'm not at Final Fantasied out.
  5. This is what I'm assuming to be true. I got Terra's Strength and Riona's Spirit to 999 with collectacadrs yet those specific stat feats didn't pop. They were both already star level 9 and out of the party at the time so I thought maybe it was because they weren't in my active party the feats didn't pop. I grinded until Terra got 999 luck with collectacards but that didn't pop as well even with her in my active party. Then I just used items to get her Spirit and Agility to 999 and got both of those feat. Her stats were then maxed and I got the feat and trophy. I didn't try for max stats but this didn't work for my max Strength and Spirit feat. I tried three songs and exiting to main menu between each song as well.
  6. I'm going to be the odd one out and say I didn't like how Persona 5 looks and plays. It also wouldn't fit the theme that Persona 3 has and I hope it doesn't happen like this. I'm perfectly fine with the way Tartarus is and don't need anything flashy. Hopefully they also don't overload social links with a plethora of bonus skills that make the game brain-dead easy.
  7. If you own The Nonary Games then you don't need the Vita game because that's Virtue's Last Reward which is in The Nonary Games.
  8. It's the third installment of the Zero Escape trilogy and I'm assuming you haven't played 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors and Virtue's Last Reward (both are VNs). It also isn't a visual novel but more a movie that's interrupted by escape the room puzzles and decision making. Finally, the vast majority of Zero Escape fans, myself included, are in agreement that Zero Time Dilemma is a bad game. Even if you aren't into VNs I'd recommend the first two games because they're great. They're in a bundle titled The Nonary Games.
  9. I watched Naruto in middle school because all my friends were watching it. I didn't actually enjoy it but pretended to to fit in. I didn't even get very far into it, barely into the chunin exam finals. The first anime I actually watched willingly was Black☆Rock Shooter which remains as my favorite anime. For manga I'm pretty sure it was Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles followed by xxxHolic. I haven't read manga in about 7 years though. I found Black☆Rock Shooter through it's manga as well.
  10. I see that you've gotten the Platinum but for anyone else wondering you have to start a match and play a few rounds before the trophies pop.
  11. I don't even recall playing this game, doing this DLC, or even writing this post but apparently I did.
  12. The Wii, DS, and PS2 were littered with shovelware yet had very few (I believe) instances of repetition, whether it's assets or mechanics. I'm no expert on shovelware so don't ask me but as stated before it's pretty blatant when seen.
  13. I'm sure you did enjoy playing those 20 second games 5 times each.
  14. Not talking about the quality of the game here since I haven't played it and never will. Like, duh? Video games have become more mainstream and accepted instead of "just for nerds" like in the past. More people have been born and they've all grown up with technology and have jobs and money and can buy things themselves. Of course it makes sense that a higher quantity is selling since there's more consumers now. This is just inevitable for AAA developers with each new release. These articles always confound me is what I'm saying.
  15. Read what and where? Do you mean flop commercially or is this opinionated? Are we ignoring the PS3 launch? Maybe if Sony stopped releasing all their PS5 games on PS4 as well it would convince some people to get a PS5. As well, releasing it during a global pandemic where people were losing their jobs and wasn't a smart move. I don't know if it's still happening but there was a chip shortage as well. Personally, I don't have a PS5 yet because there's no must have games on it yet for me.