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  1. Automata did release prior to Sony beginning their stricter censorship. As well, there's always the hypothesis that Sony is less strict with censorship on AAA developers. It's also to be stated that, despite being an android, 2B is definitely an adult character since the censorship seems to mainly be targeting younger/younger looking characters.
  2. If I hit 1000 my depression goes away. My make believe friend told me so.
  3. Would that boss with infinite health be the boar? That's part of the boss and certainly not a glitch.
  4. It took so long to even get a Japanese release, much less bring it west, that I essentially stopped caring about the game. I may play 2 but I've heard nothing but horrible things about New Genesis.
  5. Rain is the only one that comes to mind. Loved it so much I shelled out the money to buy the Japanese physical release to add to my collection.
  6. Utilizing all three save files may be able to help circumvent potential glitch trophies.
  7. It's most likely a problem with your PS3 or disc. This is the first I've ever heard of any such problems and everything worked perfectly on my old PS3 5+ years back. As well, you'll have to speedrun the game eventually so that can always pop the two missed story trophies.
  8. I played FES on PS2.
  9. You can likely just never update the game and keep it at the base amount requirements.
  10. So upset it's not FES. I don't like not being able to explore the school and other locations as well as it lacking The Answer which gives Aigis (the best character) more character development. I've also been told the game becomes extremely easy when you can control the characters instead of leaving it to the AI.
  11. This site doesn't update the front page games by when they're released but when the trophy lists uploads to the PSN servers I believe.
  12. I might get the platinum for Nickelodeon but I've no interest in the other two games.
  13. Pre-note: I have not played Hades yet. It seems that you only had comments on the settings but lacked any form of praise or criticism about other aspects of the game. What about the game play, characters, story, music, etc? Great games (and anything really) can thrive on small worlds and/or limited settings. Hades is based on the underworld of Greek mythology and it's already established how expansive that can be. There's also nothing wrong with the x/10 rating. It's merely for the average person they have a negative connotation for anything less than an 7 or 8/10 when that's an inaccurate assumption.
  14. On everything besides Stygian there's a post-game after beating the darkest dungeon. Stygian simply has a time limit is why it doesn't. I'd suggest doing Crimson Court after the third or fourth (the last one) successful darkest dungeon voyage. It has some good rewards that could help but the base game is perfectly manageable without. If you never start it then all of the additional nuisances it introduces won't take effect. As for the shieldbreaker it's a chance to have a fight against NPC monsters if she's in the party during camp. It's part of her character's story. It does eventually stop when you beat enough of the battles and you could grind the easier missions or wait to camp until near the end of the mission to do so.
  15. You can pick and choose which parts of the DLC to add. I'd go ahead and activate everything and just avoid the Crimson Court until late into your play through. The buildings are extremely beneficial but expensive. Be careful with the shieldbreaker because while she's very powerful if used well there's a chance for a fight during camp with her in the party.