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  1. Open pre-order for physical copy at both Special Reserve and Limited Run Games (both also have a Switch version). As for the game itself I'm just not interested. I'm just tired out by all these indie 2D platformers. It's been one of my least favorite genres since the Mario days. I'll try Celeste, Hollow Knight, Bloodstained, Salt & Sanctuary, Shovel Knight, and Bomb Chicken eventually but that's about it. Haven't even played a Metroid or Castlevania game. Will get the SotN/RoB collection eventually but I have no interest in 2D Metroid. That being said, I've tried Typoman, Unraveled, Dokuro, and Trine 1 + 2 and didn't really like any of them. I bought Momodora for some reason but who knows if I'll ever play it. I don't know if we count stuff as Muramasa, Odin Sphere, or iCEY as 2D platformers since it's mainly hack-n-slash with barely any platforming. There's a couple others I can't recall that I own/will own and will want to play but they aren't a top priority. Back to The Messenger... a time traveling ninja games looks appealing but I just don't care like I said previously.
  2. Furi and Devil May Cry 1. I used to just be all about JRPGs, turn-based or not. I saw Furi and liked the artstyle and the samples of music I heard so I got the physical edition that Limited Run did. Finally wound up playing it about a year ago and was thinking I was gonna do just the "normal" Furi difficulty. I had such a blast and was doing really well despite the only other hack-n-slash I tried before was Bayonetta and El Shaddai and I wasn't having fun nor was I good at them. As well, played NieR: Automata but only for the story and Yoko Taro, the gameplay was easy and casual friendly on normal difficulty but it's still my 3rd most favorite game ever. I decided I to try the Furier difficulty just to see how far I could get and I surprised myself when I got the platinum. Around the time DMC5 got announced and I wanted something to reenact the fun and rush of plating Furi gave me so I got the DMC HD collection. Playing through DMC 1 on hard and DMD was what brought back the feeling Furi gave. I wound up plating DMC 1-3, just started 4 this Monday, and can't wait to play 5. Went back and platinumed El Shaddai as well and even bought Bloodborne (never thought I'd play a Soulsborne game) and platinumed it as well. Have Metal Gear Rising, Hyper Light Drifter, and the Dark Souls trilogy in my backlog waiting to be attempted (started Hyper Light Drifter but I put it on the back burner due to I dunno). Honestly never thought I'd get into action games and believed I'd be a JRPG baby forever and am surprised at myself at how much I've accomplished with zero background in the genre. I've also started preferring Action-JRPGs to turn-based ones and will one day I'll go back and replay NieR: Automata on hard.
  3. Not at all because some games just have a low trophy percentage because it's a bad game, niche game, or it was free with PS+ at some point. The high percentage just tells me it's usually quick and/or easy but not necessarily bad or bland, I.E. iCEY or Donut County.
  4. I believe you're talking about this one? It's Japanese only unfortunately. I haven't a clue why the multi-language is Switch only, getting tired of it to be honest. I own a Switch but still prefer everything I can get be on PS4 for the trophies. Everyone just wants to orgasm over the Switch though. Oh well, I'll buy this digitally for the trophies then just buy the Wii version physically to say I still own the game physically.
  5. In exact order (yes there's a trilogy but it's one whole story and don't want 3 games taking the top spots). #1. Xenosaga trilogy #2. Final Fantasy VI #3. NieR: Automata #4. Xenoblade Chronicles #5. Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon #6. Final Fantasy VIII #7. Phantasy Star Online: Episode I & II #8. Final Fantasy X-2 #9. NieR #10. Project X Zone 2 edit: No one reads OP just the title but heck VI, VIII, and X-2 are different enough. Here, have a pastebin with my top 72 games instead.
  6. Pretty much every game I play I try to get some enjoyment out of. I do look up trophy guides beforehand in case of anything missable. There are some games that stopped being fun before the platinum that I forced myself (Root Letter, Devil May Cry 2, Earth's Dawn) or am still in the process of forcing myself (Asura's Wrath, Ni no Kuni II) to do anyways, wish I could stop. The last 2 games I'd rate my overall enjoyment with as an 8/10+ would be 428: Shibuya Scramble and Devil May Cry 1. Recently did Devil May Cry 3, Rez Infinite, Bastion, Aragami, and The Witness which were all about 6-7/10. Doing Dragon Quest XI (4-5) and God Eater 2 (6-7) right now, both are getting better the more I play. About to start Devil May Cry 4 tomorrow in hopes I can platinum it in a month or two. Cannot wait to start Devil May Cry 5.
  7. Final Fantasy XIII at 4 years, 9 months. I originally played it on a different PS3 that I never bothered to connect to the internet then when I got a new PS3 when Lightning Returns released I heard having saves of XIII and 2 have bonus outfits I just made a save at the beginning of the game. Later in life when I started trying hunting I actually finished the platinum. XIII-2 will probably be my longest platinum when I get it.
  8. It was fine for a few hours but you're limited to 2 weapon types at the beginning. Eventually you'll unlock 2 or 3 more. They all have a big issue that they have a limited set of attacks. That combined with the only about 10 different kinds of enemies to fight was boring. As well, about a third of the game was simply running to the next destination. The platinum sucks because it adds on about 10-20 hours of grinding. Give it a go if your don't care about the platinum and save yourself some time and skip the story, it's basic aliens invade Earth and humans must defend it story. The lack of animations and music for half the game is another gripe from me.
  9. Got Fe, been interested in it ever since I saw it on a a Nintendo direct. Looks to be an easy platinum.
  10. Earth's Dawn, was convinced to try it since I got into 2D hack and slash games but it was bad and I try to have as many games incomplete as possible.
  11. Well at least it's good to hear that it's still coming. Love Vanilla's games.
  12. Oh cool, do you know if it'll be released outside Japan or if it'll have English subs?
  13. Wonder what it means by prologues? I know there's a lot more characters than past Vanilla games. Will they all have a full story or just a prologue each? Vanilla hasn't said much about this game besides, "We're still making it don't worry."
  14. When editing the card deck each different version of the Keyblade cards will have their own individual stats displayed, can't recall what they were off the top of my head. As well, reading the descriptions of the cards will tell you some too.
  15. Cool, wanted The Witness but $40 is just too much for me for something that's digital only.