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  1. First playthrough I listen to the game audio. Second or more I usually listen to something else.
  2. Rarity percentages says it's Furi but it felt like Muramasa or Devil May Cry 1 was harder. If I ever get around to it Yakuza Kiwami will probably take that spot.
  3. They need to stop making movies based off games. It just shows how creatively bankrupt or unwilling to risk trying new things the movie producers are.
  4. Just got holiday pay for Memorial Day so I'm definitely buying it day it.
  5. Can I download this now but start the free 30 days later? I've been contemplating playing XIV and this is a good incentive but I don't have the want to play it right now due to playing two other games that have my attention way more.
  6. Dark Cloud 2, so fun I got the platinum twice back on PS2.
  7. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
  8. Gonna have to agree, though my perspective is from the base game and not Royal. I played Persona 5 on hard and it is one of the easiest JRPGs I've ever played, and I've played well over 50. Baton Pass makes 80% of mobs a cakewalk if you have proper personas built, and I'm playing on hard so of course I do. Every single confidant giving a bonus made preparations and surviving easier, and some even made leveling confidants easier too. Bosses were more of a puzzle to solve rather than a test of might and skill. It's been forever since I played and I didn't enjoy it at all so I don't remember much but I remember having way more issues. The only other JRPGs I can think of off the top of my head that are easier are Ar Tonelico 1, Persona 4 (played PS2 on hard), and Blue Reflection (being the easiest one ever even on the hardest difficulty)
  9. Don't even have the games yet but wanted to play them eventually. About how long into both games do you need to be to be able access the online stuff?
  10. Lollipop Chainsaw
  11. Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth
  12. .hack//Versus, I'm sure it'll be hell to get the online trophies for it (if the online is even still operational).
  13. Got Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and IX, I am Setsuna, The Last Remnant, Okami, and Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life. Contemplating getting Tokyo Dark and one of the Earth Defense Force games. Anyone know anything about EDF and if the game (and platinum) can be done solo?
  14. Maybe have multiple thresholds of ratings: -less than 30% trophies earned -between 31-70% -71%-99% -100%