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  1. Does no one in the industry remember NieR: Automata? The original NieR Gestalt and Replicant didn't do well commercially or with the critics and the follow up, Drakengard 3, did just as poorly. However, despite that Square Enix still let NieR: Automata be made many years later and it became a massive success according to Square. Now Replicant is getting a remake releasing soon that's likely going to be successful too.
  2. How would I know I want a sequel until I've played the game? If I'm uncertain I'd like the game why would I buy it at launch for full price? It just screams that someone is blaming the consumers when their product wasn't as successful as they wanted it to be.
  3. I believe they were only bundled with day one physical copies of 2 which appears to be around $70 now. Someone correct me if I'm wrong though.
  4. Wouldn't that be Nathan Drake, Kratos, or The Last of Us character I forgot the name of?
  5. I can't believe more people haven't recommended Furi it is literally the most perfect example of what you want.
  6. 1. Xenosaga trilogy, favorite games of all time (yes that's three game but it's a story driven trilogy so I count it as one). 2. Final Fantasy X-2, 9th favorite 3. Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga I, 16th favorite 4. Drakengard, 18th favorite 5. Final Fantasy XII, 20th favorite I love the PS2 era and am still collecting and playing PS2 games. I've got some rarities too like all 7 .hack games with the anime discs, Suikoden III, IV, and V, all three Fatal Frames, and Chulip. Yeah, I'm missing all $300+ horror games like Rule of Rose, Haunting Ground, or Clock Tower 3 but I'll get there one day.
  7. The only thing that current Sony has done that really irks me is what they're doing with Japan Studios. They've made some really phenomenal, unique games and it sucks Sony is letting all that talent go to waste. I understand people's complaints about the PS3 and Vita store but we all knew it was bound to happen. I usually buy my games used or get the collector's edition if I need it day one so the $10 increase doesn't bother me. Everything else mentioned I don't care about. I have no plan on getting a PS5 until Yoko Taro releases something for it.
  8. If you can do 3 you can do 1. Neither require S ranking DMD or any difficulty fully. If you want to super cheese 1 just through the game on the easier difficulties and recollect all the usable items. Rank doesn't matter so just spam away. 4 isn't too bad and I feel anyone with the patience and knows how to manipulate the camera can easily get the S ranks with Lady and Trish on DMD, LDK, and the easier difficulties. The two ladies can also easily get the SSS ranks on all the bosses besides Dante. Bloody Palace is cheesed with Dante, Nero, and Vergil with their super costumes so you'll only have to do it legitimately with Lady and Trish. However, if you did all your S ranks with them you'll had the practice to do it. HaH doesn't require a full S rank play through so you're more than welcomed to continue as much as you like. 5 is actually a decent challenge but imo one of the easier DMC games despite needing to S rank DMD and HaH. 5 gives you so many tools to be absolutely broken that even a moderately skilled player can pull off with ease. 2/3 of the missions being V or Dante, both being easy wins, really hits home how easy the game is. Additionally, while Nero doesn't have a broken, essentially insta-win tool his Devil Breakers are beyond broken if you use them right. Finally, patience is important (again) and definitely learn camera manipulation.
  9. Despite being ultra rare this platinum is actually really easy albeit tedious just because of having to clear score attack 30 times. The most difficult trophy, The Rezident, is made easy because it has two unlock conditions one being simply play the game for 10 hours. I rarely play rail-shooters and I got most of the 95% shot down rates on my first or second try. It's simply practice makes perfect. I'm astonished more people don't have the platinum.
  10. I've still yet to play the big two, Symphonia and Vesperia, but as of now Abyss is my favorite (and first) Tales game. I love JRPGs and the one thing I've always felt lacking in most of them is the cast besides the definitive main hero/heroine felt lacking. Like in Final Fantasy IX for example Freya, Eiko, Garnet, and Steiner only really have one arc then their story significance becomes almost nonexistent. Zidane and Vivi are the only real ones that stay relevant through the whole story. And god forbid Quina or Amarant have any sort of arc. However, in all the Tales games I've played so far every playable character has stayed relevant throughout the whole story and they all feel fleshed out. The Abyss cast has been my favorite so far but that might just be first game bias.
  11. Lost Dimension has a physical release and is also on the PS3 if you have that option.
  12. Most of Atlus's games are heavily inspired by different religions, though Persona 4 and 5 are kinda lax on that. Nocturne is soon to be released in the West on the Switch and PS4. The Castlevania games are heavily influenced by Christianity and there's two collections (maybe more) on the PSN. A lot of Japanese games have had the "church is the bad guy" trope whether it's an actual religion or a fictional one. I couldn't tell you if any of them are on the PSN though.
  13. I'm intentionally ignoring all the piss easy, quick, and cheap platinums I may have (there's not a lot but there's more than 3). 1. The Devil May Cry series - Way back in my early days of gaming I didn't enjoy action games at all. I even saw DMC and said I'd never touch them because they looked uninteresting. Fast-forward to when I found Furi I decided to just play that game because it looked neat. I surprised myself and beat it without much issue and decided I'd try the hardest difficulty until I started having trouble just for kicks. Surprised myself even more and was actually able to beat it and have an average score. I practiced for a bit and was actually able to S rank the hardest difficulty and get the platinum for Furi. There I knew I needed more action games to play because Furi was a thrill (and I had a new kickass platinum to boast about). At the time DMC 5 was just announced so I played all of them and got the platinum for each (besides the reboot). I'm happy I did that because they were enjoyable and DMC 1 is actually in my top 100 favorite games list as well as Furi. Surprised y'all with good games I enjoyed right? Well now for ones I didn't enjoy. 2. Gravity Rush 2 - I stopped having fun with the game 5 minutes into it. It felt absolutely no different from the first game which I got bored of before getting the platinum as well just not as fast. The site says for the first game I took about a week and a day to finish. However, the second game is about 8 months and 3 weeks of constantly dropping it and picking it back up. Near the end during the story segments I was even falling asleep though I was probably tired from work too. 3. Exist Archive - What a fucking horrendous grind heavy platinum. I only did it because it had a cross-save vita release as well so I could do it at work. I found a vita copy for cheap that I later sold to a friend. That was a fucking mistake. The vita version would crash about every 2 hours. That's not too bad you think though just save and close the game so the timer resets, right? Wrong! Some of the post game dungeons could take you over 2 hours to do if you're uncareful and one of the trophies required 100% exploration of every dungeon. There was also no way to save progress within the dungeon. Combined that with how grind heavy all the trophies were, the lackluster story and game play, and the fact three play throuhgs minimum are required it was awful and I don't recommend this game for anyone, at least not on Vita. It does have ultra rare trophies if you want to bolster that stat and used physical copies are likely going for cheaper than $10. Special shout outs to the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts series. I enjoyed them but I likely wouldn't have replayed (or plan to replay) most of them if they didn't have trophies. Would've likely just done FFX and X-2 for the international additions and KH2 for the final mix super bosses.
  14. I'm interested what they'll do with the story and setting and what the full party is going to look like. I'm likely going to wait for the price to drop before buying it though. I still have over half of the older Tales games to play and other games too. I'm not expecting it to top Abyss (remaster with trophies please) or Berseria as my favorite though. I'm contemplating whether I should play Vesperia or Xillia 2 next after I finish with Zestiria.
  15. Just Metal Gear Rising's DLC for me I believe.