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  1. I was doing a mission unrelated to hunting any of the war chiefs and four or five of them showed up, each wasting my time with their pre-fight banter. I had to flee the mission and start over. That's just poor game design right there. At least let me disable the banter because it's exhausting having to come to a compete hault, sometimes multiple times, during a fight just so some dude can pretend to be threatening. The combat isn't engaging as well, but I'm still at the early stages of the game. It's super simple and easy to the point I just run into herds of enemies knowing it's going to be effortless.
  2. I haven't trusted Square Enix in a long time. I've only enjoyed one game this generation from them and it's Automata (and Square essentially let Taro do his thing without intervening). This, NieR Replicant remake, and potentially FF XVI might make me change my opinion on the company. I'm hesitant to get excited for anything by this company anymore. However, I am excited to get more of the soundtrack since it seemed similar to the first game's. I'll probably inevitably pre-order since I love the first one so much. Glad to see they went with a new main cast which is what I wanted for a sequel. Neku and co's story is complete and I'd hate to seem them in another Reaper's Game.
  3. Update: Finished: -rain Currently working on: -No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise (20%) -Tales of Graces f (14%) Bought: -Alice: Madness Returns -Lollipop Chainsaw -Midway Arcade Origins Will start Lollipop Chainsaw after I'm done with No More Heroes and then finally play Travis Strikes Again (though that's on PS4). Will eventually start Midway Arcade Origins whenever I want a few trophies popped here and there. Tales of Graces f is still a long ways off, being a lengthy JRPG needing at least two playthroughs for normal people. Might start another indie, digital only, no platinum game but I'm not sure which one. I've got Braid, Fancy Pants Adventures, and these two I forgot the name of.
  4. I did Katamari Forever, this one should be a cake. I'm assuming old PS2 guides would work for the locations of objects and gifts. Does anyone know if the original soundtrack is still present or if it's redone? OG is one of the best soundtracks in existence.
  5. Is it anything like Theatrhythm? I have almost 600 hours in that one and the chibi versions of Sora, Donald, and Goofy I saw in the trailer is exactly like Theatrhythm. I haven't played III yet so I haven't looked at much for this game.
  6. 3 pointer, nothing but net, winning goal, half a second left on the buzzer.
  7. I only own Nioh 1 and none of the DLC and I bought it for like $15. I might just wait and get the complete collection on PS5 if it gets a physical release. Don't plan on getting a PS5 for a year or two, maybe, so if a physical version is released it'll be cheaper too. If not then Nioh 2 is $10 this Black Friday so that's a steal.
  8. Update for me: Completed: -うみねこのなく頃に ~魔女と推理の輪舞曲~ -うみねこのなく頃に ~真実と幻想の夜想曲~ -Ratchet Deadlocked Started: -Tales of Graces f (10%) Will start soon: -Zone of the Enders 2 (9%) -No More Heroes: Hero's Paradise Already played No More Heroes on Wii so I already know all the bosses and what to expect. Almost done with Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon on PS4 which has been a big grind and taking my attention. Once done I'll start more focusing on my PS3 except for Dragon's Dogma or Shadow of Mordor every once and awhile. Also, I started reading Higurashi on the computer so no trophies and all my time is being used for that. I'll probably just buy the Japanese Vita version and auto pop all the trophies like I did with Umineko when I finish reading.
  9. I haven't been paying much attention to the game. When it says jobs is that similar to the Final Fantasy job system? If so I'd definitely play it much sooner.
  10. So if there's any DLC trophies for PS4 it's likely just going to be the two with Vergil, Legendary Dark Knight, and maybe one for Bloody Palace with Vergil.
  11. I'm assuming most retailers are extending their black Friday online sales due to covid to discourage a big crowd on the actual day. I can only hope it's not as rambunctious as usual.
  12. It's weird how the article mentions Rez Infinite among the the multiplayer games and the long RPG as something that would have lots of hours.
  13. I'm assuming everything besides the difficulty ones can be done on easy so with a little practice anyone should be able to do majority of the list. Hopefully the difficulty ones stack.
  14. There's 10 bosses and while I don't remember every single one I do recall that all the ones from the memory dungeons, besides OMG, are there. Everywhere I looked online had said those are only found in the memory dungeons which I now know is not true. I had already grinded Keeper's Memories for Galgluz (however you spell it) and all the easier ones beforehand. Just letting anyone else know so they don't waste as much time grinding those awful memory dungeons.
  15. -NieR Replicant White Snow edition -XIII remastered steel book -So many games from Limited Run and similar sites but the three I want the most are Obra Dinn, Outer Wilds, and Clannad -Umineko collection from Japan, mainly got it for Golden Fantasia -Will end up preordering Bravely Default 2, No More Heroes 3, and the new Pokemon Snap when they get closer to release