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  1. I just want to wail mindlessly on AI for a bit with little to no online requirements. I already have 2/ 3 Under Night plats and Soul Calibur VI and am planning on getting Tekken 7. I'm just curious if there's anymore games I'm missing. Looking at the fighting game genre tag this site has is atrocious. Bayonetta and Vanquish are under that tag for heaven's sake. As well, searching Google for "easy 'fighting' game platinum trophies" only gave me lists of easy platinums ignoring the fighting game requirement. I'm okay with PS3 or Vita games as well.
  2. I'll buy Superhot next time it goes on sale.
  3. Practice makes perfect. Currently working through a casual (is there such a thing?) playthrough of Dante Must Die. Already have one S rank for V's first mission. Looking up video guides and advice on forums helps. And again, practice. Compared to 1, 3, and 4 I feel it's easier than all 3 to S rank but 1 and 3 didn't require that and 4 didn't require Hell and Hell. If you don't know about camera manipulation look that up because it's very helpful. Nero is supposed to be the toughest character to S rank with so don't get down if you can't because he's the beginning character.
  4. Oh goodness, that's a lot of potential games. Thanks for all the recommendations. For now I ordered Tekken 7 and will keep the others in mind when I finish that one.
  5. If you want it definitely wait for a sale. I can't give you 5 reasons but I'll give you some why I think it's a mediocre game. -It's an easy game. FromSoftware's games are known to have a difficulty that this game failed to replicate. It's a plethora of things from having partners to an extremely generous skill system. None of the enemy attack patterns are hard to memorize as well and they lack a variety after awhile. The level design is straightforward besides the cathedral for some so that challenge is removed as well. -The story was bland in my opinion. Nothing really special happens. Maybe you'll like it. It's not exactly a bad story I question the people who do like it. -Getting the platinum was awful. It's mandatory to playthrough the whole game 3 times, an extra 4th time if you don't catch the not so obvious alternate ending for the true ending (Look that up beforehand). As well, there's an extra 10+ hour grind that requires online and is the most boring and tedious thing ever. Not everyone cares about trophies though so it's understandable that some won't care about this.
  6. Looking at the physical versions announced for November it says the first game is included on the box art. I can't find any info if it's the same for the digital release. Never played either game so I'd obviously want to wait for the physical if it's exclusive to it.
  7. Literally just Bloodborne. Yakuza games (and I'm assuming Judgement too) are okay too but getting the platinum takes forever and gets tedious. LittleBigPlanet 3 and Tearaway: PS4 version are probably okay platformers if you haven't played the other games. All other PS4 exclusives can be skipped.
  8. I have many folders: Love, games I obviously love in order of how much I love them: -NieR: Automata -The House in Fata Morgana -God Eater Resurrection Not 100%, which are games I've started but don't have 100% trophy completion in, ordered randomly: -Devil May Cry 5 -I am Setsuna -Darkest Dungeon VR, obvious what this is, ordered randomly: -Zone of the Enders The 2nd Runner: Mars -Tetris Effect -Rez Infinite Platinum, games I have the platinum trophy for in order of how I got them, the latest ones first. It doesn't include the games in Love folder and some of the replayable VR games: -Light Tracer -Tokyo Chronos -Valkyria Chronicles 100%, the games that I have 100% trophies for but don't have a platinum, the latest ones first. Again, excludes the ones in Love and replayable VR games: -Risk of Rain -Hue -Another World Physical, the games I own physically but haven't started, ordered how likely I'll play them next: -.hack//G.U. Last Recode -Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy -Blasphemous Digital, same as physical but, well, digital instead: -Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes -Castlevania Requiem -Okage: Shadow King Shit, just where all the applications I'll never use sit plus one really bad game: -Live from PlayStation -Capture Gallery -Internet Browser
  9. I need more VR games but I'll wait to see. Never cared for anything Avengers related. Will probably only pick it up once it's cheap if I do.
  10. Erica looks like an easy platinum so I'll probably pick it up. Not interested in the two other games.
  11. Own both Curse of the Moon and Ritual of the Night physically but haven't played either. Heck, haven't even played a Castlevania game and I own the Symphonia of the Night/Rondo of Blood collection too. Maybe I'll play one of them soon (maybe).
  12. Hi everyone, I like II and XV is not just the worst mainline Final Fantasy but also one of the worst games ever made. In these 5 quick bullet points I'll explain how Square Enix killed one of my favorite franchises: 1. What the fuck do you mean hold O to attack? This isn't combat this is just a sit-back-and-relax-and-enjoy-these-flashy-animations simulation. Literally less player input than visual novels and at least those need to have a good story. B. Nice topic transition btw. The story is awful and having more NECESSARY material outside the game than NieR has OPTIONAL material outside is a sin and I'm definitely not buying the DLC for a game that's not fun to play. >Prompto. Having one of your main 4 characters being an annoying shithead that even your other characters complain about should be a sign you shouldn't have written him as an annoying shithead. Also stealing Terra's whole shtick with far less subtle foreshadowing (if any) and zero lasting impact was a bold move. A bad one too. 4. If you're going to have a vast open world at least fill it up with something. The grass is pretty though =). -I thought I had a fifth one but I guess I lied. Honestly forgot much about the game besides the basic plot. I guess it being forgettable is a flaw? Sure, let's put that. Overall, it's a bad game and you have bad taste. However, the NPCs can change clothes so it's basically an 11/10. Don't @ me.
  13. Still have the PS2 version sitting around waiting to be played. Now it never will be.
  14. I'm in this weird spot with Pokemon. Since XY I haven't been having any fun with the mainline games but most all the side games are enjoyable. Didn't even buy Sun and Moon and later games though. If they make another Mystery Dungeon with all Pokemon up to current gen I'll freak. Definitely will buy this day one if it gets a physical version.
  15. Nope, own more Nintendo platforms than Sony. Hell, I won't even think about getting the PS5 until Yoko Taro makes a new game. Didn't get PS4 until Automata.
  16. I only care cause this might bring light to another Theaterhythm. Have at least 300 hours on Curtain Call.
  17. I just hope Atlus ports over more of their library, mainly their PS2 games. I keep telling everyone I know they have to play them but it's always the same thing: "I don't have a PS2 and don't want to play old games."
  18. -My family had an SNES before I even got into elementary, no clue what happened to it. It just wasn't there one day. Only had Sim City, Tetris, and some bubble pooping game on it though. -My dad bought us an N64 around when I was 5. We kept it so long but one day around when I was 18 one of my older brothers "lost it". -Family got a GameCube and PS2 around their launch, I don't rememberwhat happened to either. -Got a Wii, three times, my stepfather broke the first two because he was angry about something. -Had a DS lite that he broke as well -Eventually got a PS3 around the time Final Fantasy XIII had released. The disc drive stopped working when I was about 22. -Got a PSP a bit after Birth by Sleep released that broke eventually. -Was gifted a 3DS around the time of graduating high school. -After getting a job and working for 7 years I've bought myself a new PS2, PS3, and PSP kept the third Wii, bought a new 3DSXL, Wii U, PS4 Pro, Vita, and a friend gifted me his 360. Edit: and I bought a Switch too.
  19. Metal Gear Solid V
  20. I'd rather Insomniac go back to Ratchet and Clank. The first one didn't impress me at all and I had little fun with it. Edit: lol, I'm tired from work and didn't even realize a new Ratchet is being made.
  21. Finally bought myself VR and this came bundled with it. Never enjoyed shooters before but I have not much else to do with the game. No friends want it, I doubt it'd sell for much, and throwing it away would feel like a waste.
  22. Only for exclusives, which right now with Xenoblade and Animal Crossing is all the time.
  23. Holy shit I can't believe it. I will buy it day one.
  24. Vanquish at 91% because I suck at the game and can't do the challenges.
  25. First playthrough I listen to the game audio. Second or more I usually listen to something else.