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  1. White Knight Chronicles II since the servers are down forever now.
  2. Ratchet: Deadlocked
  3. Haven't played Dark Souls 3 yet, but yes Bloodborne is easier. Most of the base game bosses in Bloodborne is stupid easy even by yourself. The only one that gave me issue was in the chalice dungeon where you have half health and that's literally the only reason why he was hard. Forget about everything Dark Souls taught you besides patience and pattern learning. Just make sure to get the three umbilical cords and you'll be golden because nothing else is missable unless you just drop things willy-nilly. And looking at the trophy guides Dark Souls 3 has collect all the rings which is 3 playthroughs while all weapons and tools is much easier and only requires 1. If you back up your saves you can even do all 3 endings on your first NG.
  4. Thank you so much, though I need a break for a bit before attempting Stygian.
  5. Just beat the fourth quest in the Darkest Dungeon and didn't get any trophies for doing so. I triple checked everything. I'm on Darkest difficulty which it says on the main menu and under gameplay options it lists: Quest Warnings - on Embark Warnings - on Desk-Based Stage Coach - on Curio Tracker UI - on Darkest Dungeon Config - off Monsters Leave Corpses - on Combat Delay Penalties - on Mortality Debuffs - on Combat Retreats Can Fail - on Standard Enemy Crits - on Town Events - normal Never Again - permissive Now it looks like I must've switched Never Again at one point, I honestly don't recall, but that shouldn't have disqualified me for beating the game on Darkest difficulty. Can I stack these two trophies with Stygian or will I have to do another whole run on Darkest?
  6. Nightmare 3 in Devil May Cry 1 on Dante Must Die so I could get the trophy for Dante Must Die mode. Spent half a day just on him. Everything before and after in the series felt like a cakewalk in comparison (still haven't touched 5 yet).
  7. Mirror's Edge, couldn't even finish the campaign long ago and I believe it has online or multiplayer and I'd rather not deal with that.
  8. Looking it up there's a game on android called Mosaic: BlipBlop. The trophy icons look similar to the still images I saw. However, the [whatever you call the image] with the sad looking guy didn't seem too match. The Android game didn't seem to match the adventure genre though, more like an arcade game.
  9. Dodgeball, seances, and tax fraud.
  10. Never played a Sims game and it's an ultra rare platinum here even though the guide says it's easy and short so I'll download and platinum it. Never cared about Bioshock and the FPS genre in general but I might change my mind and I'll probably at least add it.
  11. Catherine PS3, played it long before Full Body was announced, got one bronze trophy, then stopped because ?. Never touched it again. Now that Full Body is released I want to play Catherine but I don't want to leave a 1% game, not play an updated version, and play Catherine twice.
  12. Ratchet and Clank PS4
  13. Vanquish, couldn't even do challenge 2 much less 6.
  14. I would do the backlog. Already spent money on them. For new releases you could even wait 6-12 months for the price to go down and that opens more time for the backlog.
  15. Ether One since that game is buggy as hell.
  16. Onimusha: Warlords
  17. Ni no Kuni II because fuck that DLC.
  18. Tales of Vesperia so I can just enjoy it when I eventually play.
  19. A Hat in Time so I can just get it and its DLC on PC.
  20. Metal Gear Solid 3 so I can just play it without worrying about trophies.
  21. -All of Furi and Titan Souls. -I have Devil Mari Cry 1-4 though the first 3 you just have to beat Dante Must Die not S rank it so I used items on the more frustrating parts. 4 I mainly played with Lady and Trish but still doing Bloody Palace with Trish was intense. -Rogue Legacy had some difficult trophies. Mainly the skull, eye, and brothers remix fight. After those the 15 lives one was easy. -Even though El Shaddai is an ultra rare platinum it didn't fell that hard.
  22. Divinity: Original Sin, need to get into CRPGs but I bought Pillars of Eternity first.
  23. Top 3 games: -Tales of Berseria, 119 hours -The House in Fata Morgana, 92 hours -God Eater 2: Rage Burst, 87 hours Top genre: Action Adventure, 32 games, 973 trophies, 885 hours 318 days played, 1757 hours, 11 hour longest streak 2122 trophies earned: -1142 bronze -625 silver -301 gold -54 platinum Absolutely happy Fata Morgana is in my top 3 and confused how action adventure is top genre.
  24. That definitely would be harder. Is it a full 360° degree rotation or just a few set angles?