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  1. I believe it's Furi for me. Took 5 days, 5 hours and would've probably been quicker if it wasn't for work. It currently sits at 1.53% here and 0.3% on PSN.
  2. Okami HD, already played on Wii and been on and off thinking of playing again for trophies. A few parts I really don't want to have to replay.
  3. You can cheese it with items but you can't buy an unlimited amount. Red orb farming is much longer than usual. If you go that route then it's best to look up a guide where all items and blue orbs are because you can stack as many as you want found laying around. Blue orbs are replaced by yellow orbs the next play throughs. There's no chapter select as well. You can always replay normal/hard (yeah, they weren't called Devil Hunter/Son of Sparda yet) for even more items. You can get through all 21 chapters in 2-3 hours once you learn the game. Even with items Dante Must Die is still no joke. Phantom 3, Angelo 3, and Mundus are the most run stoppers for people and it sucks because all 3 are at the end of the game. Ifrit is stupid overpowered and you need to master the weapon to beat DMD. Lightning Returns. Did everything in the game my first play through years back but barely touched NG+ and stopped playing because I stopped caring and didn't trophy hunt back then. Stuck at 91%. Don't want to replay the whole game again for that 9% missing and I'm only missing the equipment upgrading, only available in NG+, and getting an elixir.
  4. Mirror's Edge Nice DMC 5 and Sekiro but I want to earn those myself.
  5. I've been wanting to play (or read, lol) this game for the longest time. I've heard nothing but good things about it. So glad it has a platinum and Limited Run Games is doing a physical release this Friday. Can't give an opinion on it but I hear it's a must read for anyonewho enjoys visual novels, especially if you're looking for ones without the romance and sex in them.
  6. Valkyria Chronicles Heavenly Sword Eternal Sonata
  7. Wait you don't need Proud/Critical for DDD? I MIIIIIGHT just play it again... A lot of it was really tiresome on 3DS but I was also on Proud.
  8. X-blades, just to fill out my alphabet trophy list.
  9. LEGO City Undercover
  10. Well damn I need to get the remaster sooner rather than later then. Got tired of the PS3 version because of a lot of planning ahead was required but if I can just steamroll everything then sign me up.
  11. Vanquish, couldn't do it myself.
  12. Cosmic Star Heroine - not Japanese but it's the closest a game had gotten to properly reimagining Chrono Trigger in my opinion. I am Setsuna and Lost Sphear - both were apparently heavily influenced by old JRPGs, specifically Chrono Trigger, but they felt nothing like them. Both have flaws and you should wait on a sale. Still enjoyed them myself. .hack//G.U. Last Recode - You should watch .hack//Roots first so that stops a lot of people from wanting to play it. Also absurd amounts of RNG grinding that isn't even fun that must be done 3 times to get the platinum. Lost Dimension - only on PS3 and Vita. Unique game mechanics where you have to sacrifice a party member to keep advancing the game but there's also traitors in the group. The traitors are random each time you play so you can't use a guide or be spoiled really. Game play is like Valkyria Chronicles. Also... Valkyria Chronicles - only played part of the PS3 version that didn't have trophies. Not sure if the remaster on PS4 changes things but it has trophies. Dark Cloud and Dark Cloud 2 - PS2 games that are on PSN and have trophies. 1 will be about 50-70 hours unless you abuse the glitch. 2 is 100+ hours. Both are perfect games in my opinion. Part dungeon crawler + action RPG, part town building simulator. There's more PS2 JRPGs on the PSN but I haven't played any of them try. Wild Arms 3 is there and I played Wild Arms 1 and loved it. 1 was Western meets sci-fi fantasy. I own the whole series besides 5 + 3 again on PSN but told myself I'd play them in numerical order. I believe they're stand alone games though with just references and Easter eggs to the previous games.
  13. Oh and another thing is the fact any build is viable and even has special things for hybrid classes. My first playthrough I did daggers/chakrams and wore heavy armor and had a blast. Even did so on hard.
  14. Amalur was the only open world RPG I've had fun with and it's mainly because off the more active combat and toned down leveling system.
  15. Ni no Kuni 2 is awful in my opinion. Haven't played the other 2 but I'm sure they're better games and looking at trophy guides they're much longer.
  16. Taking a week vacation to play it. Originally was going to do it for AI: The Somnium Files but this would be a better use.
  17. Is the collection coming or just 3?
  18. Take what you will from "indie game inspired by classic game everyone loves" but I've been wanting a game like this on PS4 to be able to platinum it. Also available on Switch and PC. A demo is available on PC as well. Thoughts and feelings? Hoping it's good. Been aware of its existence for some time and glad they announced it's coming this year and on more than just PC. Will probably be around 10-15 hours to complete since it's indie though, not expecting a lengthy adventure like Thousand Year Door.
  19. Icey, an indie 2D hack and slash. Saying what it is would spoil the point but the whole game has a narrator that constantly breaks the 4th wall. And we'll get it eventually but The Stanley Parable does the same thing. Currently only on PC but it was announced coming to consoles with more content last year.
  20. I tried the Minstrel Song remake of 1 and didn't like it and one of the factors was the jarring character models and environment. With 2D sprites and environments I think I would be willing to give it another shot. Would probably be Romancing SaGa 2 though because it would be less money in case I truly don't like it. Didn't play enough to really experience the combat.
  21. Haven't done it myself but I'd assume increasing base attack and whichever type of the monster you're trying to do it against in the training center. As well, equip the strongest weapon for him and even better if it also has attack up skills or monster type up skills for your equips and make them better at the forge. Make sure to have bought all the grimoires that increase attack. There might be food that increases attack at the kitchen or a snack but I don't recall. Do the longer levels so your characters level up more and you get more fever time rewards so a chance to have even more bonus attack.
  22. Already played and beat the game on PS3, no platinum though. I have no interest in replaying unless they fix the awful AI and difficulty curve. Is it Level 5 doing the remaster or an outside company, and why this game and not Dark Cloud 1 or 2, Rogue Galaxy, or even White Knight Chronicles with online back.
  23. Metal Gear Rising only has DLC I'd have to buy to get 100%. That's only out of the question with the store closing though which I doubt will happen soon. Lollipop Chainsaw I don't own and has online score boards trophies. I'm planing to go on a massive PS3 game buy soon with most of them being around $15. LittleBig Planet 2 is what I should start working on, but I believe the first game's online it still operating even with a third game released so I'm in no rush. I believe that's all I have left to worry about since everything else is single player.
  24. I'm at the point I just don't care anymore. Take too long and I just lose all interest. Happened with Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts 3, now this. I'm not excited even for the inevitable PS4 release.
  25. The Lost Child, it's a niche JRPG dungeon crawler without the sex appeal so barely anyone played it. You have to clear a 100 floor dungeon with some puzzles that are absurdly complicated to solve and since it's super-niche there's almost no help online. Got stuck on floor 68 I believe for something that felt really obvious but it wouldn't unlock. That plus at the time two trophies were glitched and coudn't be obtained on non-Japanese versions of the game so I just gave up. Stuck at 69% so if you find that funny then haha, nice.