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  1. Dark Cloud 2, so fun I got the platinum twice back on PS2.
  2. Looks simple enough. Seems like just defeat all the bosses and level up while the miscellaneous gameplay ones will likely come along the way. The only one that looks missable is "From The Frying Pan Into the Fire: Reached the center of the world, the hard way."
  3. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
  4. Gonna have to agree, though my perspective is from the base game and not Royal. I played Persona 5 on hard and it is one of the easiest JRPGs I've ever played, and I've played well over 50. Baton Pass makes 80% of mobs a cakewalk if you have proper personas built, and I'm playing on hard so of course I do. Every single confidant giving a bonus made preparations and surviving easier, and some even made leveling confidants easier too. Bosses were more of a puzzle to solve rather than a test of might and skill. It's been forever since I played and I didn't enjoy it at all so I don't remember much but I remember having way more issues. The only other JRPGs I can think of off the top of my head that are easier are Ar Tonelico 1, Persona 4 (played PS2 on hard), and Blue Reflection (being the easiest one ever even on the hardest difficulty)
  5. Don't even have the games yet but wanted to play them eventually. About how long into both games do you need to be to be able access the online stuff?
  6. Lollipop Chainsaw
  7. Take what you will from "indie game inspired by classic game everyone loves" but I've been wanting a game like this on PS4 to be able to platinum it. Also available on Switch and PC. A demo is available on PC as well. Thoughts and feelings? Hoping it's good. Been aware of its existence for some time and glad they announced it's coming this year and on more than just PC. Will probably be around 10-15 hours to complete since it's indie though, not expecting a lengthy adventure like Thousand Year Door.
  8. Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth
  9. If you're like me you just kinda forgot about the game until every few months you remembered it existed and look to see the progress. Happy to see it's finally releasing and glancing over the trophies it just looks like a general collect everything list. Hope it stands up to how refreshing and enjoyable Katamari Damacy is to play. As well, for those physical collectors worry not. iam8bit is releasing 3 versions of the game physically and a two set vinyl: I'll probably get the sushi version.
  10. .hack//Versus, I'm sure it'll be hell to get the online trophies for it (if the online is even still operational).
  11. Got Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and IX, I am Setsuna, The Last Remnant, Okami, and Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life. Contemplating getting Tokyo Dark and one of the Earth Defense Force games. Anyone know anything about EDF and if the game (and platinum) can be done solo?
  12. Maybe have multiple thresholds of ratings: -less than 30% trophies earned -between 31-70% -71%-99% -100%
  13. Didn't even know this game existed, will probably get it on sale.
  14. Final Fantasy VIII
  15. I threw my copy of Uncharted 4 away because I didn't need such trash in my life, certainly won't be getting it on a silver platter a second time. Don't care for racing games either.
  16. Finally bought myself VR and this came bundled with it. Never enjoyed shooters before but I have not much else to do with the game. No friends want it, I doubt it'd sell for much, and throwing it away would feel like a waste.
  17. It got a physical release on Switch but I don't think that's a good indication at the moment.
  18. Unless there's avatars linked to online mode it looks like you only need to win 3 matches online.
  19. Good's kinda a bad word to use. Impressive sounds more like what most everyone is judging.
  20. Samurai Warriors 4
  21. Marvel vs Capcom 3
  22. The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince
  23. I don't believe this would work because looking at my top 50 rarest you have stuff from Exist Archive. That game wasn't hard just a tedious grind I could do at work with almost no skill involved. There's even more RPGs like that. I can think of Tales of Zestiria and Symphonia just off the top of my head that have UR trophies.