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  1. They say he will return to PSNProfiles in their darkest hour... when they need him most.
  2. Welcome! :] Your husband's friends? Is he not into gaming like you?
  3. Welcome! :] What is Kingdom Hearts?
  4. Welcome! :] What brings you to this site? I see you like some of its features to have become a Premium member already.
  5. hi

    Welcome! :] You have any pictures of this custom arcade machine? Did you make it yourself?
  6. Welcome! :] So what do you hope from joining the forums? Maybe find some gaming buddies?
  7. Welcome! :] All great games! Did you play Jak & Daxter when it originally came out or is this your first playthrough?
  8. Welcome! :] What games do you play? Feel free to add me if you play and Battlefield 3 or PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.
  9. Welcome! :] What seems to be the matter with your internet? Is it your provider?
  10. Welcome! :] I do remember you! Why did you make a new account?
  11. Welcome! :] Are you a fan of Catwoman or am I completely off the mark?
  12. Welcome! :] What is your opinion on white rice?
  13. Welcome! :] I'll be keeping the same name. I've already started over once! What games are you currently playing?
  14. Welcome! :] What's the story behind your avatar? It's a nice art style. Clean avatar.