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  1. Let's see if we can hit 1,000,000. Post a picture of your number.
  2. Post Edited by eburkulosis 9/15/2013 - All Headers to this date have been updated and posts deleted. Please Post Header Images for games that do not currently have any or games that you think could use better header images. 1. First and foremost, We really appreciate the header images. It really is a HUGE help to us. 2. Try to limit Header/TC Images to 2-3 per game. 3. Dont worry about the size of the image or cropping. We will manage that. 4. The more Hi-Res the Image is, the better. Once header and trophy card images have been implemented by staff, your post will be deleted so we can efficiently manage whats done and whats not done. Special thanks to Legend for almost single handedly undertaking this huge effort. Also special thanks to a few very involved contributors including BlindMango, Eternal21 and iFiend
  3. Hello there. I'm Azakos.
  4. Post any memorable moments that you've had on PSNProfiles!
  5. It sucks how little attention this game is getting. PlayStation finally has a brawler, and it's actually good! Honestly though, I am loving this game. I'd love a chance to partner up with some of you for some 2v2 online. I haven't gotten into a lot of the characters yet (although I've done all of their tutorials), but right now I am playing Radec. Yes, I make use of the sniper. So, who's your main character and why? If it's Kratos, gtfo. (Just kidding. Sorta. Well he's a pain in the ass!)
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  6. They say he will return to PSNProfiles in their darkest hour... when they need him most.
  7. Welcome! :] Your husband's friends? Is he not into gaming like you?
  8. Welcome! :] What is Kingdom Hearts?
  9. Welcome! :] What brings you to this site? I see you like some of its features to have become a Premium member already.
  10. hi

    Welcome! :] You have any pictures of this custom arcade machine? Did you make it yourself?
  11. Welcome! :] So what do you hope from joining the forums? Maybe find some gaming buddies?
  12. Welcome! :] All great games! Did you play Jak & Daxter when it originally came out or is this your first playthrough?
  13. Welcome! :] What games do you play? Feel free to add me if you play and Battlefield 3 or PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.
  14. Welcome! :] What seems to be the matter with your internet? Is it your provider?
  15. Welcome! :] I do remember you! Why did you make a new account?
  16. Welcome! :] Are you a fan of Catwoman or am I completely off the mark?
  17. Welcome! :] What is your opinion on white rice?
  18. Welcome! :] I'll be keeping the same name. I've already started over once! What games are you currently playing?
  19. Welcome! :] What's the story behind your avatar? It's a nice art style. Clean avatar.
  20. Welcome! :] I didn't touch the multiplayer at all on The Last of Us. I rented it from redbox and just played through the story. Maybe one day...
  21. Welcome! :] It's not too often you see a cheater start over with a clean slate rather than complain about how it was a one time thing and try to get unflagged as a dirty account. Respectable.
  22. Welcome! :] I recently played The Last of Us myself. Let me know what you think about the ending.
  23. Welcome! :] Seems like the community has already taken a liking to you. Fighting games might be one of the most difficult genres of games to master. Good on you!
  24. Welcome! :] Do you think there's a chance that you'd permanently move here?