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  1. Hotline Miami
  2. Watch Dogs 2 cuz i heard its a pretty easy plat
  3. Damn this is a game that I actually want to get early on instead of waiting a year or 2 for the price to go down since it looks so good. I hope they add some sort of Spec Ops mode like MW2 and 3 since those were pretty fun after completing the main campaign.
  4. For people trying to look at my trophy list, please just search up UnitatoPlayz because if you go to my trophy list from here it sends you to my old username

    1. TheYuriG


      You haven't been merged yet?

  5. GTA 5 Cuz fricc the online grind
  6. Dark Souls Remastered
  7. You should totally go for Uncharted 4 Also I'm just here because I don't know what game I should platinum next