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  1. “Warlords of NYC trophies look pretty easy. Run through story stuff, reach level 40, close a couple car doors.” ~ @Thermopyle2
  2. As this game was initially a PC game, scripting is part of the game and the devs are well aware of it. He’ll, there’s even a scripting channel on the official discord server. Furthermore, the devs are adding Modron Automation which will add a lot of the features that can be scripted to the game itself (no 3rd party controller or app required). It is scheduled to be added later this year after Multiple Adventure Mode is added. http://codenameentertainment.com/?page=idle_champions&post_id=979#blog
  3. @OrionsOdyssey cuz he founded the best trophy hunter server eva!!!
  4. Yes, pausing the game pauses the timer and you can skip some areas especially at beginningif you have a flying character
  5. If you’re staying unpatched so you can cheat that speed run level trophy, don’t. That level gives you plenty of time to finish it and you can pause the game and plan your move.
  6. Then this is just a scream for attention for certain people. Make it optional at least so users can have the option if they want ribbons, medals and other e-peen stroking flairs you guys think of.
  7. @BlindMango you haven’t answered yet if this is gonna be an optional (either opt in Or opt out) or if it’s gonna be forced into those that don’t want it.
  8. Dont get me wrong, I don’t care if my profile is affected or not, rarity or lack there of does not figure into the equation when I pick a game. You can check my profile and my cabinet to see what I think about rarity hunters. Ultimately its its up to what the vocal minority wants (100-200 active for members that will even read this thread or vote) and not the vast majority of users of the site. Id like nothing more than this feature be optional so I can have my profile ribbon free.
  9. Just because a game can be made ezpz by using a guide doesn’t mean that everyone getting that platinum got it that way. Hitman Go is perfect example. I played that game for hours on my phone and got all the routes down so when it came to PS I didn’t need a guide to do it relatively fast (not even close to top 50 anyway). Then there are games with MP trophies where majority of achievers get them by boosting which takes zero skill (some organization skill but not gaming) but that’s UR so get your ribbon boys!!! this system also punishes games that don’t have plats as there’s a large number of trophy hunters that avoid them due to no plats. Now no plats, no ribbon, really no reason to play. But I mean you can never have enough medals and ribbons, right?
  10. It was wrong to take you serious because you obviously don’t understand that just because you think it’s a bad trend it doesn’t make it so. There is nothing inherently wrong with easy trophy lists. There is nothing inherently wrong with people stacking ezpz plats. What is wrong is using an analogy of killing people for sexual preference to make a point about something as meaningless as trophy hunting is in the great scheme of things. The main leaderboard has a set of rules and people that climb to the top it attempt to climb to the top use whatever means necessary to get there with the exception of cheating as set forth by the site. Whether is boosting MP trophies, stacking lists, auto popping trophies, game sharing, using vita trick to play vita stacks out of region, etc. it’s all good. Everyone knows the rules and plays by them. Now if you want your own leaderboard that uses whatever arbitrary rules go ahead and set it up. Ain’t nobody stopping you. But please, stop using analogies about killing people when trying to make point about trophy hunting as a hobby. Use analogies about coin collecting, Bennie babies, baseball cards, MTG cards, playboy issues, or LoL dolls. Those are the things similar to trophy hunting.
  11. Please rewrite what you’re trying to say cuz I have no idea. Im saying big AAA won’t follow what a single developer (as in one person not a company) is doing. Rata is not a trend setter, no way, no how. He’s porting games that were flash/mobile to consoles. His trophy lists tend to be simple because he’s a one man show and wants to make sure they work. He’s aware that some of his lists are way too fast and trying to correct that in the future releases. People were here against lootboxes for different reasons But mainly due to gambling aspect and locking features behind paywall, neither of the two are happening with this developer. Hell, people should be happy that Ratalaika isn’t adding DLCs to his games to “prey” on those hopeless trophy hunters that just can’t say no to the addiction of ezpz trophies.
  12. The error that you and others are making is that you’re treating this as a zero sum game and that if one developer goes in one direction all other must follow. We’ve seen time and time again that population drives the demand of games and it’s not viable for a AAA game developer to go the route of Ratalaika. Even AAA games with relatively easy trophy lists aren’t 20-30 minute games. Also lootboxes can’t really be compare to ezpz games. Lootboxes fall under gambling in certain regions of the world and minors are not allowed to gamble.
  13. Buddy, the only reason I posted in this thread is because you had an analogy comparing not having an opinion about ezpz games as the same as not having an opinion whether or not people are killed based on their sexual orientation. Let me be clear, I don’t care what you play. You can play ezpz, you can grind MP games, you can play MP games on 4 consoles cuz nobody plays the game anymore, you can force skip VNs or you can only play games that are under 5% rarity. Whatever makes you happy, go do it. I don’t think any of those are wrong or right. Additionally I don’t view the gaming industry as a zero sum game. Just because one single developer is making ezpz trophy lists for ports from flash/phone games doesn’t mean that every developer will follow suit. Just like I don’t think because some very popular games over past 5 years have been multiplayer than singple player only games are dead. It doesnt take take away form your accomplishments if someone had more trophies than you. As long as you’re having fun, game on.
  14. Not having an opinion is not always tied to know being familiar with the subject. Sometimes you can reaearch the subject and just decide that you don’t care. Let’s take sports for example. I’m an LA Kings hockey fan. I watch almost all their games and absolutely hate their rivals. Now, when it comes to Boston Bruins or Washington Capital I don’t care about them. That’s doesnt mean I don’t know their records or their players or that Merchant likes to lick opponents or Chara is a Yeti on skates or that Ovechkin has the best slap shot in history of hockey. It just means that I don’t care how well or how bad they perform and it’s not outta ignorance. On top of that there are sports that I just don’t care about. Soccer (or football for anyone outside the USA) I don’t care about. I played it as a kid, I watched it with my family growing up, I even bet on the sport. But I don’t care about the result of any match or the success of any team or country. And it’s not due to ignorance because I wouldn’t bet on things I’m ignorant about. Opinions do not determine what is right and wrong. Facts do that. Anything that is subjective cannot be inherently right and wrong. We as society assign those values to those opinions and sometimes codify them into law. If opinions establish what is right right or wrong then autism is caused by vaccines because there are quite a lot of people that believe that. Lucky enough we have facts that dispute that opinion yet there are still people that hold that incorrect opinion. Lets use spiderman exampme some more. What if I buy spiderman just for the platinum because I know it’s easy but I won’t get the hate from “super cereal trophy hunters” because it’s a AAA title and takes a few extra hours? What if I really wanna play spiderman because it’s a great game but the rarity of 45-50 is just too high so then I buy it and play it on an alt so I don’t have games with trash rarity on my profile. Is that ok? Is it wrong to pay for the game but not play it on your main account? what about boosting? Is it ok to make a situational trophy ezpz by setting a scenario where you can’t help but trigger the trophy? What about. Using turbo controllers or controllers like Chronus where you can program the sequence to make some trophies easier to get. There are many issues that we can all have different opinions when it comes to trophy hunting and none of them are inherently right or wrong. We have decided as a community that obtaining trophies by cheating as described on the site rules is not allowed. I don’t agree with ONE of the rules but I obey them because I want to maintain my presence in the LB. such is life and my opion is shared by others but nothing will change that rule on the site.
  15. Well that was a Billy Madison quote and I guess you gotta be a bit older to get the reference. But if you want a serious answer here we go: there is no issue with not having an opinion about everything. It’s ok to hate on easy trophy lists, it’s ok to love easy trophy lists, it’s ok to not give a shit about them one way or another. There is no wrong opinion and there is no fact tied to it. The probelm i have with your posts is that you think opinion = facts and using analogies that are outta place. As far as I’m aware, no Ratalaika game has killed anyone because of their race, religious belief or sexual orientation. I bet you there are millions of things out there that you are apathetic on and that’s ok. Fact of the matter is that the industry got so big in part by having indie developers trying out ideas and having a gimmick to attract customers. I’ve been gaming since the 80s and gone are they days when you had 2 continues and then game over. And you know what? The industry is better for it. There are masterpieces like Spider-Man which is not a hard platinum. There are games like Witcher 3 which again is not a hard platinum. There are games like Dark Souls series that test you abilities and games like Ninja Guiden, SMB or Necrodancer that makes you question your sanity when you try to get the platinum. And those are all ok because they all have their place in the marketplace and they all have people that buy the games. The trend of having games of lower difficulty has been going on for decades and it’s not a thing that 1 or 2 developers have made happen. Reality is that people enjoy the sense of completion and if you make a game too hard just for the sake of being hard then you potentially drive away customers. And your shot at my games? Buddy I enjoy every single game I play and some of them are easy, some of the are childish and some of them I play just because my son wants to play/watch the game play. I have no regrets about any games on my profile (completed or incomplete) and I’d never hide any of them just to look better for others. My profile is my trek through gaming for over a decade and it’s for my enjoyment only. If others like to visit it and form their opinions on it I don’t care. (And it’s ok to not care what others thing about my profile). I do agree with you on one thing. 6 stacks is a bit much and I honestly don’t know how much t adds in term of revenue for the developer as I honestly don’t know anyone that bought the games on various regions and I know quite a few that have all 6 stacks. (Gamesharing at the top of the leaderboard is rampant).