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  1. Certain commands may disable trophies so if you google them to be sure not to input any of the following commands. I don't know them all, but they include: Item Goto Warp Biome Nocost Damage Creative Invisible It's fair to say anything that may cheat the system slightly to make progression faster.
  2. TERA's Arborean Hero
  3. You have made my day! Now I don't have to start over. Thank you.
  4. I got the required scores on at least three of them. The easiest was the Blood Orange. But I also got the grape one and the ever annoying bananana one. Do I have to get high scores in all seven? If so that may be my issue.
  5. I recommend retreating and leveling. At level 50+ he is extremely easy. Check your abilities and make sure to have plenty of combo extenders. And Glide for that final boss fight. And lastly, my favorite blade for this is the Wheel from Pirates of the Caribbean. Make sure you for change it since it has a very useful area of attack. Other than that just be sure to heal when you need to. I never let my health go past half after a certain point in the boss fight because he does start to combo you. Wishing you luck!
  6. So I have done all 7 missions to obtain Orichalcum + however I only got 6. These missions are the ones described in Ultima Weapon Trophy. I can provide screenshots upon request but would like to know if anyone else has had this issue. Or if anyone knows how to solve it because I would hate to just have to play the game again just to obtain the Ultima Weapon and the Synthesist trophies. I'm hoping I may be able to get an extra from the mailbox but...fingers crossed it isn't one of the treasure chests that shorted me. I can't open those a second time.
  7. TY for the response.
  8. I would love to see them do Bambi as a DLC world. Since it was a summon for so long.
  9. Easily DistractedShoot down 1,000 crows Does this specifically count just crows or any flying background bonus? Quick DrawDefeat a level 100+ boss within 10 seconds of starting the area How in the world do I do that? With the dialog time and everything.
  10. I honestly found written instructions were better for myself since I could do it at my own pace and not have to worry about pausing, rewinding and all that. It allowed me to focus on the sounds in my game rather than being forced to compare the two over and over to make sure I was doing it right. I thought it was very useful and needed to share. I'm sorry if you find it tacky but at least I did not take credit for myself. Also, I did not see a guide on the forums. So if this site does have one then great! It just means between the two the solution is easier to find.
  11. Minimalist Reach the Watchtower without throwing more than 3 balls.This is the hardest trophy in the game. You must select the very first stage of the game, “The Statue Garden”, and get all the way through to the second stage, “The Watchtower”, by firing only a maximum of 3 paintballs. Written below is my personal guide to getting this trophy. It may be helpful to run through the stage a couple of times first using paint to get used to exactly where you are going. The first bit is the hardest as the area is completely white, but after a little while there are small indicators for points of reference, such as the sound of your feet, other musical chimes, the golden swan footprints and the various gold objects and statues that act as landmarks. A good tip that I used was to pause the game and choose “Options”. Then, turn the game music all the way down and sound effects all the way up. This will make hearing where you are easier.When you first load the level, do not turn round with the camera or use the at all. Instead, go left holding so that you are strafing until you hear your footsteps cease and you hit a wall. Then do the same thing, except this time go backwards holding . Now go all the way left again. Once you hit a wall, take two steps to the right and go all the way backwards again. Now go all the way to the right until you can no longer move, then go backwards as far as you can. Then, take two steps forward. Then go left and you should hear a kind of falling noise (in reality you are dropping down ledges). Notice that you are now walking on leaves. Walk left until the 6 golden swan’s footprints appear right in front of your feet. Feel free to move the camera around now as you can use these footprints as markers.For the next step, stand on the footprints I just mentioned, facing the same direction as the footprints. Now, strafe right until a set of 3 golden footprints appears a little way directly in front of you. Now walk straight forward, past the set of 3 footprints, and aim towards the two sets of 6 and 5 footprints which are very close together. Now, walk straight ahead from those footprints and you should hear your feet walking along a wooden walkway. Once you reach the wall at the end, strafe left for exactly 2 seconds. Now walk forward until you hit the wall and strafe left until you hit that wall. Then take a couple of steps forward until you hit another wall, then go up to the right and strafe until you see the golden crown straight ahead of you. A musical cue will play to let you know you’ve reached the garden.As you should know from the first time you did this stage, the crown sits atop a statue. Walk straight forward until you can not move anymore; you will have hit the front of the statue. Now, keeping the crown in your eyesight, circle around the statue until you are exactly behind it, facing the way you came. Stop and then strafe completely to the right so you hit a wall. Now run forward and you should hear your footsteps running up a wooden plank. When you hit the wall, strafe only 3 or 4 small footsteps left, otherwise you will fall off and have to realign yourself again. Go up the next ramp and listen carefully for the footprints to change from wooden back to normal stone. At this point you should turn left and walk forwards until you come across another set of 6 footprints. Make sure the crown is always on your left.This next part is the trickiest of the level. Once you reach the footprints, stand on the front-most one and fire ONE paintball directly in front of you. This should reveal a plank to the left which you need to align yourself on and walk forward. Once you’re standing on the plank, fire another paintball directly forward and your path to the opposite rooftop should be clear. This is still difficult, as sometimes you will fall down whereas others you will manage to walk the whole way across. If you do fall, use the crown to realign yourself and work your way up the ramps again. Now walk forward and hopefully you will cross the ladders that are laid across the rooftops. You will know from the boy exclaiming if you have fallen down. If done correctly, eventually you will stop when you run forward. At this point, jump with and you will hopefully hear footsteps running across roof tiles. Keep walking forward and you will drop down. When you drop down, you will see various gold parts of statues. What you need to do is head towards the golden unicorn horn, which is forward and a bit to the left. Hopefully you should also see a golden handle here too. Walk up to it and position yourself underneath it, facing left (the same way as the handle). Fire one more paintball and an outline of a staircase should appear. Walk forwards until you start ascending the staircase, and then turn round so you can see the handle again. This is because the stairway twists and turns, so the handle acts as your reference point. Walk backwards so your back is against the banister, and then around to the left before it curves around to the right again. You should be able to judge by your height in relation to the golden handle if you are going up or not. Once you are back up to the top of the staircase, you should see the storybook page you revealed earlier on the left side of the screen. Walk directly left so you end up in front of the page and walk towards it. Walk past the first set of 6 footprints, but stop once you get to the 3 heading off to the left. You will now see a hot air balloon in the distance and a black hole in the floor. Walk towards it, fall down and follow the swan forwards and the trophy will pop! GUIDE CREATED BY DARTH_KRID HERE
  12. Yo, I could use a buddy for this. Just got it back in May and the competitor trophies are all I need so we scratch each other's backs. Feel free to add me: esperguardian