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  1. Yeah GameStop is booty 🍑💨
  2. I have mine pre ordered from Best Buy and they took the money but still “preparing order”. When I phoned they said expect a shipment notice soon and that was on the 5th....
  3. Guess PS5 is going to have just as many easy platinums as PS4, Rataliaka has a long future
  4. Omg there’s so many bronze trophies 🏆😦
  5. Yeah I really wish they had an in game tracker for this one 😫
  6. Such a shame compared to the original Operation 7
  7. yeah that’s what I’m currently doing works like a charm lol
  8. Nice stuff, all I need are these 2 trophies and currently working on fast & furious. 👏 🏆
  9. This game does the smallest “update” and now it’s a laggy mess with “connection lost” happening almost every match, easily one of the worst free games on PS4 but I’m in too deep now
  10. For anyone wondering you can drive a vehicle into the enemy spawn if they open the door for you to get in. I just went into the enemy base with a van and kept driving back and forth on spawn. Grabbed about 10 kills in one match lol
  11. I loved the original OP7, as a kid I would just melee strike everyone. I was on the leader boards for melee kills constantly
  12. For right now there is no real way to boost the die hard trophy but I noticed when melee killing people I tend to get down to the 5% hp mark they shoot me and I knock them out. If we could get a custom lobby or have the player base drop we could boost this game so easy lol
  13. It’s true, I’ve gotten it now too. They couldn’t even get the trophy description right
  14. Horrible game nearly every trophy is glitched, I won a match with 9 kills and made sure to crouch 50 times, that’s 3 trophies that haven’t popped I’ve been MVP several times and still have not gotten the first kill trophy 😂
  15. This is truly the next gen game we’ve been waiting for, imagine mayonnaise in HDR with ray tracing