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  1. This and Lego Ninjago for free totally makes up for the trash month of PS Plus titles 🏆
  2. Skull Girls 2nd Encore 👏 🏆
  3. I’m still sad that the multiplayer was removed 😢 heard it’s getting a stand-alone game though but that may just be a rumour.
  4. I might grab Sea of Solitude it’s a quick 2 hour platinum and the price seems alright
  5. I hear you, true and I agree about Borderlands 4 if that ever happens.
  6. Just because you liked every game you’ve pre ordered doesn’t mean much, you might have the lowest of standards. You never should pre order a game due to developers sneaking things into games at the last seconds, loot boxes, micro transactions etc and who ever mentioned waiting for reviews? you don’t need to be so triggered 😂
  7. Super Hot VR 🔥
  8. Delusional would be pre ordering a game in 2020, let alone this one 💰
  9. I wouldn’t mind Evil Within 2 or Get Even, I hope PS Now is good this month. I’m not feeling either PS Plus games this time around so I could use anything else
  10. Moss, another great platforming game and a cool concept of working your way through a book while playing as a mouse with a sword 🐭 ⚔️ Killing Floor Incursion, fun to just chill and kill zombies it’s better if you have a coop friend to go along the journey with you 🧟‍♂️
  11. The leaker is a hero, better for people to save $60+ dollars now than to be lied to and spend the money than complain about it later, this all took place sooner than it would have but this outrage was destined to happen. Nice of you to encourage corporate greed of not paying employees and fired for not agreeing with a tyrant developer though. 👏
  12. oh man Super Meat Boy for sure, that’s sexy 🍖 💀
  13. “They aren’t doing that by any means” 😂🤣 must be nice to live in a world that delusional. The soy boy dev is literally throwing his own shit at every fan on Twitter and pulling ever insult he can think of out of his ass. 🍑 💩
  14. Definitely going to check this one out, I use your YouTube guides all the time. 👏 🏆
  15. Bleach Soul Ignition, wish they’d make a new game in the series with the anime coming back