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  1. Im a trophy-hunter since 2008, but i don't play boring games only for trophies. If a game has no plat, but it's fun for me, i try to 100% it. On PSNProfiles it is still count as a completed game. I have 91 platinums, but 148 completed games. Of course, a platinum is more satisfying and more points towards the PSN-Level. But im a gamer, im playing for my amusement and fun. Trophies are cool, a nice add-on, but they're not all. And platinums u get in 5 minutes, only by clicking through a novelle or somewhat is worth a shit. 10 years ago u has to beat a game in different ways, u has to work hard for some plats. No compare with nowadays.
  2. Ok,this is possible. Will try to import them from zp to zp2. if it works, i try to import them to fx3. Btw, thanks for fast answer. Update: Did not work.
  3. After 4 month playing without a single victory, i finally managed to be the last man standing. IWhat happens? Nothing, no Gold-Trophy. i like this game, but don't wanted to 100% it. Too many trophies, which requires to play BR very aggressive. But i like to play BR in a very defense way. No, it's not boring, i like to hide and observe the others. But at least i wanted the only Gold-Trophy before deleting it. A few days later, my second victory. The same, no trophy. Anyone else with this problem?
  4. Did not work for me. Did not buy many tables on PS3. But i definitly bought the ZenPinball Core-Tables (Eldorado, Shaman, Tesla and V12), the Fantastic 4-Table and some other Marvel-Tables (checked my whole Downloadlist). Installed all Demos, restored over 220 licenses. Nothing. With only 2 tables (Sorcerer's Lair and Fish Tales (don't know why i got this)) it's getting a little bit boring.
  5. It's the last trophie i need for platinum. Imo, the hardest trophie. 5 kills was my best, but i play the most BR-Games in a mostly defense way. For more kills u have to play very aggresive. Not my playstyle. Are there some gamers who had the same prob and interested to teamup?
  6. Sometimes they change the Spec-Ops. Mostly every 2 weeks. At this time only Black Shark is available.
  7. Yes, i am a medic. And yes, this is what i said. But whats the point? Of course, only medics say this, Why should a sniper or a rifleman say this? My post is for players, who run into a group of enemies, die and then shout for a medic for revive. Result, mostly i am dead, too.
  8. You are right, of course. I posted it now, because Warface is the first MMOFPS i played, after a long Singleplayer-Only-Time. Love the Game, like to play the medic. For F2P it's a great game.
  9. As a passionate medic-player and teamplayer, i try to explain the (hard) gameplay a medic is confrontate with. The team medic is the only thing standing between a healthy, 5-person squad, and a single Rifleman who would be lucky to reach the next checkpoint alive. Playing as a medic is not for everyone, it is probably the most thankless class there is. You will get blamed, shouted at and insulted and often that is if you are playing the class properly, especially if you are playing with less experienced players. But it is also the most varied and tactically challenging class. If you want to be revived, or healed for that matter, try not to stray out into enemy fire attempting to be "Rambo". Rather, try to think tactically in order to take less damage and bring the damage onto the enemy. Everyone dies eventually, but try to make it easy for your medic and die some place nice where it would be easy to revive you. Medics won't go out in the open or into the group of enemies just because you were dumb enough to rush 10 men enemy squad alone. Use cover, stay with the team, avoid open spaces - this will make medic's job easier and your chances or revival much better. Defibrillators need time to recharge, once you are revived do not rush back into the fight, let the medic heal you completely, If you die immediately after the revive, your medic will not be able to help you. When the squad dies it is usually the medic that is blamed. Usually by someone who died recklessly. Insulting the medic won't gain you anything, but might mean you'll lose the healer altogether. If you really do think the medic is bad,, coach him rather than simply criticize. Recognize the lost causes – one thing you have to accept as a medic is that you can’t save everyone, and some aren’t worth saving either. You won’t help anyone by dying yourself, so learn to recognize lost causes. If teammate dies in the open in a spot covered by two enemy snipers and a machine gun emplacement – trying to resurrect him will simply add your body on top of his. Leave him; you will serve your squad better by healing those who know how to use cover.
  10. Today again. Can't play Earthshaker on Hard, because the last 6 tries, everytime, someone started killing the Team. Was not against me only, fucked up the whole team.I lke the Game, especially the PvE stuff. But this is stupid. I don't get it.
  11. Yesterday evening was really sick. Started 3 times Earthshaker on Hard. The first try, the Teamkilling began in the Heli. 2nd Floor, all dead. The second try began ok, but on the 2nd Floor the Killing started again. Same at the 3rd start. And everytime different people. Wtf is wrong with those dickheads? I reallly dont get it.
  12. I think they will return in one of the next updates. Gladfully, beat Black Shark a few days ago. Maybe they make them more doable. Pain in the ass, even on easy difficult.
  13. Oh yeah, childish behaviour sucks. Not only Team-Killing. Really annoying is loud music, screaming kids and familymembers/friends talking in the chat-background. It sucks, asking for ammo/medic and nobody hears you. Or people playing medic, fighting in the frontline and don't care about healing. Ok, its only a game, no reason to get frustrated. But, it is frustating. It kills the fun. Yesterday, i had a super team of randoms. Was an funny hour. Everyone of them knew what to do, no need to ask after ammo or medic. Of course no kids, only adults. Two with a higher rank than me, two with a lower. Worked, succesfully beat Earthshaker on normal. Mostly very hard with only randoms.
  14. CoD Classic is one of my platinums i'm really proud of. It was the only game, in 10 years of trophiehunting, that forced me to throw my controller. Never happened before, never happened after. But finally, i got it.