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  1. Playing this game a few days now. Nothing special, but nice. To this point, i prefered the Bomber-Suit. With this you get access to the most hidden areas. But i am playing this not long enough to give real hints and recommandations.
  2. Hi Guys. Im a gamer for almost 35 years and a trophyhunter from the first hour (October 2008). 1. It's a hobby. For trophy's, i don't play boring games, games without fun, games with no ability/skill needed and games im not interested in. For example graphic-novelles and 10-minutes-platinums. 2. I don't want to have duplicates from the same system in my list. 3 PS4-Versions (NA,EU,JP) = Hell No!! 1 PS3, 1 Vita and 1 PS4-Version are ok. 3. Games without a platinum are ok. An only-100%-Game is still a 'Completed Game'. I have 91 plats, but 149 'Completed Games'. And still to mention, 100%-Games are always S-Ranked, plats only without DLC's. 4. Trophies has to be earned by yourself, everything else is worthless. 5. Checking the trophie-list in terms of secret trophies, number of walkthroughs and difficulty needed, is ok. Playing completely with a guide is not. 6. Always play more than one game to keep the trophie-flow upright. I usually play 2 new games with a lot of unearned trophies (walkthrough-stage) and some games with a few remaining trophies (cleanup-stage). 7. No Hannah Montana in my 'holy' list. Im a trophy-hunter, no trophy-whore!!
  3. The same with Heavy Rain. You play the murderer and do not know. Equally illogical. Seems typical at Quantic Dreams. But i like the QuanticDreams-Games
  4. I posted this on the official H1Z1-Forum a week ago. It's not even read by a moderator. Sad
  5. Update: Still did not make it, but still trying. Today, very soon in the morning (around 6 AM) i got 6 kills without any great problems, The next round got 8 kills, with 21 'players' left. It's definitly doable, even for a most defense-player. Some tipps, how i want to try on: - Play very soon in the morning. Around 6 AM. On http://realmtracker.com you can check, how many human players played in your game. Soon in the morning, there are rarely more than 5 - 10 humans. All others are bots. In my 8-kill-round, there were only 3 human. - Get asap in the center of the circle. All bots tender to go to this point. - Get prepared to rush in other battles. Most the time two bots arrive at the same time, fighting each other. - Meanwhile it is possible to 'fight' even in chicken-form (jump against enemy), by pressing 'R2' (or was it 'R1'?, don't know exactly, but it works) It seems, this will work for me. Since today morning, i am more hopeful. If some of u, try this with success, pls post it here. This trophy is imo the most difficult for many players.
  6. It's an older thread, but maybe it helps future players. On the time-limited challenges, like Survival and 5-Minutes i used the multiplier. On the 1-Ball-Challenge it's more important to have the opportunity to save the ball. Used the Rewind. Used the free 'Fish Tales'-table. Had problems to level-up the Skill-Shot-Upgrade on 'Sorcerers Lair'. But the 'Fish-Tale'-Trophy is much harder then the 'Sorcerers Lair'.
  7. Im a trophy-hunter since 2008, but i don't play boring games only for trophies. If a game has no plat, but it's fun for me, i try to 100% it. On PSNProfiles it is still count as a completed game. I have 91 platinums, but 148 completed games. Of course, a platinum is more satisfying and more points towards the PSN-Level. But im a gamer, im playing for my amusement and fun. Trophies are cool, a nice add-on, but they're not all. And platinums u get in 5 minutes, only by clicking through a novelle or somewhat is worth a shit. 10 years ago u has to beat a game in different ways, u has to work hard for some plats. No compare with nowadays.
  8. Ok,this is possible. Will try to import them from zp to zp2. if it works, i try to import them to fx3. Btw, thanks for fast answer. Update: Did not work.
  9. After 4 month playing without a single victory, i finally managed to be the last man standing. IWhat happens? Nothing, no Gold-Trophy. i like this game, but don't wanted to 100% it. Too many trophies, which requires to play BR very aggressive. But i like to play BR in a very defense way. No, it's not boring, i like to hide and observe the others. But at least i wanted the only Gold-Trophy before deleting it. A few days later, my second victory. The same, no trophy. Anyone else with this problem?
  10. Did not work for me. Did not buy many tables on PS3. But i definitly bought the ZenPinball Core-Tables (Eldorado, Shaman, Tesla and V12), the Fantastic 4-Table and some other Marvel-Tables (checked my whole Downloadlist). Installed all Demos, restored over 220 licenses. Nothing. With only 2 tables (Sorcerer's Lair and Fish Tales (don't know why i got this)) it's getting a little bit boring.
  11. It's the last trophie i need for platinum. Imo, the hardest trophie. 5 kills was my best, but i play the most BR-Games in a mostly defense way. For more kills u have to play very aggresive. Not my playstyle. Are there some gamers who had the same prob and interested to teamup?
  12. Sometimes they change the Spec-Ops. Mostly every 2 weeks. At this time only Black Shark is available.
  13. Yes, i am a medic. And yes, this is what i said. But whats the point? Of course, only medics say this, Why should a sniper or a rifleman say this? My post is for players, who run into a group of enemies, die and then shout for a medic for revive. Result, mostly i am dead, too.
  14. You are right, of course. I posted it now, because Warface is the first MMOFPS i played, after a long Singleplayer-Only-Time. Love the Game, like to play the medic. For F2P it's a great game.