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  1. There more or less the same as last game. Looks like they have multiplied the difficulty of the trophy. For example a trophy in the first game was "cause a foreman to retire permanently" on the PLUS version its "cause 3 foremans to retire permanently" same as the start an undersired house party trophy has also been multiplied to 3.
  2. Looking for someone to get the active player trophies with. Send me a message
  3. More basic trophies than the previous titles. No nuggets or trophies like shoot a 3 pointer. Trophie for money has gone from 1million to 10 million, Looks like there designed to make you play the game for quite a while. I enjoy the series so wont be a problem for me. Ppl looking for a quick plat like it was in 15 & 17 will be turned away now.
  4. Thats what I ended up doing, FIfa always make crap trophies haha
  5. I can see ppl are still earning this trophy but I dont no how. Every time I try to send a gift to a friend it says GIFT NOT SENT. Anyone got an answer? Thanks
  6. I can see ppl are still completing this trophy but I myself cant find anyone online??? It looks like multiple ppl are doing it too so they all cant be in private boosting sessions? Any tips on how to complete this trophy?
  7. found aboosting partner luckily
  8. Anyone had success with multiplayer? I can see ppl are still getting online trophies but I cant find anyone online.... PLAT might be out of reach for me
  9. Hi Appreciate if anyone can shed some light on my issue So ive crafted about 10 or so things, wallet, weapon holder etc but when I go to the progess menu in the game it says ive crafted like 2/39 when in fact ive done about 10. Same thing is happening with skills. I have about 15 skill unlocked but in progress it says ive done 3. Im just thinking If i unlock all skills but the progress reads a different reading like 20/44 for example the trophy might not pop Ive also found about 33 posters in the Megan but the progress menu reads 8 I did play with no internet connection to my ps4 for quite some time on sunday so I think this might of affected the game maybe??? Anyway im more worried about the skills trophy. I might have to start a new game? Thanks
  10. hey K-RAW21, Did you end up having to do the full 9289 KM to get the trophy?