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  1. those are open world games tho, they have a big explorable map, npcs all over the place, quests ect... you'd think they'd manage to develope a decent railroad game with 162 million $.. that's more than the estimated budget for GOWR
  2. Very good, thank you! I’ll start working on the plat again when i have enough time and strength
  3. So, i finally managed to finish an iron mode run. I only killed 13 bosses (if i recall correctly, anyway, the bare minimum required) and i was wondering: can i unlock the iron god trophy by going back and killing the remaining bosses, and then truth? Or do i have to start a new run from scratch? Not having to fight that penultimate boss again would be very interesting
  4. @BB-BakkerJ i think this platinum definitely deserves a 9/10 rating. if you only consider the base game then yeah, HK is not that hard, but try doing the final pantheon legit, and then come back to me. That challenge alone skyrockets the plat to AT LEAST an 8/10. It takes hours and hours and hours of practice to pull it off