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  1. Not a single chance too unless one day they make all trophies offline or something not a single chance.
  2. I have an old account only missing the 200 online matches for the platinum. I cannot remember the email and pw though.
  3. Deez ratalaika games damn
  4. Yes it can just set up a session. Very easy when boosting.
  5. Man you got such a nice account and your are closing on your100th ultra r.Such a shame losing so much progress. I already started mine and am playing drive club and dark souls 2ps3.
  6. 24th of june last achiever . I am so fuckedd
  7. Dammmmm...Impossible. I hope your wrong. Thanks for the info am stupidly playing this game on my alt 100% acc
  8. Hola I have just seen that 1500+ Ultra rares you have and what a good topic from someone that experienced . Hi from Australia me am a casual platinum hunter and my only rules are having fun and always do a blind playthrough with no guides. The 7th rule about only you earning the trophies also is Important . My friend finished 3 telltale games for me.But I had platinumed the games before
  10. No dont say that say delete thread please. Anyways you right they should have max trophies like drive club.
  11. Damn bro CHAMP ? No way i reached platinum rank but if there waa a trophy for champ I would never play RL. Having said that though good job on reaching Champ .
  12. Metal jesus and radical reggie my favourite youtubers atm. Dat whole Metal jesus crew is dope.
  13. BADDRIVER you have a pretty dope account yourself. Thanks for taking time and make those videos.