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  1. Not a single chance too unless one day they make all trophies offline or something not a single chance.
  2. I have an old account only missing the 200 online matches for the platinum. I cannot remember the email and pw though.
  3. Deez ratalaika games damn
  4. Yes it can just set up a session. Very easy when boosting.
  5. Man you got such a nice account and your are closing on your100th ultra r.Such a shame losing so much progress. I already started mine and am playing drive club and dark souls 2ps3.
  6. 24th of june last achiever . I am so fuckedd
  7. Dammmmm...Impossible. I hope your wrong. Thanks for the info am stupidly playing this game on my alt 100% acc
  8. Hola I have just seen that 1500+ Ultra rares you have and what a good topic from someone that experienced . Hi from Australia me am a casual platinum hunter and my only rules are having fun and always do a blind playthrough with no guides. The 7th rule about only you earning the trophies also is Important . My friend finished 3 telltale games for me.But I had platinumed the games before
  10. No dont say that say delete thread please. Anyways you right they should have max trophies like drive club.
  11. Damn bro CHAMP ? No way i reached platinum rank but if there waa a trophy for champ I would never play RL. Having said that though good job on reaching Champ .
  12. Metal jesus and radical reggie my favourite youtubers atm. Dat whole Metal jesus crew is dope.
  13. BADDRIVER you have a pretty dope account yourself. Thanks for taking time and make those videos.
  14. Motorstorm rc download. Can you autopop teophies?
  15. You should play all these easy peezy games bro and get many points. Asia Europe Na stacks . But you are in Germany anyways the number of active players might be high so you will have to be consistent at least 1 platunum/day.
  16. Dark souls 3 Dark souls remastered Watch dogs 2 Nioh Last of us Call of duty remastered Gravel Rocket league Track mania turbo These games make my console so loud am borderline having panic attacks listening to that how to fix this please ? Am poor I live with 5 people in the same room and it gets so warm and loud am not allowed to play when I want. How to fix this and get it quiet all the time?
  17. 22 June Brazil 3 vs. 1 Costa Rica Nigeria 0 vs. 0 Iceland Serbia 0 vs. 1 Switzerland 23 June Belgium 4 vs. 1 Tunisia South Korea 2 vs. 4 Mexico Germany 2 vs. 3 Sweden 24 June England 4 vs. 0 Panama Japan 2 vs. 0 Senegal Poland 1 vs. 3 Colombia 25 June Uruguay 1 vs. 2 Russia Saudi Arabia 1 vs. 3 Egypt Spain 2 vs. 1 Morocco Iran 0 vs. 2 Portugal
  18. 18 June Sweden 2 - 1 South Korea Belgium 4 - 1 Panama Tunisia 0 - 3 England 19 June Colombia 3 - 1 Japan Poland 2 - 1 Senegal Russia 0 - 1 Egypt 20 June Portugal 3 - 0 Morocco Uruguay 2 - 1 Saudi Arabia Iran 1 - 3 Spain 21 June Denmark 1 - 0 Australia France 3 - 1 Peru Argentina 1 - 2 Croatia
  19. 29.99 they got me. Hope bb2 comes out
  20. Hi thanks for reading and helping me out. Was the dlc included with the game when it was psplus this year. The problem I get is the old hunter area .I cant access it the Amygdala thing grabs me frenzies me and then I dont get taken to that area. Instead what happens is I just respawn with low health just outside like 50 metres and am looking at the Amygdala thingy again. Maybe I missed something am not sure.
  21. 14 June Russia 4 vs 0. Saudi Arabia (7.45pm, ITV) 15 June Egypt 1 vs 3. Uruguay (1pm, BBC) Morocco 1 vs 0. Iran (4pm, ITV) Portugal 2 vs 2. Spain (7pm, BBC) 16 June France 2 vs.1 Australia (11, BBC) Argentina 1 vs 1. Iceland (2pm, ITV) Peru 0 vs 2. Denmark (5pm, BBC) Croatia 2 vs.0 Nigeria (8pm, ITV) 17 June Costa Rica 2 vs 3. Serbia (1pm, ITV) Germany 2 vs 1. Mexico (4pm, BBC) Brazil 3 vs 1. Switzerland (7pm, ITV) To win the tournament - Potugal Top Scorer - Cavani
  22. Mortal kombat x
  23. If dozen here means tons and tons and not 12 then yes I may believe you.