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  1. what is the point of playing a 2D platform game without walking like play cod dont shoot
  2. okay thanks
  3. i think its glitched cauz i played a chapter whitout useing any meds and it didnt unlouk
  4. is there such think as upgrad weapon in mp or only in co op
  5. warframe has 50 million players and they adding more trophys warframe adds trophys
  6. it looks really easy
  7. i hope so i enjoy this game
  8. will there be more trophys in the future?
  9. when is the trophy list coming out?
  10. maybe i forgot one map
  11. i played in all the maps but i didnt get the trophy
  12. so 400000 xp in total for the jack of all trades trophy
  13. do you need to earn 100000 points whit every class or it counts as one because i suck at sniper
  14. i earned 17000 warface dollar but it didnt pop the trophy anyone alse hade a problem
  15. the frag grenades are so bad