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  1. I have indeed done the other regional stack. This was a lie.
  2. Non plats have between 280-350 points. Look for those. Games with platinums have 1280-1350 points. OFC dlc trophies add on points, so if its above 350/1350 it has dlc trophies.( NOTE 280 + dlc can lead to 350 points as well, so smaller % of non plats do have dlc that might get you to 350.) Side note, Leaderboards boys. Doesnt matter if game has 15 golds or 45 bronzes, its still generally the same points in game if there is no dlc. What I said above.
  3. I started stacking games this year. I have been using PlayAsia. They do have some kind of reward system that gives you coins that you can buy stuff with on the site. I have around 10 purchases there.
  4. I have seen now multiple times VR games getting delisted in only certain countries. Psprices has an option to choose country of the store, you can check where has it been delisted by searching the same words that show the game in countries where it is available.
  5. I mentioned this in a post somewhere on page 1. But here are more VR ( VIRTUAL REALITY ) games with sub1 trophies. Some have platinums ,some dont. ( I wrote the rarest trophy from the game, not the completion) Might do more editing later when I have more time. 1.Dick Wilde 1 (0.40% no platinum) - 2 Stacks - EU/NA - No plat , Wave Shooter, supposedly one of the hardest VR games. Very fun. 2.Eagle Flight (0.50 platinum) - Ubisoft Open World , Fly as an Eagle in Post Apocalyptic Paris ,do time trials ,combat etc. Lots of Urs - NOTE 10+ hours of boost online, matches keep going and no afk timer so other person can go to sleep and let you do your trophies. Quite fun, but possible motion sickenss when doing collectibles. 3.Farpoint - (0.32% Platinum) - FPS game, Playable with 2 PS moves, but highly recommend to get PS AIM if going for the platinum. Requires a skilled coop partner for this. One of the hardest VR games. 4.Firewall Zero Hour (0.42 platinum)- I would say this is Rainbow Six Siege ,but in VR(4v4,no respawning, search n destroy). Ok amount of URs. Lots of online boosting, 8 players are needed to start the match. Quite a long platinum, but if you have a group of 8 dedicated people it could be done. I am almost done ,and it took me around 50+ hours of boosting. Still need around 30-ish hours of solo grinding of xp. WARNING - LONG PLATINUM. 5.Gorn - (0.50% no platinum) 2 stacks EU/NA - hack n slash arena battler. Heard its quite hard. 6.Headmaster (0.70% no platinum) - using the VR headset you need to hit the ball to go into the goal. Kinda like football practice but using only head to play. 7.In Death (0.90% platinum)- Horror roguelite with bow and arrow/crossbow combat, 70 hours for platinum, quite hard ,but doable. One of my favorite VR games. Lots of URs. WARNING - LONG PLATINUM. 8.Knockout League (0.50 platinum) - Vr Boxing, feels more arcade-ey. Boxing with pirates that have swords. heavily armored medieval knights etc.. Very hard and tiring plat ,quite enjoyable if you like this kind of stuff. 9.Megaton Rainfall (0.16% no platinum) - 2 stacks EU/NA, No plat. - God simulator, havent played ,but its a 0.16% trophy in both stacks. 10.Pinball FX2 Vr (0.45 no platinum) - non plat, with dlcs, pinball in VR, nothing much to say. 11.Pixel Ripped 1989 (0.42% no platinum) - Kid in elementary school is playing on his game console, needs to distract the teacher by making trouble around the classroom ( throwing paper balls around the place and stuff) played with a controller which mimics the game console, 2d side-scrolling game is played on console. Goal is to finish the game on the handheld console before the teacher gets to you. Very unique game, quite fun. 12.Playstation VR worlds (0.63% platinum) - 5 mini games, its more of a demo disc with trophies then a game. Was given in lots of VR starter packs ,so thats why the percentage is low. Lots of people have motion sickness in this one, so go for this only if you have lots of VR experience. 13. Raw Data (0.83% platinum) - some kind of horror wave shooter, havent played so cant say much. 14. Rigs Mechanised Combat (0.68 platinum) - Boosting requires, online only game, some kind of online shooter with mechs. 14.Space Junkies (0.72% platinum) - made by Ubisoft, some kind of online competitive shooter. 15.Sports Bar Hangout 2.0 (0.16 no platinum) - Pool, table soccer, darts, stuff you would play at a night bar with friends. 0.16% trophy 16.Sprint Vector (0.77% platinum)- Running racing game, very tiring, lots of URs. 17.Superhot VR (0.67% platinum) - Neo from matrix ,but time moves only when you move. Shooter, quite fun and hard., 18.Ultra Wings VR (0.50% no platinum) - fly a plane ,and do some plane stunts and time trials. No plat 19.Until You fall (0.37 platinum)- 2 stacks EU/NA, Trophy tracker bugged, all "Kill x amount of enemies" and anything that needs repeating needs to be done without turning of the game. Doable ,but very hard and tiring. Was given out for free in december 2021 for 5 year celebration of PSVR.
  6. I know one of the latest updates allowed to export the lists one by one, but where is the old way to transport everything at once? @HusKy
  7. I just send it over Facebook Messenger, just type in your own name and you have a chat with only you there. Send as many files/pictures as you wish. Facebook Messenger + type in your own name to make a chat with only you there. Send as many files/pics as you wish. Its very easy to access, just log into Facebook on any device, and save the file from the chat. Or make another Discord account , and just be lazy like me and send it there if you are too lazy to log into Facebook.
  8. Seems like its delisted or something ,only in certain Countries. Croatia and New Zealand is what I have found, doing more research rn.
  9. I checked EU stores, I only see Altdeus: Beyond Chronos base game, is dlc maybe included in the Eu version?
  10. Any chance I could just select non plats under the '' Other'' section where unobtainables are selected?
  11. Hah, I never noticed it was sorted Alphabetically. Yea, tnx. It's a good quick fix.
  12. Any chance we could get an option to change the order of our lists? Its been bugging me for a while now. @HusKy +
  13. PSNPROFILES doesnt seem to include non plats in this. Looking for games that need dlc cleanup it would be useful if it included games like : HITMAN1/2, Gems of War, Layers Of Fear,FFXV Comrades standalone,Hustle Kings ,Let It Die,Little Nightmares,Trials Fusion, Outlast 1 + 2nd lists of ESO,Minecraft, Hitman1/2 . etc... Pretty sure PSNP wont make the change even if I ask, but @HusKy You are my last hope. ( Change it to say " Base game complete, not 100%" or something like that) EDIT: I have around 30 non plats with dlcs that I own. While it is a small% of all of my games, it isnt like they dont exist. + I noticed the whole platinum, not 100% , not 100%etc is missing in game lists. Was this intentional or just an oversight? Edit2: Or just add an option to select plats/non plats , something like the unobtainable option.
  14. Finished up Super Bomberman R Online Server shutdown was announced for december 2022. Boostable in private matches , which are only possible if one of the accounts had bought the premium account. Which makes boosting pay 2 win unfortunately. 1/10 ,hour and a half, 1 UR ( around 3%) 5 players needed for 1 trophy, everything else doable with 2 players. Would recommend for an easy completion if you can find someone who has premium and is willing to help out. 64 player battle royale being the most unique thing here. 8 screens on each side ( MARKED BLUE) Ability to move from one screen to another by entrances/exits ( marked RED) Current position on the map ( marked YELLOW) Game is a copy of the old bomber man games, drop a bomb and hide, destroy the walls or your enemies with the bombs. Plenty of pickups and game modes, crossover characters to play such as Fall Guys guy, Snake from Metal Gear, Sephirot, and some others I dont know . Very cool idea, but I am guessing it wasnt as popular as it should have been. EAGLE FLIGHT DONE (0.46%) FIREWALL ZERO HOUR (0.44%) KUNG FU PANDA SHOWDOWN OF LEGENDARY LEGENDS DONE (0.77%) RED DEAD REDEMPTION 1 DONE ( PS3) ( 3.20% PLAT, 0,73% COMPLETION) GUN CLUB VR NA DONE (2.83%) ARIZONA SUNSHINE (1.24% PLAT, 0.67 WITH DLC) - SUPER BOMBERMAN R ONLINE DONE (3.33% NONPLAT) MARVELS IRON MAN VR DONE(3.26% PLAT, 0.62% COMPLETION) DICK WILDE 2 (3.36% NO PLAT) DONE GUNGRAVE VR (2.79% NO PLAT) DONE FRUIT NINJA VR DONE (1.12% NO PLAT)
  15. If its a 3rd party server I am pretty sure at least some people would go for it. Especially completionists that have ps3 version on their profile. If the trophy can be done legit with this 3rd party server and the code is free for everyone to see - mostly PSNP mods to approve that no trophies can be autopopped with it.