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  1. Tnk god, I wouldn't have the strength to do it all again.
  2. It happened multiple times, I have screenshots and clips. I play a level, hit a hostage but finish level, got 3 stars ( gold), bjt in the level select it says i got a platinum. Im really hoping im not going to need to ay them all again caus of this bug. Amyone else got this bug?
  3. App is called PS remote play. Its a quick settup,you need to be on a wifi tho,no mobile networks. You can acces your playstation this way from work if you need to download something or check anything. Also I might say Autoclicker aps + remote play,you can automate certain actions in games. If anyone wants more information or ideas for the autocliker method message me here or add me on psn.
  4. First time signing up. This is my tier 1 1 Gun Club Vr (3.84% UR) 2 Vr Worlds (0.63 % UR) 3 Metal Gear Surive (2.12 % UR) 4 Nex Machina (3.34% UR) 5 Blood and Truth (4.91 % UR) - 0.96% I got a few more Virtual Reality Urs to clean up. Tier 2 will be much harder tho. This is just the beggining.
  5. This was the first game I bought with my own money.I was thinking of going back and getting a 100%. Also how long for 100% and how hard is it?
  6. Common and uncommon should be 0 in my opinion,rare and very rare should give a small amount , and ultra rares obviouosly be the big boys.
  7. Lots of decent games on your profile.I shall say Dying Light if you want another open world,Trackmania Turbo if you want something hard to platinum.
  8. The book....,NOT THE MOVIE.
  9. Im trying with songs in no squats, You got any particular song you though was easier than others?
  10. Im looking for the easiest songs to do? Im having trouble with focusing in the longer songs. I can try if its doable somewhat easy tho.
  11. If it is, how long would it take to 100% this game?
  12. My Profile Link. If anyone is interested.
  13. Finish in first place in online race.As I see on the list.shouldnt be too hard,maybe even boostable .
  14. Question in the title.
  15. Im looking for people that achievement hunt on android,I havent been able to find a community for android achievement hunting. My android name is Prometheous101 same as here,feel free to add me . I got 1k achievements , I like ultra rare achievements on exophase.I try and get the rarest on Exophase.