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  1. Only the trophy for unlocking all locations. Autopop upon starting up on another platform using the cloud save function. Trophy for having 8000 cash popped when I’m at 9000 on my second playthrough. Same case as of base game, if you have completed most of the trophies & uploaded the sava to cloud storage — collectible trophies, have all weapons trophy, upgrading all weapon cases trophy, escape with 25,000 points trophy & escape at Mind Level 5 trophy may require another playthrough. If you want to save time, I suggest you upload your save data to cloud storage just before popping the trophy, e.g., letting one collectible left for the trophy to pop.
  2. Unfortunately deactivating all devices does not work for me. Same issue experienced on Vita. I can’t download anything from my Asian account but no issues with US alt account.
  3. Does this issue possibly related to the root certificate which was expired last month? Funny how I can download from my US alt account but not my Asian account. Seems like regional. How can we escalate to Sony to resolve this problem?
  4. Nice to know! I’m one event away from the trophy. Will be doing this today. Can’t wait!
  5. Progression is disabled if you password your community games.
  6. I got the Enemy Attrition trophy (for getting 10 kills in a single round) after my 11th or 12th kills. I think assist kills were not count for this trophy.
  7. Got the trophy with no problem. If you have a boosting group, you can create community games with all the launch maps for the map rotation and swap wins between your boosting partners to end the round faster. You can just join halfway and stay until the end of round result. It’ll still count into your progression.
  8. It takes about 55 hours for me. This includes: Rating the custom maps Boosting for the War Party trophy, it takes about 1-2 hours because our boosting team did not follow the optimum strategy and messed with the wins 😂 Helping my friends doing the 500 revives, playing all official maps & modes Boosting kills and EXP for the Soldier of Misfortune and Mercenary trophies, respectively. I boosted with my alts, using three consoles There is a 1,500 XP cap (as mentioned above replies) that slowed down the boosting. Excess XP got lost when you restart the lobby.
  9. While doing the manuals, I purposely leave M249 SAW from the Gunner class (requires three diamonds) in preparation for the Warlord Glitch. I completed all the manuals (with an exception of the M249) at level 18. Then I farmed XP until I reached level 20. Once the Mercenary trophy popped, I reset all diamonds and derank every round, while maintaining three diamonds in Gunner class for the M249. It took around 10+ matches to complete the manuals and then I proceed with Warlord glitch. I was at Rank 7 when I started doing the glitch. Took me around 30 mins because I’m using my alt accounts. I followed the guide by @dev2610 here: Hope it helps, and good luck!
  10. Just got this trophy last Saturday. As reference, I used this guide to help me, but do take note that one of the characters use Matriarch job, which is a DLC: I did this with only 1 job maxed for my main characters, which are Kasuga (Hero), Han (Enforcer), Saeko (Idol) and Eri (Matriarch). I also grind a few jobs that gave my characters HP / MP / Defense buff up to Rank 50, and most of other jobs to Rank 30 just for a few added stats and necessary skills. I didn't even bother to grind other jobs that are less beneficial such as the Chef for Kasuga. My weapons is another story. I have grinded all my weapons to at least EX +5 / EX +6, and Kasuga's bat at the final upgrade, EX EX. My gears mostly consist of Quixotic armor set for Kasuga, Cyber Helmet / Quixotic Armor / Dragon Boots for the rest. Like one of the above replies, you can skip some of the fights to help your journey easier. But I only managed to skip Subjugation-kun in the first level. Got my ass handed off during the second fight with the large slugger & Dr. Black. Other than that, enemies are easier, even for all the boss fights before Amon. Here's my general tips: Ensure that you have high HP. My Kasuga is at 2000+, Eri/Saeko/Han are at 1700-1800. Try to grind jobs that give you HP boost. For male, Enforcers/Foreman. For female, Night Queen. Use Dragon's Binding / Gallant Binding to add 150 HP / 100 HP respectively. You can easily get Gallant Binding from Kamulop at 12 Tojo Crests. Always use "Peerless Resolve" when you have the chance. Then "Fearless Command" to boost ATK, and "Hero's Embrace" to heal all characters if required. Use "Endless Desire" for Regen. I use this with Han as he's the only guy have access to Musician job. If you have maxed the Matriarch job, and buffed Eri's ATK stats from Night Queen & AGI stats from Clerk, the skill "Shadow Stitch" is very useful for most of the enemies. Only a few enemies have reduced damage for sharp weapons. "Shaodw Stitch" is also useful as it reduces enemies' EVA stats. Saeko is only for heals, and revives only. There's another skill in Matriarch that can help you remove Sleep/Stun/Paralysis effects. The Essence of whatchamacallit from Saeko is great to revive fallen characters with full HP, at 50 MP only. Saeko is great in debuffing enemies. Use "Sexy Pose" for single enemy / boss, and "Lovedrunk Typhoon" for multiple enemies. As Enforcer, Han will always spam "Essence of Shield Rupture" and Eri, as Matriarch will always spam "Essence of Elegance". These two extreme moves are great for crowd control. As these use a lot of MP, you may need to consider using Kiwami Mouthguard / God of Brawler's Mouthguard to reduce MP consumption, with the latter is better and can be bought multiple from Kamulop at 25 Tojo Crests. Another gear that might be useful is the War God Talisman. It can regen your MP. I used it for Eri & Saeko. Bring a lot of restorative items as backups and don't forget these useful items: Chinese Medicinal bolus that can revive characters at 1 HP/ Half HP / Full HP & Full MP, Kiwami Lunch Box by the Bartender that can heal party for 500 HP & 300 MP. During Amon's fight: Same tips as above - Kasuga cast Peerless Resolve at the first chance, Saeko as healer, Eri uses Shadow Stitch as ranged attack & Han cast "Endless Desire" at the first round (and when needed). Kasuga can also heal all characters with "Hero's Embrace" if Saeko didn't got any chance (if died / under status ailment such as Paralyzed / Silenced) and "Fearless Command" to boost ATK. Call Poundmates when the battle's getting tougher. Call Poundmate Mr. Masochist when Amon changed his stance to Beast, as it will greatly reduce damage from enemies, especially when he called for all the Thought Entities. When he has called for backups, Han to spam "Essence of Electromagnetic Storm" and Eri to spam "Essence of Elegance". Use MP restorative items to refill MP when necessary. Another tip - sometimes, death is best for characters that have loss a lot of MP. Use the Chinese Medicine bolus that can revive and fill up your HP/MP to reduce unnecessary turns. The "Megaton Throw" from Foreman job is best for Majima and can deal area damage, as well as the "Fulminating Forecast" from Fortune Teller, that can deal lightning damage to Amon & Saejima, as well as area damage. "Ice Spreader" skills from Host & Hostess are best left for Kiryu. Remember to heal / debuff enemies every round with Saeko, as it will help during the "Essence of Orbital Laser". Always revive when your character got killed by Amon's fatal moves. He most likely spammed this after the laser attack. Other than that, just take it slowly. Always be alert with the subsequent turns and re-strategize if necessary. Also, bring a lot of money when you retry for Amon's battles. I got killed in my first fight, because I was a bit unlucky, and I took my time to revive my fallen characters. Got this in my second fight. I can confirm you that the final upgrade is EX EX. It takes from EX +1 to EX +8, then EX EX. Use the Final Millennium tower to easily farm money. You can get around 34 million yen or more if you drink Sengoku Coffee during each boss fight. Or if you prefer a less hostile method, you can repeatedly do Business Management and get 3 million yen after 10 minutes. The total money you are looking for one single weapon up to EX is around 75 - 100 million yens. The tower also provides access to crafting items though you need to memorize which floor is for which crafting items, hence I would suggest farming them at Sotenbori Battle Arena.
  11. The Muppets Level Kit DLC is still available in Asian store. Just need to get either the digital version from Asian store itself or physical from Play-Asia, if they still have copies left. https://store.playstation.com/en-my/product/HP9000-BCAS20113_00-MUPPETSLEVELKPS3 Are there any differences with "Premium Level Kit"?
  12. Edit: I have achieved the Renaissance Man trophy. Yet to complete the co-op trophies. ID is urutoraman_k, GMT+8 Thanks!