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  1. it's "THE" Polybius and it's sold out.
  2. It's stil "do 5 consecutive levels without losing a shield". The trophy pops if you just do this.
  3. New patch is out. Just did a quick test and i can confirm that they fixed the Can't touch this trophy. It works now with 5 level instead of 10.
  4. He already has the new version and he can't install an older version but there will be another patch:
  5. This bug was "imported" from the PC Version wich had it at release and wasnt fixed in 6 month. I went for the tauroctony achievement on the PC but gave up on it because i think the game doesn't even register the killed cattle without the bonus screen.
  6. Yes KaKrackle did it so we have another offical 10 level 'Can't touch this' trophy
  7. As far as i know there is nothing else to do. The last time i did this trophy was on my alt account. I lost one shield and had to play level 4 to get it.
  8. Found 2 ( Scouts' Life and Tesla Science). But with the non permanent effect they are less usefull than in Fallout 4
  9. Restarting the game did it for me (after killed at least 100). Fast traveld to the Adrasteia, saved, went to titlescreen, closed and started the game. after loading fast traveld to Shepard's Mountain, killed one, the secound was killed by Icaros and had the eye.
  10. After i got the tauroctony trophy i concentrated on getting the can't touch this trophy (still 0.0%). But suddenly it went to 0.1% so i posted here:, few days later i managed to get the trophy and posted again but there was no serious reaction by the devs. if you need some inspiration heres the video of my can't touch this run:
  11. Easy way to get curious is to finish level 1 in all game modes in the same game instance. After you also got the trophy with your main account i would say it's confirmed that you have to do 10 levels without losing a shield