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  1. so I was wondering can you go back and replay thru the story, or redo some of the matches to recruit the top dog player's, I think I was to low of skill or something not sure as this is my 1st Fifa game.
  2. nice thank you for this.
  3. ah I see what you mean yeah I wish they give you more for higher lvl but yea I was looking at Fallen Legion Flames Of Rebellion as I have it was a free game
  4. all the high lvl gear you get is on online war I think Fallen Legion Flames Of Rebellion kinda looks like it
  5. Well shit I hope it doesn't take that long for you too hope you get it sooner then me I been doing this since 6am and its now 15:28pm lol
  6. Yes just need 2 more then I should get the trophy I was about to say f*** it and play something else today lol
  7. HOLY SHIT I FINALLY GOT SHORT SIGHTS!!! just after 95070 steps 😵
  8. man trying to get Short Sight's and well f*** game must hate me steps taken 65070 and still nothing >_> starting to think why am I doing this? lol
  9. Meh, thank you for the head's up but I all ready got TLOU tho and the other is just meh lol but I guess it means I should just play it.
  10. Does Short Sights even exist lol walked 4620 steps so far
  11. ( NVM I miss understood the post)
  12. So how is everyone doing? Just have 11 more to go then but damn don't know what to do 1st! p.s Hope everyone is/will have a good weekend.
  13. does anyone have a Shaman with reflection that is lvl99?
  14. nice
  15. yeah for the trophy :/