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  1. so I am thinking about getting this is it playable as some time ago there was some problems with the game is it worth it?
  2. I know this is old but I asked ea to fully delete my account but when I go in to the game it still logs me in my old account or does it take some time for it take affect?
  3. Nope it’s Global warfighters trophy
  4. Warfighter
  5. So I was wondering, has anyone else delete there EA Account and where you able to make a new account? well I am asking because I had a trophy that would not pop so I am going to try this as I have read that by deleting and making a new acct that person’s trophy has popped just wondering if anyone else had to do this??
  6. So I have paid for a few controllers all of them are fake and don’t work, as the real one there lighter and the buttons don’t work so well or when I’m playing it sends me to the home menu. So where can I still find real controllers as I have had no luck yes I know Sony has stoped making them and bla bla I know 😔
  7. Oh sweet thank you I’m also reading the rules and stuff should have done that 1st to be fair
  8. Ohh ok thank you guys sorry I am still getting used to the site. Oh I did not know that there was specific forums hmm still trying to find my way around the forms
  9. So Im wanting to plat this game I remember seeing a few others wanting to as well but I need a buddy to play with anyone interested? I’m on uk time
  10. So how many online trophy is there is there like two?
  11. Hello I was wondering if anyone still plays this and if the servers are still up as I am wanting to plat it soon and I don’t want to buy the network pass for nothing