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  1. The game is awesome! Ive already spent $200 on it. There are still plenty of bugs but in time that will change. Server issues are their main concern right now
  2. So you agree then:P Some would argue games like Gran Turismo, Crew, Horizon, or hell even Wipeout to be contenders. I agree that super mario bros 2 is better than 3 (and im gonna let others respond because I feel like its just me and you lol) Opinion: Metal Gear games are not fun
  3. I Agree that Infinite is better than 2 as well (My name comes from Infinite) Response to DrBloodmoney: Disagree. This has to be a troll? Right? 😂 Are we thinking of the same Prey? Opinion: Burnout Paradise is the best racing game of our generation
  4. The Bioshock series is the best series ever created. Lets Argue

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    2. Andrea


      How can I trust the opinion of a guy with 11 games on his profile in this crucial topic?





    3. Tearraven


      There's always a lighthouse. There's always a man. There's always a person who thinks their opinion matters.

    4. Vigors_


      @Andrea new account haha. Been hunting since 2009


  5. I agree with you one this one! (I just bot both yesterday for like $7 total) Im more excited to play the multiplayer in The Last of us 2, rather than the campaign
  6. I get off in an hour then I will be home and on! add Vigors_ Duos gets released "later this week"
  7. How do you decide what goes in your trophy cabinet? Some users put their rarest ones, some users put the most common ones ever, some users try to be funny with the names/images. Im just wondering, how do you decide?

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    2. Fidel


      @PooPooBlast Hmm.. Not sure what you mean by that. I like and play a lot of different things. Absolutely love stealth games. Ran through all 4 Hitman games very quickly, which is something I rarely do. Tend to space games in the same series out quite a bit. But couldn't do it here. :lol:

    3. PooPooBlast


      I meant that since you said that you put games that you enjoy a lot in your trophy cabinet, and I saw hitman there, I was surprised since you never mentioned once that you like the series haha. That's all :)

    4. Fidel


      Ah. Guess it just never came up in conversation? But yeah, I love Hitman. Need to get the new game on PS4. ;w;

  8. Id love to play with you dude! Duos is not available yet, but we can run 5's
  9. I was able to get on on my EU account, I have not tried playing it on my NA account
  10. I thought this would be a fun thread to open up! Rules are simple! Just comment an unpopular opinion you have about any video game, as well as responding to the comment above yours by simply either saying: Agree Disagree or "N/A" simply if you have not played the title so you cant say. Ill start: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is one of the best in the series and most fun!
  11. Let me know if it works! Looks like a pretty easy but fun platinum
  12. Unrelated topic but just a headds up/fyi SImilar titles such as player unknown battlegrounds doesnt have achievements either, then Obviously fortnite only has trophies for the save the world portion. I doubt this will be getting trophies any time soon if at all. With that being said, I absolutely love this game and already spent $150 on skins and crates. My question is, when the game does "release" we keep our stats right?
  13. Someone was saying it was titled incorrectly and is supposed to read "In all gamemodes" not across all game modes.
  14. Spyros getting remastered