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  1. This kind of question might be frowned upon on this site buttttttttt


    Im thinking about getting an X BOX ONE X (wow that is a mouth full) (Thats what she said) (Lol)


    Is there really anything I should be considering before doing so, and the whole "is it worth it"

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    2. Dreakon13


      @cjshaitan Just to clarify, HDR support is available on the standard PS4 (it came with a system update) and the Xbox One S.  It's not an Xbox thing, nor is it a PS4 Pro/Xbox One X thing.

    3. AffectatiousDonk


      Yep, I don't really know the technical terms, I just know that the first time I played Xbox one X - Forza 7 I had to stop because the picture was so intense. Side by side there is no comparison graphically. Still both systems are great I am glad I have both, if you can would definitely recommend

    4. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      strange your trophies are set to private and you got rid of your profile pic.


      Is this Guy human or A I




  2. Just started downloading "Agony"


    Really excited to try it out this weekend

  3. After watching a trailer for Vampyr im slightly intrigued. What game can it compare to? I didnt watch any gameplay or anything yet, but if its something along the lines of Bloodborne/souls games id be more excited

  4. Patiently awaiting an Infamous 1 and 2 remaster on PS4 

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    2. PooPooBlast


      Atm though they're working on ghosts of Tsushima. Then again they can get bluepoint to remake it which would be freaking awesome. The SoTC remake is really well done. 

    3. madbuk


      Not the biggest fan of inFamous 1, but I'd love a remaster of 2.

    4. Vigors_


      The only thing that wasnt exactly my favorite about the first game (which has nothing to do with the gameplay) was the trophy for doing all the challenges. There sure are a lot of shards as well lol

  5. Well my wife and I are getting a divorce. Shoulda known something was up. The girl likes un frosted poptarts and that shit just isnt normal

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    2. DaivRules


      Holy shit. Your wife is the female version of me! I’m afraid you’re going to start mentioning other things I also do. 


      Well, good luck with everything. Hope you make it through quickly and come out feeling better on the other side. 

    3. MidnightDragon


      Sorry to hear that. :( 

    4. The Shopkeeper

      The Shopkeeper

      Sorry to hear that, but I'm still laughing at @DaivRules being one beer away from asking for your wife's phone number. Also, my wife has so many crazy likes/dislikes that I don't know where to start.

  6. Thinking about pre-ordering Vampyr on my account. Yay or nay? Dont know much, can you compare it to anything?

  7. Yesterday I pre ordered Spyro, Black Ops 4, Battlefield 5, and Madden 19 on my PSN account as well as purchased a few other games. I think its safe to say im switching to all digital 

    1. MidnightDragon


      Cool. I haven't made that commitment yet. 

  8. Is there a way for me to see upcoming PSN sales anywhere? To avoid spending full price on a game just to see that it goes on sale the next day?

    1. NERVergoproxy


      No. But if you buy off PSN store and a sale goes on the next day with your game. Customer service will refund you the difference. I think its 7days said somewhere in their purchase agreement.

      But don't listen to me. Call CS to make sure.

    2. NERVergoproxy


      Ok so its not really a price guarantee thing on their policy. But if something did go on sale immediately after your purchase you can contact CS to try for a refund. Depending on your tone, they will credit you the difference.

    3. Vigors_


      That would be awesome! Thank you

  9. In the past 10 days I have spent over $750 across the NA/EU PSN store because of these sales, and I have not played a single one of the games I bought

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    2. PSXtreme_
    3. closertim


      And here's me questioning myself when I spend $5 every no and then

    4. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      This dude has some monies, he has two ps4's for a raffle.

  10. I turned 22 today. Im getting old

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    2. Masamune


      @mecharobot ...crap, I started losing track when I hit my 20s. bird onion head

    3. Honor_Hand


      Happy birthday! 🎉🎉 The best part are the gifts of course ha ha ha 🎁


      Enjoy them. You still have many birthdays ahead of you. 😁


      28 here and I still feel as young as ever... Although, just like the poster above, I sometimes forget how much I have on me.

    4. marvelboy10


      Happy birthday to you

      Happy birthday to you

      Happy birthday dear @Vigors_

      Happy birthday to you. :yay:1f370.png1f382.png 1f368.png1f389.png1f381.png1f388.png

  11. So I have 2 Sealed PS4s that I want to give away on this site. One being the God of War Edition PS4 Pro that comes with a copy of the game, and one being the 20th Anniversary Edition PS4 (Only 12,300 made worldwide) with a matching headset. Both New, both sealed. I just want to do it the right way! Anyone have any ideas, and can help me set up a thread? Would greatly appreciate any help!

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    2. Masamune


      I would say yes, because if you pick a popular game, there's a good chance a lot of people will already have it.

    3. Sora9427


      I don't know, in that case  i think then only the people who have the game requested at all can patecipate Otherwise not and who has the more games (And Plats already fi you consider them) has more chances to win.


      But that's just me :P 

    4. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      What if the competitors don't work and they have all day to game, that would give them the edge on a trophy comp.

      There are a few variables to look at

      I'd say a good mud wrestle or race would be the best for these rare consoles,

      we meet in japan and give it our best






  12. The first Payday game was SO good compared to the second one. I definitely see a Payday 3 coming out no later than the end of 2019 though

  13. Detroit: Become Human is officially out! Im picking my copy up tonight and will be playing it through the night! My goal is to make a trophy guide for this one and making it my first official trophy guide. Anybody else picking it up?

    1. Dreakon13


      I'll be picking it up after work today.  Thankfully with the holiday, I anticipate getting out a bit earlier than usual.  Plus an extra day to play this weekend. ;)  Loved Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls, been excited for Detroit since it was first announced (and excited to see them do more with the concept since they first introduced Kara in that tech demo back in 2012).

    2. Dragon-Archon


      Good luck with the guide, here's something to help you out:

    3. DARKB1KE


      How is it out when they're taking pre-orders?


  14. Anybody think there will be a Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4 sysytem? My vote is yes, so ill definitely be getting another PS4 Pro if thats the case

    1. LukeWarm115


      I actually was thinking about this because I was gonna get it. I ultimately went with the God of war console tho cuz I doubt red dead will get a console. 

    2. Vigors_


      I have a new GOW one that im actually going to be posting a giveaway for today. Im keeping my fingers crossed 

  15. The Bioshock series is the best series ever created. Lets Argue

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    2. Andrea


      How can I trust the opinion of a guy with 11 games on his profile in this crucial topic?





    3. Tearraven


      There's always a lighthouse. There's always a man. There's always a person who thinks their opinion matters.

    4. Vigors_


      @Andrea new account haha. Been hunting since 2009


  16. How do you decide what goes in your trophy cabinet? Some users put their rarest ones, some users put the most common ones ever, some users try to be funny with the names/images. Im just wondering, how do you decide?

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    2. DamagingRob


      @PooPooBlast Hmm.. Not sure what you mean by that. I like and play a lot of different things. Absolutely love stealth games. Ran through all 4 Hitman games very quickly, which is something I rarely do. Tend to space games in the same series out quite a bit. But couldn't do it here. :lol:

    3. PooPooBlast


      I meant that since you said that you put games that you enjoy a lot in your trophy cabinet, and I saw hitman there, I was surprised since you never mentioned once that you like the series haha. That's all :)

    4. DamagingRob


      Ah. Guess it just never came up in conversation? But yeah, I love Hitman. Need to get the new game on PS4. ;w;

  17. Do you care about owning the physical copy of a game?

    I ask because I use to be really crazy and I would strictly buy physical copies as a way to "show off" if you will, or just so I can physically see my collection grow. However, the past year I have bought everything digitally 

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    2. Vigors_


      I can see your point! I just cant complain getting the complete edition of Witcher 3 with all the DLC for only $19.99 as apposed to the $60. On a side note, good luck on finishing Little Deviants. That was one of the more tedious platinums I went for on my main account.

    3. DaivRules


      @Vigors_ Thanks! I don't even know how I managed to get Silver in some of these, but eventually I'll finish these all out with gold. It'll just take tons of practice.

    4. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      Yes, fuck digital.

  18. I just spent 50 Euros on the bioshock collection yesterday, just to find out that today it is on sell for 17 euros and $19.99 in the US store. LOL this happens so often to me its unreal

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    2. Vigors_


      Lucky you! I buy all my games digital, allowing me to share them across my 4 ps4s to make most mp games and/or coop games easily achieved. So I made the EU account to get deals the NA did not have. This account is new so it wont show it, but I am confident I have one of the largest PSN Libraries out there😂 if only you could sell those

    3. Beyondthegrave07


      This happened to my brother earlier this year with the Jak and Daxter collection. It literally went on sale the following week. This also happened to me with Okami HD, where I could've saved like $13 if I waited 2 weeks! 

    4. Vigors_


      I missed out on the Jak collection this time around but I think its 20 euros at the moment on the EU store haha

  19. How can I get PS Plus on a german PSN account while living in the US? It keeps asking me for an ID looking card I obviously dont have. I put $20 on the account with a psn card but it does not allow that. If I can find out how to use that ID to get the free 14 day trial that would help to

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    2. dernop


      ID would be the easy part, but last time i checked you also had to register a payment option (CC, paypal) with PSN, because it's basically still a subscription and will be automatically renewed if you don't cancel it in time, so they need a CC or paypal even for the trial accounts.

      and to top this all off, said CC or paypal has to be from germany (german CC provider, bank account etc) too.


      i think it would be easier to just buy the game normally, unfortunately :(

    3. Vigors_


      Even to just buy the game in full with no PS+ I would need an ID?

    4. dernop


      No, to buy the game with psn credit (so if you already got "money" on the account) an ID is not needed :)

  20. Does anyone know why the option to post threads, comment on other threads etc is no longer available for me? I just made my account today, and have 5 posts and what not but now there isnt an option. Ive reached out to a few staff, as well as tried the chat but no luck yet

    1. DaivRules


      I thought it also took a small amount of time as well as the 5 posts. 

    2. MMDE
    3. NERVergoproxy


      First thing first.