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  1. This kind of question might be frowned upon on this site buttttttttt


    Im thinking about getting an X BOX ONE X (wow that is a mouth full) (Thats what she said) (Lol)


    Is there really anything I should be considering before doing so, and the whole "is it worth it"

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    2. Dreakon13


      @cjshaitan Just to clarify, HDR support is available on the standard PS4 (it came with a system update) and the Xbox One S.  It's not an Xbox thing, nor is it a PS4 Pro/Xbox One X thing.

    3. AffectatiousDonk


      Yep, I don't really know the technical terms, I just know that the first time I played Xbox one X - Forza 7 I had to stop because the picture was so intense. Side by side there is no comparison graphically. Still both systems are great I am glad I have both, if you can would definitely recommend

    4. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      strange your trophies are set to private and you got rid of your profile pic.


      Is this Guy human or A I