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  1. This kind of question might be frowned upon on this site buttttttttt


    Im thinking about getting an X BOX ONE X (wow that is a mouth full) (Thats what she said) (Lol)


    Is there really anything I should be considering before doing so, and the whole "is it worth it"

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    2. skinner49


      *vague answer alert* It really depends on what you think is worth it..... I'm not gonna hate for wanting to follow your hobbies...

    3. DaivRules


      Not frowned upon. If you think you’ll use it, get it. If you don’t think you’ll use it, don’t get it. 

    4. AffectatiousDonk


      Of course you should if you are in a position to do so. I would recommend running it with a decent 4K TV as well but be warned, once you see it in action you will find it difficult to justify playing on PS. I have noticed a massive difference in the lights and darks (HDR I think). It is really a great systems and coupled with the benefits of game pass and cross buy with PC there really is no contest. Of course that is largely based on how much of a trophy fanatic your u are. 


      Would be interested on what you think if you do get one. Of course I would encourage you not to leave here to soon, you seem to be making quite a difference to the community great to see someone giving. I look forward to following on.


      Have fun 😀

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