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  1. Fair enough, I did not do a throughout research. Just joined the discord channel and reported the bug, thanks!
  2. So I didn't find this bug anywhere, but I got 500 kills with each manufacturer, got the 6 bronze trophies but the Master of Arms got stuck at 5/6. Anyone had the same issue? Game is actually fun, but the amount of bugs is starting to piss me off between the crashes, visual bugs and broken trophies...
  3. And here they are opening another loophole called "Days of Play sale" where they are allowing people to buy games with prices under the retail price!!! It's like they never learn! I just hope they remember to charge the difference later when we buy some DLC, otherwise poor Jimmy might go bankrupt... /s
  4. I got the trophy by doing all III ribbons in one match in Breakthrough. Started by getting the scans/assists, then change operator to healing + kills while trying to cap the objective.
  5. Would they autopop if you buy the game or would you have to start from the beginning? Since there is no autopop from PS4 to PS5 I am more inclined it's the latter option. Did anyone play the Trial and then after bought the game to check?
  6. Can the base game trophy set be achieved with the Challenger Edition? I know it is technically possible according to the other thread, but they may block it for those who do not own the base game...
  7. Yeah, I earned several just by logging in but they don't show as earned not even on the PS4, which is still stuck at 24%. Eventually it will sort itself out.
  8. Yes, when you reach level 10 you don't get anymore exp for your character, so you will have to promote it to continue getting exp. I think you get the bulbs though, but the bulbs are irrelevant for the trophies.
  9. So I am working on getting the 20 characters to Master and here is the strategy that I found to be the most efficient: SOLO Zombies Split-screen AFK in the dancing hall. To stay AFK and even turn off the controllers, open the credits with the second controller (main account) while the dummy account stays in the dancing hall floating as the 80's Action Hero. Do this for all zombies until at least Elite or Super Elite (not worth doing the Text-to-Speech glitch for characters under Elite due to how long it takes to promote them) (gives approx 30k xp per hour, so just do this if you are not actively playing the game). Plants Split-screen sewer bounty (15 Yetis). Have a dummy account that can also activate the bounty by paying the 75 tacos. This makes the activity almost self-sustainable, since all the tacos that you collect will go to both accounts, making you lose less than 10 tacos per run. Same as zombies, do this until the plants that you want to level up to at least Elite before moving on (It gives approx 160k xp per hour, so it is way faster than AFK zombies but requires attention). MULTIPLAYER Both This is where it goes from 1 to 100 fast. Use the Text-to-Speech glitch on the Gnome boss from the three crystal gnomes []. This only works when you are in multiplayer with at least another player. There are two ways that this method can be done faster, depending on your platform: PS4 Use the second screen app to paste the Wwww... when you open the TTS prompt and send AFTER the first loading finishes. Sending before or during the loading can bug the game in other ways that gets you stuck in place. PS5 On Giddy Park, open TTS and write all the Wwww... until you can't input anymore. After you are done, instead of sending, go to the "..." on the TTS keyboard, select all and copy. When you are entering the Gnome boss, instead of having to hold the W key, just go to the "..." on the bottom of the keyboard, paste and send (only send after the initial loading and before the Gnome introduction. Doing it on any other time can mess the game in other unpredictable ways). BONUS If you are not interested on Promoting the characters but want to get all the rewards from the monthly board (bulbs), you can get 50 bulbs very fast using the MULTIPLAYER method, just remember to use them before redoing the glitch due to the 50 bulb cap.
  10. Great! Thanks 😅
  11. Hi there, So I have a PS4 disk from the UK and my account is in Brazil. Obviously I can only purchase the DLC using an account from the UK due to regional restrictions imposed by the PSN, but the question is: can I play the DLC bought from a UK account using my Brazilian account? I am only interested in the Iki expansion, not so much in the PS5 upgrade. I have a PS5, if it matters in this case... Cheers,